Compromise the root of loopy thinking and incompetence

phil scott philipescott8 at
Tue Nov 29 12:06:44 EST 2016

There is a driver behind all of this insanity.

Lacking compromise a person will not get along well at all with the rest of humanity.

Compromise allows you to get along... but it in my studied opinion, and experience, compromise destroys brain function.   Compromise is the destroyer of any person or culture.

A compromised person is doing something that he knows is not right, safe, smart or decent...and then justifies that stuff.  The root of such insanity.

  It ruins brain function at the least, and the integrity of the person, and his strength in the end.

Do not compromise on any substantive issue... you can compromise on the flavor of your ice cream cone.... but not on substantive issues.---------.

My advice, do not compromise, piss off everyone instead you will be better off and so will the pissed off people. 

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