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Resent-Date:  Sat, 24 Jun 89 16:11:05 EDT
Resent-From:  Homer <CTM at CORNELLC>
Resent-To:    adore-l at ualtavm
Received: from UALTAVM by CORNELLC.BITNET (Mailer R2.02A) with BSMTP id 8904;
 Sat, 24 Jun 89 09:42:22 EDT
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Date:         Sat, 24 Jun 89 07:43:58 MDT
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Subject:      New subscription to list ADORE-L
To:           "HOMER W. SMITH" <CTM at CORNELLC>

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Dear list owner,

  As  of Saturday,  June the  24th of  1989, Bill  Sklar <041250 at LAWRENCE>  has
subscribed to your distribution list ADORE-L (Adore-l list).

  You can, if needed, issue the following command to LISTSERV at UALTAVM to remove
this person from the list: DELete ADORE-L 041250 at LAWRENCE


   The LISTSERV management
 Homer               adore-l at ualtavm      6/24/89 New subscription to list ADOR

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Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Learning without Certainty.
Learning across a Distance implies Learning by Being an Effect.
Learning by Being an Effect implies Learning without Certainty.
Therefore, Learning with Certainty implies Learning, but 
not by Being an Effect, and not across a Distance.

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