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	I am reissuing this here, including some notes and things from the
pilot. Good luck.

Power Rundown Expanded

	The following is based upon the datum "All power comes from the ability
to hold a location in space". Extrapolating from that, if one were to
discover the earliest position he wanted to hold absolutely those
abilites would somewhat rehabilitate. Further, if he is here now holding
cans, it follows that he was moved off of that position. If it was
violitional, no problem. If it was not, big problem, as he will be
dramatizing that opposition ever since.
	Depending on the reality level of the pc, he may wind up with GPMs,
either implanted, or his own actual ones. The rundown will find the
crossover point if he is looking at gpms. This will be a new look for
him, as he will discover what he has been being a solution to.  
	The first step should clean up this liftime areas, and to some degree
open up the whole track. Great gains can be had by this action alone.
	The second step will uncover his solution to a prior confusion, and
remove charge from that solution and its generated problems.
	The third step will straighten this confusion out for him, and blow
valences, uncover postulates, and in general be a tremendous source of
relief for the pc.

	On any one of these three steps, the pc may cognite that he has been
dramatizing the valence of the overwhelming terminal that moved him off
of the location he most wanted to hold, and expended the most effort to
maintain. It will blow the biggest problem he has ever had. (int/counter
int, postulate/counter postulate)
	The purpose of this rundown is just that. If he blows out, floating TA,
super vvgis, and recognizes the source of all his problems, the process
is complete. It is senior to engrams. All engrams overwhemed him, and
caused him to move off a position in space.
	Be very very careful in listing a question. Be sure the question reads,
before listing. The item to these listing questions must be checked: Is
the (item) yours? BT? C? CC? etc according to the level and reality of
the pc.
	Much of the time it will not be the pcs. Blowing the entity that has
that int/purp, item will be a great source of relief for him. Do it
thorougly, with understanding. 
	Much of the Technology used here comes from the L rundowns. ie:
listing, and who/what would have that int/purp/goal. L terminal
	As such it does have liabilites. Do not leave the PC with a unflat
goal, term or opterm.

Step One:
	First the following is assesed method 5, and the largest to smallest
reads are taken up e/s to f/n, cog, vgis. It is assesed once more,
taking all reads up, to a f/n ing list.
Has a location been suppressed?
Has a location been invalidated?
Has a location been attempted?
Has a location been challenged?
Has a location been resisted?
Has a location been abandoned?
Has a location been rushed?
Has a location been missed?
	Then the next is run the same way.
Has a location been:
Wiped out
Driven out
Driven away

	The above will enable the pc to erase the most prevalent charge on
important locations. Once this is clean, the following is ran.

Step Two:

"What position did you intend to hold absolutely?"
	Indicate the item, and mark it on the worksheet. (for example: Entrance
to Home Universe. This will uncover a postulate and effort to hold that

Next: use the item in the next listing q.

"What effort would it take to hold (that position)?"
	Indicate, mark on worksheet. (eample: infinite effort)

Next: use the previous item in the next listing q.

"What problem would  be solved by (infinite effort)?" (example answer:
Not entering the mest universe)

	 (This will be a rough one. He has been not-knowing this for a long
 time. This is the prior confusion he had before he made the postulate
to hold the location. Sooner or later he will give you an answer like:
"Deciding to be there" This is the solution to the problem of being
	At this point, you will proably have a FTA, VVVVgis, and he will have
his ultimate solution, one he has been unknowingly using to solve things
ever since. 

Let him have his win, and when you can get back in session, run the
following. This is intended to get the charge off of the item that he
has been using as a solution.

Step Three:

 	Two processes here are indicated, depending on the reality level of
the pc. If he is in good shape, then prep check the buttons, and if not,
then use the command "On the item, spot..(invalitation, abandonment,
On the item (Not entering) has anything been:
a. Invalidated
b. Abandoned
1. Suppressed
2. Careful of
3. Not revealed
4. Not-ised
5. Suggested
6. Mistake been made
7. Protested
8. Anxious about
9. Decided
10. Withdrawn from
11. Reached
12. Ignored
13. Stated
14. Helped
15. Altered
16. Revealed
17. Asserted
18. Agreed with
	The above buttons should be taken to a f/ning list. It will remove
charge from the item. The next list, from LX3 will further remove charge
and reveal postulates about the item.
	Again, on this list use the command "On the item..(xxxx). spot being
(forced, frightened, etc.) for use on a lower gradient.
On the item (Not entering) has anything been:			
Wiped out
Driven out
Driven away

	This should mostly reabitate his ability to hold a location in space,
it removes the charge from moving off the earliest point he considered
important.  For an OT, you would additionally run:
On the item (Not entering) is it:
yours? (mine)
etc. and handle per the grade of the pc.
Next, we will handle out of valenceness on this point of overwhelm.

Who or what would (Not entering mest)solve? (practice harder than 
anyone, etc)
	A lower gradient alternative to the L/N question: "Spot some solutions
to (item, not entering mest, etc)". or, "Think of some things that
(item) would solve." This will free up attention units from all over the
track. Continue untill he comes up with the overwhelming valence.

This will give the valence that overwhelmed him at this
location. example:(Implanter, a good student, etc)

	Next we will cross-check to see if we have it right.
W/W would (item) be a solution to? or,
W/W would solve the opposition of (implanter, good student)

That is the GPM crossover.  Becoming what you oppose. 

	Next you take the overwhelming valence (terminal) and run it in the
nest question.

Next L&N:
What would be the intention/purpose of (terminal)?
(he will come up with: to unmock, be powerful, live forever, destroy
everyone, stay still, etc etc.)
(the next action is very very very very important. If it is a
contra-survival goal, you must be very sure it is the pcs, and not some
other beings. To give the pc the wrong item here could be distarous)
Then Check:
Is the item (to live forever):
Yours (mine solo)
BT, C, CC.Handle per grade of the pc. 

	This will reveal to the pc the goal that he has been trying to
accomplish in the valence of the overwhelming terminal. It will be a
source of great relief for him.	

	If the item is the pcs, it will be a goal, or purpose. Give the pc his
item. This will blow false purposes that the pc has been living
unknowingly, and as long has he is being, he cannot hold that location
in space. If it is a contra survival goal, he will see all the trouble
he has been getting into down through the millenia has stemmed from this

	The EP of this process is that the pc will no longer be concerned with,
or upset with assuming or maintaing a position in space.  It produces
great gain for him. 

	I want to thank the Pilot for running the process, and making some very
good comments and notes on the procedure.

Tommy Thompson
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