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      As the higher reality pcs have left this list for quieter climes,
the remaining people on this list seem to be more and more low reality

      Past lives don't exist, BT's don't exist, OT powers don't exist,
exteriorization doesn't exist, implants don't exist, personal
responsibility for condition doesn't exist, sovereignty doesn't exist, I
worry I might be a brain, prove it, prove it, prove it...

      "I am trying to evolve, not resolve!"


      Doubt is fine, but all this know before you go prove it crap is

      Nattering about Hubbard because he dared to tell you what was there
to be had, reflects on you, not him.

      If he couldn't deliver and YOU can't deliver, well that's two
strikes and you are out.

      If someone has no reality on past lives, then they won't audit why
they can't remember them.  An in the absence of auditing past life
charge, either their own, or others, there is no case gain, because real
auditing flat out doesn't work if limited to this life only, the earlier
similars are all ignored as are the earlier others.


      If you ain't auditing BT's, you might as well give it up, there are
more of them than there are of you, and man are THEY pissed off and
charged up, mostly at what a dufus their auditor is.

      Their auditor is a 'What PC?' case.

      The guy who is going 'Prove to me I have lived before' is actually
saying "Prove to me I chose to forget.'

      Think about it.

      Electra wrote whole tomes about people who think their eyes are bad
because 'it runs in the family gene pool'.

      Real nut jobs.

      Once a Pre OT starts to be able to see again, he can see damn well
why he can't see and becomes quite happy at NOT being able to see again.

      That's how he created it, happy to not see, and that is exactly how
he will uncreate it, happy to not see.

      True some people are born blind, but 3 billion eye glass wearers
were not born blind, and anyhow if you were born blind, what are you
doing using a piece of FDA approved meat to see with?

      "The hypocrisy on Earth is so thick it is like a wall.  You can
hammer nails into it, and hang pictures of smiling faces from them.

      FUN stands for Find and UNearthing unearthly hypocrisy." - Adore


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Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Learning without Certainty.
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