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Date:         Thu, 25 May 89 15:10:47 EDT
From:         "Homer W. Smith" <CTM at CORNELLC>
Subject:      Re: just wondering...
To:           "Atlanta Bound! (Feldman, Shari)" <FELDMA at DICKINSN>,
              adore-l at ualtavm
In-Reply-To:  Your message of Sun, 23 Apr 89 19:04:09 est

>If there is life on other planets, could it be possible that a person's
>spirit lived on another planet, or do all spirits just have past Earth lives?
>                                        Shari

     We all come from other planets.

     Earth is a prison colony for those that other stellar
civilizations found unacceptable.  The criminal, the perverted
and the genius.  Thus the population on Earth is very mixed as
the people come from many different planets (within the past 10000
years) and the ratios are pretty much correct.  1/3 quality, 2/3 scum.

     The reason that there is no extra terrestrial communication
with Earth is that this sector of the galaxy is very tightly controlled
by the prison wardens.  It is also why no can remember their past lives.
It is just too wild for imagination.  If anyone ever for a moment
suspectd that life on Earth was controlled right down to our very
births, there would be chaos.

     However a little digging around in your memory with an eye
to life on other planets (more advanced than Earth) will soon
pop forth memories of places and things you never knew you forgot.

     There are a lot of friends back there.  Fortunately many of
them got sent to Earth also, so its not like we are totally alone
in a strange land.  We are in a sort of prison though.

     The way out is the way in.

 Homer W. Smith      Atlanta Bound! (Fel  5/25/89*just wondering...

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