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Technical Essay # 48 - FAF 31 May 1991

.ce Wholes and Parts

The most simple but also highest level basic for case is that a whole has been separated into

You take something that is whole and you separate it into parts that aren't whole. This
provides the potential for an infinite amount of variation, games, and exploration of interaction
between parts.

The ultimate whole is All-That-Is which is the 8th dynamic. That is most truly you in the
highest possible state. It is the supreme state of being and encompasses an infinity of
infinities and there is nothing it doesn't include.

The ultimate whole separates into smaller and smaller fragments to form the scope of the
dynamics and any phenomenon in existence. Each fragment is from a certain perspective a
whole that can fragment further into parts.

Any part is conscious to some level. It is also a holographic reflection of the whole it is part of.
Any part has the potential of developing back into the whole. Any part has an urge to do just
that. However, it is inhibited in doing that by the fact that it is only a part.

The path back to wholeness goes through re-integration. That is, re-combining parts that had
been separated.

The basic separation method was a separation into IS and ISN'T. That is, you kept a part that
you recognize as you, that is the IS part. But then you fragmented off many other parts that
you are pretending aren't you, that is the ISN'T part, the not-ised part. The cycle has been
repeated many times over in many different ways. What remains is that there is a complex of
things you are, which you might consider being yourself. And there is a complex of things that
you aren't, that is the world you see around you. There are many added complexities to this
such as things you are but you pretend you aren't, and things you aren't but you pretend you
are. That gives us sub-conscious minds, valences, entities and a multitude of other

The most practical path of development is to address the IS part that you consider You, and
to allow it to re-integrate its lost parts. That is what the path of Clearing is about. We address
a being and we help him recover lost data and abilities so that he can become more himself.

Considering yourself as a part is not untrue. However it is not very conducive to development.
It is more productive to consider yourself as a whole in search of its lost parts. That subject
has been the subject of much religious disagreement. There are those who consider
themselves not-ised parts waiting for their creator to call them home. And there are those who
consider themselves the being the whole searching for its not-ised parts. The first group have
for a while been the majority, but the consensus is broadly shifting towards the second view.
Clearing is aligned with the second view.

Note that just because two parts are part of the same whole doesn't mean that they are the
same. There is a subtle difference that, when missed, produces an infinite amount of
confusion. The ultimate whole is not infinite same-ness, it is infinite differentiation. The path is
the integration of differences and that never makes them the same. Same-ness is a trap.

A basic classification of separation around here is into parts you can BE, parts you can DO,
and parts you can HAVE. That classification is itself a separation of a whole.

There are things you are being and things you aren't being. There are things you are doing
and things you aren't doing. There are things you are having and things you aren't having.
The combination of these factors in different ways provides much variety.

Clearing is the process of finding and re-integrating your lost parts. There is a certain
sequence to that. Certain parts you can't re-integrate unless you have re-integrated other
parts first.

Part of the path is sorting out which parts are you and which aren't. Ultimately they are all
you, but it is not always practical to see it like that. For any level below the top 8D look there
will be parts that belong with other wholes than the whole that is you, and it is necessary to
realize that and to stop being them. For example, you might be using parts that really belong
with other beings and you might have to return them. That is the issue of ownership.
Ultimately it is all yours, but that is at a level above individuality.

The parts we would wish to address in clearing are either
1. the unwanted parts you are being, or
2. the wanted parts you are not being.

That means that either you've got an aspect of yourself you don't like, and we will address it
with negative clearing. Or you would like to add an aspect to your repertoire that you currently
don't possess, e.g. an ability or some knowledge, that is called positive clearing.

An unwanted part you are being can fall in two categories: Either,
1. it is part of a whole you have all the parts of, or
2. you only have that one part.

In the first case the resolution is to integrate the parts with each other. E.g. that would go for a
dichotomy or opposing identities. In the second case you would either find and re-integrate
the missing part or you would discard the unwanted part. You might do that with an entity or
an unwanted emotion.

A part can be considered either yours or somebody else's. If you erroneously assigned it to
you when it was somebody else's, a thorough inspection of that fact should remedy it.

For positive purposes you might do the opposite things and introduce separation in order to
make something persist. For example if you want a new ability. You could not-is any reason
for not having the ability and thereby get it. Or, you could find somebody who has it and copy

A thorough understanding of all the ramifications and variations of wholeness and separation
could provide a very solid foundation for the technology of clearing. Further definition of this
theory can provide a red thread through all the different theories and procedures of clearing.

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