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I have decided to include these research notes to the previous r/d I
issued, out of good consciousness.
Research notes:
   Because this is handling very early track on high level pcs, He will
find entrance to this universe, perhaps others. You will get on the
position question things like "Entrance to MEST", "Start of Incident 1",
or some such Item. On the effort question, you will get "Stay out of
MEST", 'Stay out of Inc 1" or some other previous universe.
 On running the second combination "What problem would be solved by
staying out of Incident 1?", for example, you will get "Having a bank in
the first place", "Never got abberated", and so forth.

      The prepcheck will really clean this up for him. He has been
sitting there supressing, protesting, not-ising, ignoring, etc. ever
since. You will get all sorts of considerations about the factors,
things that has come up for him all of his life. Also, lots of
Re-Cognitions, "I realized that before a lot of times".

 Prior to Inc I, he was joined to several beings, and they all are in
the same valence. In other words, they think they are him, and he them.
For this reason, he may BD fn on the next to last listing question eg
"Who or what would never had a bank in the first place?" with several
answers. Some of these terminals may be "Captian" "Chief Officer"
"Product Officer" "Oversoul" "Controller" "Joined Beings" "1,2,3,4,5 of
6". If this happens, you will get bd f/n on each of the answers. DO NOT
out list on the others.
    Handling: Take each b/d f/n item up seperately, and then run the
second listing question. What would be the intention of Capitan? this
will then give a b/d f/n, and intention. You indicate to the correct
terminal if you are sure who it is. This may produce a blow when they
get the item. If not, then check "Is that intention Mine? A Thetan?
Static? Joined? Fragment? BT, Cluster? Other?
    At this point you have to be on your toes. Pull out your very best
bag of tricks. Realize that Mine could be something other than you.
Especially if you get a push-pull sort of disorientation, and several
b/d f/ns. All of these guys have the same training and experience as
you. But thier orginal track will be different. At this point you can
either R3R them through the incident, check E/S, and continue to THIER
cog, f/n vgis, erasure, blow.
 Also, some of them may have been through Inc 1 previously, or in some
other fashion had a prior bank. More than likely this is the case. For a
bank to stick to you as thoroughly as it did, there must have been some
prior agreement in the first place. I beleive this is the why. In this
case, you would find the previous incident, and r3r them through it, e/s
to blow.

      I hope you find this rundown of use. I have had fun auditing it.


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