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> So my next steps would seem to be erasing the 'powerful' valence (so that it
> will no longer lead me to do things that I (my 'higher self') regrets too
> much), then erase the 'weak' valence. So that's my plan.

    Higher Self has no regrets, all is designed with pride and majesty

    Erase what has regrets, but only after you stop regretting regretting
and see the humor and beauty to it all. The idea that cause flows from
being to being is in fact wrong.  Overts and motivators both are a lie.

    Erasure only takes place upon recongnition of perfect art and humor.

    One does not get rid of what one doesn't want.  One only erases what is
too cool to let be any longer.  Put it back in the vault of potential
manifestation for another day.

    If it ain't cool, you are stuck with it man.

> But these things would seem to be (pacticularly the 'powerful' identity)tied
> up with the GPM legs, so I was wondering if anyone has any processes that
> would handle that?

     Spot and poof stupid considerations.

     Particularly those of 'must not happen again *FOREVER*'.

     Also anything to do with error, mistake, accidents, surprise and

     If you don't get the joke to it, it won't erase, if you do get
the joke to it, it will erase, that is absolute.

     And that's High Cool.

> I will see if I can find the GPM processes in 'SuperScio'. I would also
> think of looking to the beginning of a particular 'valence' to see what
> started it (probably unsucessful opposition of the previous GPM leg), and
> also various other valence processes, like those given to me by the Pilot a
> while ago.

    What started it was you engaging in class and tapestry, artful dodge,
writing a comedy-tragedy that only the audience can appreciate.  You
become free when you can as-is your stuck condition in the actor and can
become the audience again.

    The audience *APPRECIATES* what happened.

    The actor regrets.

    Run appreciation and regret.


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