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     GOD MAN WOMAN AND CHILD yet again.

     Its the same thing between woman and child.

     You don't try to help the child by blaming the parents for all the horrible 
things they did to the child, you get the child to own up to its own self 
covert complicity in its ludicrous demise. NO MATTER WHAT THE PARENTS DID.

     Same thing with women, you don't help them by blaming men for all the 
horrible things men do to women, you get the woman to spot her complicity in 
her own ludicrous demise.

     Same thing with men, you don't help them by blaming God for all the 
horrible things Gods do to men, you get the man to spot his own complicity in 
his own ludicrous demise.

     And ludicrous it is.

     As the late great philosopher X, who is unfortunately no longer with us 
once said, "its not the past that determines the victim, its the present time 
benefit that they get from being a victim that keeps them so."


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Posted: Wed Mar 18 23:14:29 EDT 2015
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