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Hello All:

	It has come to my attention that there needed to be a fast efficient
handling for major composite identities that show up when running
OTVIII, or any level where this type of thing appears. It could probably
be run on a psychotic, if you could get him in session. Here is the

Solid Theta being handling:

	To be used on entity that will not separate, and does not answer up on
the who what questions. The answer partially lies in the fact that the
being is out of valence to the point where he is below awareness of his
other composite parts. Hello and Ok do not work unless it is a composite
mass only.  Once the being is self aware, or a major composite, it is
necessary to handle as a seperate being.
	Heavily SP or PTS beings are out of valence. They may or may not rock
slam. Normal OTIII and NOTS procedures will not work. The evil purp can
be found by List and null, and the e purp ran out R3R, per standard
tech. However, this is the long way around.

	The key is the valence processes. If the being will respond to commands
at all the following can be used:

	Two procedures. 

	1. One, have being spot differences and  similarities between himself
and you. This will free up the loose theta. Run this until his
cognition, and awareness that loose theta has separated. Be prepared for
some major com lags on this one. Just be patient, and keep attention on
the being.

	2.Second, him run the power process:  spot source, spot no source.  The
composite being will blow apart with f/n. He will cog that he is source
and major cluster will blow with much larger f/n. Continue process until
he gets the cog is that he is no-source, or static. Don't stop with the
first cog that he is source, or theta is source. It will f/n and look
like the ep. Its not. It is only half way there. A few more commands
will produce the ep of awareness of no source, or static. The composite
being will completely split at that point.

	Now you can run the What, Who commands. If you cannot get cognition and
separation on the What are you? Who are you?, and Who were you before
that? commands, use 2b commands below. For example, the who is: "leader
of the pack", who before? is: "leader of the pack", and he cannot go
earlier, then he is stuck in a time loop. Sometimes jolting earlier on
the track will break him loose, but doubtful at this level, and he most
certainly will arcx if you try to manhandle him.
	2b. With your attention on the composite being, assess Bt? Cluster?
Cumulative Cluster? Ridge? You are not trying to assess the being
himself, you see, but you want to locate ON the being one of the above.
Once you get a read, direct your attention to the area on the being
where the read is coming from. It will fall when your attention contacts
it. If B/C, then you handle per standard Nots procedure. If CC, and it
is not answering up, you can run hello and ok on it. If still no go,
then assess for the type of incident that made the cluster, and
Date/Locate to blow. Then handle loose beings per standard materials. If
ridge is reading, then handle as a cluster.
	When this is handled, the composite more than likely will answer up to
the who, what questions. Proably he will blow when he spots that the
cluster was keeping him out of normal time stream. If not, and he still
doesn't answer up on the who, what, then assess again for another bt or
cluster on him.  Continue until the being fully cognites and leaves.
Then handle loose fleas, and copies, if any are still around. The only
reason he is out of valence in the first place is that he has other
beings attached to him, and he is living the same incident over and
over. He is fighting some long ago enemy, that is attached to him
unknowingly. That's enough to make anyone crazy, and was purposely done
to him to make him good implant material on the bigger thetans.
	Second handling. Check for com lines to and from other people, bts and
clusters on the other people, check as well beams to and from others.
	 If reading:
	Check on the other person. Run the b/c off of them with what, who, or
appropriate handle.
	Check for copies on the other person. Spot and handle.
	Check the com line or the beam itself for entities. Run them, and check
for copies.
	Check self for identities, copies, or copies of the beam or com line.

	This procedure will handle the toughie, the out of valence composite
who thinks he's you, and at the same time thinks he is an enemy of
everyone and everything. He will not cog on the What, or the Who
question. He IS the source of no-case-gain, I believe.

	Good luck. Now you have another tool in your bag of tricks.

Tommy Thompson

"A being is only as valuable as he can serve others."
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