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      I had another dream last night after a long day's auditing of
'What in present time are you (prep check button) mostly making
nothing of?'

      People are walking around in a TREMENDOUS condition of
'NO PTSness', and NO SP, mostly SP super clusters.

      Running Union Station today on "spot a person, spot their 'NO
PTS, NO SP, NO cluster' considerations", was interesting.

      Anyhow I have described in my past postings the various levels of
obnoxious entities that manifest in my dreams, and the various NOTS
commands I have used to either make them behave, puddle them, or blow
them into fairy dust.

      I have also described how there is still a layer of obnoxious
entities that do not respond at all to anything I have done before, to
a point where they will mock me by giving ME the commands themselves,
all the while cackling at my foolishness for thinking I can handle

      So last night there I was in some place or another and there was
a gang of thugs all approaching me and jumping on me, and trying to
beat me up.

      I threw everything I had at them, "You are a BT!, Who are you,
who am I, what are you, what am I, How many are you, How many am I,
How can I serve you, How can you serve me?  I am bought by the blood
of Jesus, leave me alone!" etc., to absolutely no avail.

      Its like taking on 10 guys in a sword fight and you KNOW you are
going to lose this one.

      Then suddenly out of the blue I start yelling at them "You are a
real person, you are all real people!"

      Everyone of them stopped in their tracks, looked at me like this
was a new thought, and proceeded to behave themselves shortly

      I have been using "You are a BT!" as the opening accusative for a
long time because it works like a charm on 96 percent of the
miscreants in my dreams with no further need to unmock them with who,
what and how many.  I am not trying to destroy them, just want them to
behave and leave me alone.

      But now I am going to use 'You are a person, you are real people,
you are a real being, you are a conscious unit." etc.

      Major step forward.


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