Magizian Explains: What, Irish Hell, and Leperichans.~

magizian at magizian at
Fri Feb 13 12:23:26 EST 2015

i'm thinking I'm gonna take this moment to discuss a few irish things you 
 wouldn't understand. (especially if your irish.)
and not that they are really irish things, because they're really what 
 things and wheel things.
..for reference terminology, but mostly just trying to make Delusia happy,
 because I want to make Delusia happy, not because it changes the condition
  of what or goldfish,..
i'll now quickly explain "A Thing", "Irish Hell", and "Leprechans" without
 really disclosing a whole lot.

[another thing = irish hell], [a thing = what = the thing = a paradise],
 [thing = object = form], [whos = the other thing], [who = scenery],
  [wheel = reality = actual hell = anything as anything actually is = actual
   paradise], and of course, [a leprichan = a very powerful tormentor from
    irish hell (another thing), wielding the knowledge of the green book of
     FayRe magic], and [FayRe = The imagination (if their ever actually was
      such a thing)]

You'll note, each of the irish know irish hell, that one has many names..
 but if you think they understand it, your obviously not one of them, and
  if you think they really understand it, you obviously have a real leprichan
   directly in front of you, might wanna notice..

and since your never going to engage a leprichan and win, although please
 try if you feel so inclined because they enjoy that much their favorite
  sport being kicking your butt with a clog, and you can't even handle
   the fay,.. [o;-) my advice would be to ask what the leperichan wants and
    do it, knowing your gonna be stuck in that time loop, with that
     leperichan, his effect, and the effect of his clog (usually loaded by
      other leperichans with their effects), without getting out of a thing
       or anything else, until you do.. and you should note, what the
        leperichan wants of you is gonna be something your gonna agree you
         really should do, should have been doing and are even obligated to
          do, and have been avoiding doing.

The way to get to irish hell is simply: "have another thing".

..and if you actually want to go there, (many do, and you'd agree with their
 reasons),.. ..the fastest method of doing so, is: to jump through the blue
  water in a port-o-potty or smoke blue toilet mint from a public urinal,
   which will get you there instantly, like magic,.. like science,.. it works
    just like how you would get to a gem by calling dellusion, dementia..
     or the experience received by calling wheel, donkey. 

I actually have many exotic pets adopted from another thing, I call them
 metathings or metacreatures because they are being forms that are beyond form,
  in a metaverse, and you'd be suprised what passes for a pet these days.


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