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Technical Essay # 85 - FAF 1 May 1992

.ce Goodness

People are basically good. Everybody's basically trying to do the right thing.

That doesn't mean that they are "good" as opposed to "evil". It doesn't mean that they are
"right" as opposed to "wrong". It means that whatever the behaviour is, whatever the condition
is, whatever is on the surface, if you dig deeper you'll always find positive intentions.

The universal solvent is Love. If you can accept something unconditionally and appreciate
the value and the positive intentions in it, it cannot keep persisting as something else.

This can be said to come out of the basic building material that any reality is built of:
nothingness with infinite potential. Polarities can be made out of that nothingness and we can
call those poles all kinds of things, but always, when we get back to the source of it they don't
exist. What is IS. Or rather, it ISN'T. Any possible condition is just that: a possible condition,
and any evaluation of it is meaningless. By labelling it one only makes the lies persist.

In the resolution of personal aberration, interpersonal conflict, or group disorder, the most
workable approach is to look for what the positive intentions are. If you are still left with
something or someone that is labelled "bad" or "wrong" then the job isn't done.

"Aberration" refers to deviations from the straight course. The straight course could be said to
be clean positive intention. Something is desired, but then it becomes twisted, mis-
understood, or submerged. By locating and rehabilitating the positive intention the mis-
understanding can be cleared up and more optimum conditions can prevail.

Misfortune, illness, conflict, unsanity, crime, etc., etc., are all a matter of mis-understandings.
Cycles aren't completed as intended, communications aren't being delivered, something isn't
being accepted.

For example, illness isn't the natural state of life. It is a symptom of something not being
recognized, accepted, or communicated. It that is remedied, illness ceases to exist.

Nobody's basically suppressive, effect, degraded, or any other fixed limited categorization.
They might appear like that, and might act the role very well, even convincing themselves.
However, the positive intentions will be there, and can be helped out again.

No part of a person is basically and completely unwanted and bad. The only way of truely
resolving any inoptimum condition is to accept the validity of what is there and to integrate
fragmented parts.

It might be practical to temporarily regard something or someone as bad and unwanted. If a
burglar is in your house, you might want to get him out. If you have a headache, you might
want to get rid of it. However, that can never be more than temporary key-outs, unless you
find and resolved the origins of what is there.

Language is imperfect in representing this philosophy. Saying that people are basically
"good" is just a label, an imperfect symbol. You need to look beyond that. However, it is a
reasonable approximation for now.

If you find yourself inclined to label something or someone as "bad", it is an opportunity for
you to resolve a piece of case. There is a mis-understanding somewhere, something that is
not what it appears to be.

As a general approach to handling "bad" stuff, this might help:

1. Recognize that whatever you call it, it is just a label -- it isn't the real thing.
2. Look behind it until you find positive intention. What might one gain or learn from it?
3. Accept the "bad" phenomenon as one possible manifestation of the intention.
4. Establish more possible outlets and methods of pursuing the positive intention.
5. Reconcile and coordinate the intention and the method with its environment.

This applies both to personal case, and to broader real life situations.

If you can always recognize the difference between symbols and what they symbolize, and
you can always appreciate positive intention no matter the appearance, then the majority of
life becomes resolvable.

The only attitude that couldn't possibly be opposed is a total granting of beingness,
unconditional love, complete understanding, as-isness, which is all the same kind of thing.


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