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Richard Platek \(Lion\) (lion at wrote:
>What comprehensive understanding do the points you have addressed with me,
>arrive at?

     There are two models of the world.

     Meatball model:

      Matter came first, and out of matter came consciousness.

      When matter dies or falls apart, the consciousness within also
dies or falls apart.

      Because consciousness is made of matter, it has only the powers
of matter which are limited.  That which is made by A can not have
much power over A.

      Since consciousness was made by matter and itself made very little
relative to the rest of the universe, the consciousness has vanishingly
small responsibility for its own condition.

      The Dreamball Model:

      The other theory says matter does not exist except as virtual
dream in consciousness.  Consciousness came first, is what is actual,
and likes to virtualize matter in conscious holograms of such, and
then believe that matter came first and created consciousness.  Thus
the dreamer can dream it is not a dreamer.

      In this model, things that happen to matter do not ultimately
affect the consciousness, which not only survives the death or falling
apart of matter, but existed prior to and had part in matter's
creation as virtual dream.

      Since the consciousness created the dream and then went to sleep
in the dream, it is able to wake up and take control over the dream
again, and regain sovereighty over its own destiny.

      In this model consciousness is responsible for its own condition
and can take back that responsiblility and thus affect its future
again in a way that the meatball could never dream.

>That is what I am not clear about.
>And what difference does it make?

     Not sure what I can say that hans't been said.

     You are either made of consciousness, or you are made of meat.

     If you can't see the difference or use in this knowledge,
then its beyond me.



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