Beyond the Black Magicians, post script in response to a youtube vid post Dnews.

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The body isn't the problem, its the brain. The human brain rots over time, and gets filled with knowledge, ideas and experiences. We need to find a way to expand the brains capacity and rejuvenate its old and/or dead cells. Cause living for a thousand years is good, but a thousand years of memories? A thousand years worth of knowledge and ideas/thoughts. The body might be able to handle it, but i don't know about the brain. Not yet.

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You can search google for a series of articles I posted on the topic, since logged to several web sites by others... 7 in all,   Search  'BM scripts'... and 'beyond the black magicians'...

Summary:  It seems we as spiritual beings locate where our thoughts and memories are.  Our single fatal bad habit may be in subconsciously logging those trillions of fragments of thoughts, smells, feelings etc.... it forms a cage in my experience.

It seems that a person can break the bad habit of collecting those trillions of mental images and considerations...... and for instance blow off current 'knowledge', such as how to drive a car for instance, and end up a lot smarter and also driving a lot better (thats a mundane example)

It seems that the stuff we store in our head so to speak, unconsciously for the most part, is just a build up of damaging debris, and that after we blow that stuff off, who we really are remains... unencumbered.

The material is not copyrighted, I do not offer any sort of coaching on it... a list of useful references is included in the first or second chapter.


Hola Homer,  I got the hell out of the US. I live in a small Mayan village now in the high mountain jungle regions a bit south of the USA.  Say hello to Jane for me. 

 Thank you for having your archive....some of our stuff will live on that way.


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