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The Chakra System is Vedic knowledge said too be 
about 4ooo yrs old, not being an expert on the subject
I will relay as best as I can my understanding of the
Chakra system as I understand it, source of this material
is the Vedic Hymns and can be found in translated form
on the internet by most search engines, there is some
excellent reading at not sure if I got that
right but the search engine will get you there.

                                The Chakra System

NAME                                     LOCATION                        

CROWN                             ABOVE THE HEAD   


This area is represented most commonly by a glow or halo
above the head, I use the word area because just too call 
it energy pulls it down a notch into the mental which is the 
Chakra below. This area is above cognitions.



This area is that of the mental, the highest point here is the 
cognition, most comonly represented as the eye at the top
of the pyramid, knowledge is the operative word.

THROAT                         THROAT TOO BACK OF NECK


Eloquence, expression come too mind,silver tongue devil
someone with an open throat Chakra like I said I'm not
an expert.


This the area of emotions, the relation too the throat and third 
eye become apparent here, feeling is the operative word.
   This was my introduction too Chakras and I had the idea
I was pretty OT until I pryed open this area.  I really was a 
walking head and I could talk a good game as long as I
did'nt try too relate below the throat I was pretty sharp.
note: just my opinion but I believe the grades was the
 point at which this area is adressed  and I've heard quite
a few OT's lament about this as their favorte part of the bridge.
Opening this area is vital when working with people who
have done a tremendous amount of work at the third eye
and you can validate and rehab gains from all sorts of
past ologys and isms not just Scientology. You don't want too 
throw out the baby with the bath water so too speak.
   An awful lot of work was done and your client knows it
and if you just try and install some other ology over this
you will have trouble.



This may be like the throat chakra more a relational or
connective type thing too the Chakra below maybe in the
model I'm descibing here it is the connective point too the one



This area is one I just started working in so, so I'm still 
a bit disoriented as too the significances here.
   Root or base is the operative word though and from that
you can deduce what this area may contain.

I'm gonna end here and say there is another connective type
Chakra at the knees and then another at the feet which is probably
major, connections too mother earth and so forth is my guess

                                   Windows with shutters

Each Chakra in my opinion is like a window or shutter either
open or closed too different degrees, this in my opinion is 
an excellent model too describe the conditions of beings
as they manifest in human form, it was the scematic left in the 
Vedas anyway and I for one have found it very useful in orienting
myself too the human experience I do hope it might do the same 
for others, too say it is the only model would be foolish so you
may just want too take it for what its worth:)

Love Lightnin                     
Lightnin George
The Chili Dharma of Chili Dogma

The sixth and most important sense is a sense of Humor

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