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    To Enhance
    To Ruin
    To Enhance the Future
    To Ruin the Future
    From where could you experience an enhanced future?
    From where could you experience a ruined future?
    From where could you enhance a future?
    From where could you ruin a future?
    How could ________ enhance a future?
    How could ________ ruin a future?
     It is not possible to survive into and through the 3rd and 4th
dynamics without also surviving into and through the 2nd.
     The second dynamic consists of family.
     As a child, family consists of parents, grandparents and
ancestors into the eternal past.
     As a parent, family consists of mates, children and their mates
and grandchildren into the eternal future.

     Family is the arena of life begetting life, which includes parent
and child and sex.
     The child grows up from the first dynamic into the second,
*THROUGH* the second, into the 3rd and the 4th.  A major part of the
3rd in fact is the close knit group of families that cooperate in
rasing the child, and creating the neighborhood, community and
     A Black Five has no future.
     What he can not see, hear, taste, or experience, is his future.

     Sometimes all he can see is black empty space.  He is looking
away from Earth, he wants elsewhere.  He has no reason to be here, and
he has no reason to come back.
     For a body, the future consists primarily and foremost of family,
neighborhood, community and civilization.
     Without parents, children, family, neighborhood, community and
civilization, the body has no reason to work or get up in the morning
as all of its enthusiam and reason to be, lie in these activities.
     Parents and children therefore give meaning to life, as the
second dynamic is the gateway to the higher dynamcis.

     Without the second dynamic there would be no higher dynamics as
life would be dead.
     Trying to raise children without parents, two sets of parents in
fact and grandparents, is almost hopeless, as the raising of even a
single child to its full potential needs not only the total devotion
of its father and mother but also their fathers and mothers.
     Because the first dynamic that the child grows into and through
is the 2nd dynamic of life begetting life, from the earliest times the
child is trying to learn how to beget and raise children.

     The child learns through mimicry, harmony, counterpoint and new

     Everything the child learns as it grows, it passes onto its
children through the same process, and each new generation adds its
own wisdom into the mix, and in this way the future is enhanced.

     Thus from the very earliest, the child is most interested in, and
learning the most about, how to raise children.  It uses its own
experience in being raised to form its base of knowledge on how to
raise its own children, in tandem with the help of its own parents and

     The child expects that the process of being begotten and raised
*IS* the process of being taught how to beget and raise.
     To the early mind there is no other reason for being a child
except to learn how to create and raise children.

     Without parents, and without the desire to have and raise
children, the child is out of a job in life, and out of a reason to

     He may form substitute jobs to keep himself going, but they will
be surrounded by psychosomatic scars as the internal fountain of
enthusiasm and meaning to life which powers the body is diverted from
its main course into other things.

     The body gets its reason to be from the goal to enhance the

     Enhancement of the future *IS* the process of life begetting
life, and passing that enhancement onto one's progeny who will then do
the same.

     The effect that one can have by begeting and enhancing life and
sending it forth to beget and enhance other life into the eternal
future is many millions of times greater than anything one can do
alone in one life, no matter how many books one writes or how many
people one effects.

     Kant's imperative would suggest that if everyone ceased having
children and merely wrote wise tomes on how to raise children, life
would end.  Thus merely living to teach others how to raise children
is a subsitute and falls far short of the potential to enhance life.

     To a body, a life lived without begetting and raising children is
a life spent getting nothing done.

     If you ask him at the end of his life what he has accomplished, no
matter what he has done, he will say 'Nothing'.

     Being able to see a future, to end the Black V condition, one
needs to be able to see the begettment and enhancement of life into
the eternal past and into the eternal future.

     If one is sour on begetting and enhancing life, one might as well
dig one's own grave now and be done with it.

     Thus the recovery of health and love for life in the body depends
on recovering the goals to beget and enhance life.  These are almost
always ruined early in life through the non begetment and non
enhancement of our own lives through our own parents.

     In the early years, everything the child learns is first towards
its own enhancement, then towards the begetment and enhancement of its
own children, then towards the cooperative relationship with other
family lines in this same process which then extends out into the
neighborhood, community and civilization.

     People have children for strange reasons, out of season and for
the wrong reason as Electra would say, then they inhibit and fail to
enhance the desire and ability to create children in their own
children.  Thus children are begotten to not have children.

     This includes the suppression of sex and sexual awareness,
ability, and skill in children.

     This includes skills to be not only competent and attractive on all
4 planes of existence, but also to know who and when to mate with for
the optimal enhancement of the future.
     Failing to enhance or actively ruining the second dynamic drives
and abilities in a child is the genesis of the early psychosomatic
illnesses and service facsimiles of the preclear.  Physical aberration
starts on the 2nd dynamic, and relates to the process of life begetting
life and enhancing the future.

     "Tell me about     having children?"
     "Tell me about not having children?"
     "Tell me about     being  a child?"
     "Tell me about not being  a child?"

     "Tell me about     having parents?"
     "Tell me about not having parents?"
     "Tell me about     being  a parent?"
     "Tell me about not being  a parent?"

     "How could having a child enhance a future?"
     "How could having a child ruin    a future?"

     "How could being a child enhance a future?"
     "How could being a child ruin    a future?"
     "How could having a parent enhance a future?"
     "How could having a parent ruin    a future?"

     "How could being a parent enhance a future?"
     "How could being a parent ruin    a future?"

     "How could being a body enhance a future?"
     "How could being a body ruin    a future?"

     "How could having a body enhance a future?"
     "How could having a body ruin    a future?"

     "How could being alive enhance a future?"
     "How could being alive ruin    a future?"
     "How could being dead enhance a future?'
     "How could being dead ruin    a future?'
     "How could having a life enhance a future?
     "How could having a life ruin    a future?
     "How could not having a life enhance a future?
     "How could not having a life ruin    a future?
     "How could enhancing a future ruin a future?"
     "How could ruining a future enhance a future?"

     The above process can and should be run on *ANY* item of interest.

     Running these will turn on the most horrible disasters, disasters
galore, the disasters of life begetting life and enhancing the future.


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