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One might try the following addressed to each chakra:


Ref: HCOB 26 August 1982 Pain and Sex
HCOB 4 October 1982 NOTS series 28
HCOB 3 June 1971 C/S Series 37R
HCOPL 26 December 1968 The Third Party Law
Creation of Human Ability - Expanded GITA

   This Rundown is based on NOTS series 28 principles but is expanded to provide
a comprehensive coverage of more areas of charge. I have found that the valence
technique which is used currently during the major parts of NOTs still leaves
the "core clusters" in place. The NOTS series 28 handling is done as one rundown
and then the technique is abandoned. This technique can be used at any point on
NOTs after step 22 and is recommended when there seems to be nothing there but
somatics or sensation in the body still exist or when there are specific life
situations that seem solid and unresponsive to other solutions.

   This rundown should be run as a solo action as it can run extremely quickly
and would build up bpc if run by an auditor. The other factor is that the action
of an auditor calling out these items would over-restimulate the case. 

   Various limiting factors are placed on the assessment so that the liability
for over-restimulation and cross-restimulation is limited. The first is that
only one wavelength is handled at a time. The second is limiting the area of the
body being handled.

   The steps are as follows:

1. Get a name for a wavelength that you can use in assessing. Examples would be
"The wavelength of sex", "2D wavelength", "The wavelength associated with
wanting to torture naked women". It would be better to use a limited statement
especially early on in the rundown. You could use a particular person's
wavelength e.g. "The wavelength of Cleopatra". A wider example would be "The
wavelength associated with girls wearing hot pants". Wider still would be "The
wavelength of sexy girls". The idea is to limit the charge being restimulated by
assessment to a comfortable and handleable level. You may have a statement of
the general area of case you are handling such as "not wanting to get up in the
morning" and work through wavelengths associated with that such as "lethargy",
"inertia", "The wavelength of getting my brain to wake up" etc. I put them in
quotes because these are not actual wavelengths or frequencies but statements
that will limit the Pre-OTs attention to a particular frequency or band of

2. Select an area of the body or outside the body to work on e.g. "The head",
"The space under the feet".

3. Locate a bt/cl in the chosen area by scanning on the wavelength selected in
step 1.

4. Limit your attention to that area very precisely and assess the flows by
first checking if it is an inflow, outflow, crossflow or flow 0 and then
checking the items for that flow. Run recalls on that flow to F/N. If the mass
has not blown then re-assess and re-handle until that limited area is handled.

5. Continue with steps 3 and 4 until you get no more reads in that area on the

6. Select a new area (which may be one already run in which more charge has
become available) and repeat steps 3-5. Continue until there are no more reading
areas in or around the body.

7. Select a new reading wavelength as per 1 above and repeat steps 2-6 for the
new wavelength.

8. Continue repeating step 7 until you feel there are no more stuck flows.


1. BTs will often copy the stuck flows so regular checks should be made for

2. The flows will often run very quickly and can F/N and blow on the assessment.

3. You can get a situation where there are several masses in very close
proximity with charge on the same item. If a flow F/Ns but still seems charged
then check for others. You can also get a cross-restimulation into a totally
different part of the body due to the old stuck comm lines of the masses.

4. With the speed at which charge blows on this R/D it is important for the solo
auditor to have his admin streamlined. For this purpose I have attached a
worksheet which can be photocopied.

5. A wavelength can appear to be flat but the opposite item is actually
suppressing it e.g. "sex" as a wavelength no longer reads but seems to still be
present. Check "no sex" and run if reading. You may have to alternate between
the two several times to flatten the original wavelength fully. I am not yet
sure of the flow mechanics of this phenomena but it runs and blows charge.

6. The following is a list of wavelengths which could be used to find areas to
run in addition to those the Pre-OT thinks of: sex, the 2D, pain, work,
violence, hatred, evil, beauty, thought, emotion, effort, perversion, sadism,
masochism, eating, mysteriousness, seduction, degradation, beautiful sadness,
the whole tone scale, specific terminals, parents, memory, diarrhoea, feces,
urine, phlegm, blood, semen, sweat, body parts, body fluids, foul odors,
perfumes, sexual odors, attractiveness, sexual curiosity, LRH, ethics presence,
blame, shame, regret, explosions, orgasms, criticisms, revulsion, disdain,
innocence, sexual confidence, tactile sensations in the body, motor impulses,
authority, punishment, puss, vile body emissions, anaten, tiredness, exhaustion,
upsetting people, sleep, hypnosis, intention.   An extensive list of additional
flows is in Scientology 8-8008 under Expanded GITA processing. 

7. In earlier stages of the rundown the above statements should be sufficient to
get the flow. When the easier to handle masses have been blown off with these
then one can switch to running by exact assessment of frequency. In similar
fashion to the dating drill the exact frequency of the flow can be found. As a
preparation to doing this if the Pre-OT is not familiar with the terms then it
would be useful to clear wavelength, frequency and velocity and demo their
relationship. Scientology 8-80 provides considerable insight into these as well
as the aesthetic factors involved in fixating the attention of a thetan. On
research to date frequencies have come up in the range from 0.1Hz i.e. 1 cycle
every 10 seconds up to 10e99 (10 to the 99th power or 1 followed by 99 zeros).
Many earlier practices are a dramatization of stuck flows. Earlier psychiatric
implants often caused a stuck flow at a particular brain wave frequency. Low
alpha wave frequencies (8-13 cycles per second) were used in implants to produce
a docility and peacefulness in a population. Intelligence was limited by putting
electronic blocks on the beta frequencies (13-40 c/s). Frequencies in the 2 - 8
c/s band cause a dream-like over-sensitivity to visual images and were used to
increase the depth of an implant. The motor controls of the body are in the
range of hundreds of c/s. Radio restimulation of implants on these frequencies
was used for control of criminals by producing paralysis or autistic behaviour
until they could be picked up. The chakras of eastern practices are
electronically created spherical stuck flows implanted on harmonic frequencies
so as to produce a standing wave in the spine and head which heavily
interiorizes a thetan. Hence the comment in History of Man about eastern
techniques glueing a thetan to the body. A particularly nasty type of implant
involved dove-tailing the end of an implant back into the beginning. It produced
a circular section in the time track and repetitive dramatization. Alpha
meditation and similar meditations shift a thetan who is stuck on the track into
the quiet pleasantness implants. They produce an apparency of enlightenment
partly due to implant content and partly because it can shift a person earlier
on the track out of later social/productivity/materialistic implants. I would
suggest studying the data in Physics textbooks about the electro-magnetic
spectrum as well as current studies into wavelengths that interact with the
biological mechanisms of the body. 

8. The CofS style of NOTs concentrates on an area quite close to the body (up to
20-30 feet). It has become apparent with extensive auditing by many outside the
CofS that one can be affected by bt/cls at a much greater distance. It could be
that LRH intended these to be handled on a later level, after the OT8 charge is
run off and the Pre-OT himself is less fixated in a particular time and space.
On the early track a thetan considered himself to be much bigger. I have found
heavy masses surrounding the body like shells at a distance of miles. 2D and
fixed attention on a terminal handlings have often come up with masses in other

9. There is mention in the NOTs series and in the suppressed person R/D issue of
a phenomena whereby one's own auditing affects others. Using the technique of
this R/D and the third party law fixation on, or trouble with a particular
terminal can be alleviated and sometimes fully handled by finding masses with
stuck flows involving oneself, the other terminal and a third party. It may well
not be a single third party. There can be quite complex networks of stuck flows
involving many people and their bt/cls.

10. The stuck flow handlings break up masses, sometimes composed of thousands of
individuals, and can leave residual bt/cls who need handling with other
procedures such as valence handling or OTIII techniques.

11. As the R/D continues it may be easier to shift to a method of running
whereby one thinks about the general subject being run (e.g. cruelty to
animals), then notices where attention is drawn to and get the exact wavelength
and area then assess and run the flow. If the R/D were used as an "OT life
repair" then this would be one way of doing it. It is very probable that
different Pre-OTs will run quite differently from each other. The old rule of
handling the case in front of you applies. Getting the charge is far more
important than following a rote procedure.

12. At some point in the rundown, when a large part of the NOTs case has been
handled, the Pre-OT may find more and more that his own postulates and decisions
are the major part of the charge being handled. As one continues the self
determined aspects of the NOTs phenomena become more apparent and the Pre-OT
accepts responsibility for his own causation in NOTs.

AREA : __________________	             
WAVE : __________________	             

INFLOW _____       PERMITTED _____	
OUTFLOW_____    DESIRED   _____	
XFLOW  _____       ENFORCED  _____	
FLOW 0 _____       RESTRAINED_____	
NO        _____                                     
REFUSED   _____           



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