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> Just to clarify, what is the purpose of:
> Going to sleep at night?
> Waking up n the morning?
> Making breakfast (and eating it)?
> Washing dishes before going to work?
> Going to work?
> Smiling when saying, "Good morning"?
> Cleaning a room?
> Tidying up a desk?
> These simple purposes have elements in common which give insight into
> more consistent and general purposes.
> Simple inspection or a moment's consideration of one's purpose in
> issuing a communication to another, or in receiving a communication
> from another, is an interesting little bit of observation.

      The intrinsic purpose is pleasure and avoidance of pain, the
instrumental purpose is survival of manifestation forms on all 8 dynamics,
to which success pleasure and pain have been (perhaps arbitrarily)

      The purpose of the choice to PLAY such a game, the higher purpose
of why the game exists in the first place, is a different matter.

      Why would a being want a game of pleasure and pain?

      Most humans would deny they would have created such world for
themselves or anyone else if they had been God.

      In fact the underlying tone of most beings in bodies pretending
to have a good time at it, is the goal to make nothing of everything,
even their loved ones to put them out of their misery.

      There is a hurry to this, to end the universe for all before he can no
longer do so, because the universe has ended him.

      There is also a stickiness to the goal, because the being can not
leave the universe until he is sure it no longer exists, so he gets stuck
here to be the last thing standing, then he is free to do away with

      Only after FAILING that goal to make nothing out of everything, does
the thetan/body composite try to take sides and take care of the few
things it loves that it can.  To lessen their misery as much as possible
before the inevitable end that befalls all being born on death row.

      But he hates the game with all the power of his being.

      Thus to audit the being out of the deceit of his human condition, one
needs to audit that goal to make nothing of everything. This will begin to
resolve all of his somatics, horror at life, and case conditions.

      Beauty and Ugly smashed together make boredom.

      Spot NO   Horror.
      Spot SOME Horror.

      Spot NO   Gorgeousness.
      Spot SOME Gorgeourness.

      From the point of view of the thetan/body composite below death on the
tone scale, his Nemesis One is the guy who wants to make something out of
everything FOREVER (in time).  Anything forever is a hell forever.

      From the point of view of a higher toned thetan free from a body, his
Nemesis One is the guy who wants to make nothing out of everything, which
your thetan has then become.

      Seperating your thetan from the valence of the guy who wants to make
nothing out of everything, then presents your thetan with the problem of
confronting the being who wants to make nothing out of everything.

      Oh no anything but that.

      Your thetan would rather work for him, than look at him.


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