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Technical Essay # 19 - FAF 20 August 1990

.ce Where are you?

	      You are where your attention is.

For most people that means that you are scattered all over a bunch of universes in little

A practical way of looking at it is that you are where most of your available attention is. You
can move to different places by moving the majority of your available attention.

Now, "where" isn't quite an adequate word for the possible places one might be, but it will do.

One's concept of location depends on the level of awareness one has most of one's attention
on. One has attention on all levels, but one's focus of attention can be on one level or

These are some major levels:

¥ The Track
¥ A Human (Body)
¥ A Thetan
¥ A Static
¥ Infinity

 An average aberrated human being has most of his attention stuck around the track and
behaves reactively. By becoming Clear he is able to put most of his attention here and now
with his body and his life. A higher ability is to be able to place one's attention units mostly
outside the body located by one's considerations. That is what operation levels are about.
And one could have most of one's attention on being a Static, not located at all. Or one could
have one's attention on infinite awareness beyond the limitation of individual creation.

There are many possible gradations between and below these awareness levels, but they
are useful reference points.

One might be able to shift between these awareness levels at times when one is keyed out,
or one might get more or less permanent abilities to do so. There is an absolute state that
goes with each one:

¥ A (Life) Clear is free from reactivity and can always keep the majority of his attention off the
track no matter what happens. He doesn't really have a track.
¥ An Operation Clear (Theta Clear) can always keep the majority of his attention outside the
body no matter what happens. He doesn't need a body.
¥ A Static Clear (Cleared Theta Clear) can always keep the majority of his attention outside
viewpoints, beingnesses and universes no matter what happens. He doesn't need to be
¥ An Infinity Clear can always keep the majority of his attention outside individual
considerations no matter what happens. He doesn't have to create.

Now, each higher level of awareness has the ability to control and monitor any lower levels.
The more basic and simple reasons and causes of things are found on higher levels.

Moving somebody up the bridge we are basically coaxing them into having more attention on
higher awareness levels. We do that in part by freeing up attention units that are stuck.
However, that has to be combined with drilling of placement of attention.

There are limits to what can be done with each attention level, even when it is cleared. They
are sometimes misunderstood and people try to do something at a lower level that belongs
on a higher level. For example even a perfectly clear bank doesn't make a very good human
being. To be a good human one must be in PT and look at what is going on in life. And even
a perfectly cleared human doesn't make a very good operating thetan. One can't really
exteriorize one's eye balls, and life with bodies does have some inherent limitations.
However one can move to the awareness level of a thetan that is located by his consideration
alone. But a thetan with a viewpoint and particularly with a beingness has its own set of
limitations. One can't just create freely, what one does has to match the viewpoint and
beingness one is using. A Static doesn't have that limitation, a Static can be total cause over
his universe. But not over others, he can't really know what others are up to unless they tell
him. Somebody with an Infinity awareness has no such limitation.

The common idea of exteriorization is a mix-up of the awareness levels. A human being can't
exteriorize. It can at the most be in PT and operate in a sane way. There is no part of it that we
can have flying all over the universe looking at things. The body is where it is and it moves
according to the laws of the physical universe.

A thetan moves based on his consideration, he is where he thinks his attention is. That might
be all sorts of places even for the thetan that runs an aberrated unclear human being. A big
thetan generally never has any trouble leaving a body. However, you might have trouble
having attention on being a thetan. And you might have trouble stabilizing your position and
figuring out your perceptions.

To accommodate existing terminology we could regard "exterior" as meaning that one has
most of one's attention units devoted to being a thetan and not a body. The only thing
"leaving" the body is one's focus of attention.

Note that I am here equating "Thetan" with "Central Viewpoint" and I am differentiating it from
Static. Some of the existing definitions don't make that distinction.

The different awareness levels exist to allow experience of the lower levels. The limitations
form fields and levels of games. A thetan is located in a universe and can use bodies and a
mind to play games with. A static is outside games but can use "his thetan" to participate in
the games. He wants the thetan to be in good shape. However there is a limit to how good a
thetan can be, it can't become a static. The static can't be anything but a static and by having
attention on that level one can enjoy the games more from an exterior viewpoint.

These levels of awareness are all necessary in order to play games. It is not a question of
getting rid of the lower ones or transforming them into higher ones. You operate on all of
them and the more flexible you are in where you put your attention the better off you are.
What is mainly wrong with people is that they have forgotten how to operate the higher levels.
They never went away, one just has most of one's attention on the lower levels.

In other words, there are several approaches one can take in terms of clearing.

¥ One can clear up a lower level from that level as part of playing the game.
¥ One can switch to a higher level and modify the lower level from there.

As an example, let's say you have trouble with your body's digestion. You can then eat the
right vitamins and exercise and go to the doctor to better it. That is addressing the same level
as the thing to handle. Or you can look at what you as a thetan did that got you into that
problem and you can confront it and change it. Or you can as a static look at if that's the sort
of game you want the thetan dealing with, and you could change the game.

Clearing is to a large extent a game. To see if we can get these thetans to get themselves out
of the corner that they have painted themselves into. They have gotten pretty screwed up and
have agreed to all sorts of confusing stuff, now how are we getting them out. That's the game
you are knowingly playing a Static, if you have attention on it or not. Nothing ever happened
to you as a Static, nothing at all, you are still there with your full abilities available. It is you as
a Thetan who is having a hard time. Being able to see the game from the static awareness
level or higher makes it much more enjoyable. That doesn't mean that you should forget
about the game, it means you can play it better.

The senior overall ability to regain is one's ability to occupy any awareness level at choice.

As to the Thetan, it is best cleared by addressing it as such. A Thetan is not a track, a mind, or
a human being. The Being must be brought to realize that he is a Thetan and it is only
necessary to address what the Thetan has a problem with and rehabilitate his ability to be a
good Thetan.

The condition formulas apply as a gradient of Clearing also. Finding out Where one is is the
Confusion formula. Then one would have to find out What one is, and then Who one really is,
and so forth. Until one attains Power which is that one can keep one's intended position
without being thrown off. This is done is different areas and there are different harmonics of it
going up the chart.

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