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from International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 15 - January 1994
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Mark Jones, USA

Your Shadow - Finding and Integrating It

To suggest to someone that they are afraid of their shadow might be
offensive. But, perhaps we all are, for the shadow is a name given
to all of our energies which we have failed to integrate, and instead,
have stored in our unconscious minds. The unconscious mind as used
here refers to the aggregate of the experiences of all lifetimes.

In our relationship between our spiritual and physical aspects, we
use two key elements. One is called the ego, whose original function
was to convert and communicate data accurately to the thetan, and
the other is called the shadow. Its function is to store experiences
and energies that we as thetans aren't able or willing to handle at
the time of their creation, for later handling. These include all
of our potentialities and limitations.

The initial purpose of the ego was to act as the messenger boy. As
we became less and less willing to receive data that didn't confirm
the image that we wished to project, it took on the role of altering
data in order to make it acceptable. LRH added the CMO(1)
to provide this function in the church.

Contents of the shadow

The shadow contains all the aspects of us that we've shoved aside
and denied, including the love and joy that we've rejected. It's also
composed of our aggressiveness, lack of character, shame, hostility,
avarice, hate, violence and all of our unresolved emotions. It holds
all the stuff that we feel that we can't deal with yet, such as all
of our power, anger, greed, and strengths, and holds those we can't
until we become able and willing to handle them.

It is in essence a complex, multiple dimensional entity that can be
treated as a many faceted being. It holds the lost depth of our
soul, our passions, our creativity and our imagination. It holds the
stuff from which to form our own lives. While your ego always lies,
your shadow never does. It's a bridge that you must cross to find
your real self.

If you don't come to it, it will come to you. You can look for it
out there in the qualities that affect you in your mother, your
father, and your friends. Remember you chose these particular ones
with their unique characteristics. You can look for it in what they
meant to you, and in the things that you love and hate. Look at the
patterns in your life, the repeated feedback, your obsessive behavior,
your humiliations, rejections and abandonment. Take it and own
it without judgement. Recognize that what you hate in the world is
what you hate in yourself. The world is just a larger projection
What you idealize in someone is a part that you don't want to deal
with in yourself. Also realize that you are this powerful, loving,
healing person. Find our what your shadow holds and wants to give

Confront the paradox

Face the paradox in yourself; i.e., how can I become so totally
evil and destructive at times and at others so good. Sit with it.
The answer isn't a compromise. All this dark, this light, this
evil, this good, this destroyer, this creator, this wise, this
Sit with it and give it space and time and expression. Feel it
in its intensity. When you're able to find and see the ugliest
aspects, you'll also begin to see the light.

It's ever changing. If you don't have avenues open to accept and deal
with them, they'll come to you in others or through your emotions
and your body. It can become your ally. It can compel and impel you.
You need to map out what your resistances are to it. Use the power
of your imagination to imagine what it looks like in tangible symbols,
such as a rock, a swamp, a mountain, or forest, etc. Your imagination
and dreams operate on symbols and frequencies outside of those
you use for logic and reason and your physical senses. Aspects of
your shadow may come to you in dreams or through others, particularly
what you resist in them. If a dream repeats itself, you haven't got
its message. If you see the martyr in yourself, look beneath this
to find your desire to punish by being a martyr. That's why you're
still doing it. It shows up in your compulsions and addictions, and
your rejections and humiliations. These are pieces of a greater

You often cover them quickly with judgements and by doing so, numb
yourself. What you submerge in your unconscious comes at you as

The objective is to integrate these energies to become more of a whole
being. Your shadow holds them until you are ready and willing to do
so. Simple meditative procedures are the most useful in finding and
dealing with the many facets of your shadow. The same symbols that
have been mysteriously appearing in fields near Cambridge in England
and in other parts of the world are archetype symbols from another
dimension to help acquaint us with symbols. This one represents
the integration of the light and dark shadow into a whole. Imagining
and focusing on it while meditating can help put you in touch with
these energies and in integrating them.

I can provide the reader with other techniques: Data from Lazarus
Seminar 'Your Shadow':. Mark Jones, 3400 Ben Lomond Pl. #123,
LA CA 90027, USA

Messenger Org - started with girls and boys who ran messages for
Ron on the Flagship. It is reported that when they came back, they
were trained to mimic to Ron how the receiver had acted when they
received the message. Ed.

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