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Technical Essay # 59 - FAF 30 July 1991

.ce Connections

There is a model of the mind that potentially might be very useful.

Usually we would claim that the mind is a storage place of pictures of experience. Some of
these pictures would be traumatic and would be organized in chains.

This gives us a system of dealing with the mind initially. It seems to be a useful approach for a
non-clear person.

However, when a person goes Clear, we tell him that now he doesn't have any pictures. We
might even tell him that they have all been erased. Or worse yet, we might imply that his sub-
conscious mind has been erased.

It doesn't take much experimentation to show that a Clear still has some sort of mind and that
most certainly he has a sub-conscious mind. I mean, he speaks, he walks, he chews gum, all
without much conscious thought to it. I haven't yet met a person who has full conscious
awareness of how he speaks.

A Clear has good reason to be confused about how his mind works. We have sort of omitted
explaining what it is about. The theory that he is now just permeating and penetrating what
he needs to know doesn't hold water for very long. And sure, he might have entities, but what
is left when he is done with the entities?

The universe of spacetime is full of experiences you might or might not have had. Since time
is basically an arbitrary illusion we can't expect it to be ordered by time. There is just a bunch
of dimensions there. It seems to be indicated that there are more than the 4 dimensions of
space and time. In principle one can travel anywhere in the dimensions of spacetime.

This is not necessarily an esoteric philosophical discussion. Relativity theory and Quantum
Mechanics introduced these ideas more than 50 years ago, and it is now the accepted model
for physics. There are a lot more concepts there that apply very well to the field of life and the

Let's take a certain event in spacetime, for example "The battle of Hastings". It happened at a
certain time and a certain space. However, it would be more correct to say that is is
happening at certain coordinates in spacetime. It is what it is, and it is right there in its
designated location.

You might consider yourself having been present at the battle of Hastings before you got
here. One way of keeping track of that is to keep a complete copy, a picture, of what you
experienced and take it with you. Apparently one does something like that under certain
conditions. However, the basic principle isn't necessarily like that.

All you need in order to "remember" the battle of Hastings is a connection to that location in
spacetime. You need a link, a mental wire, that connects your current location with some
other location. It would be a gateway in spacetime, a warp in the fabric of the universe.

I don't quite know if that would be the aberrated or the sane way of doing it, or both. But, at
any rate, if you have a link like that then stuff can travel over that link. You might automatically
replay some of the contents and therefore behave now in some outdated fashion.

It isn't the incidents that there is anything wrong with. There is nothing wrong with the battle of
Hastings. But if you insist now of having the somatics that somebody had in that incident, then
there is a problem in the "wiring" of your mind.

When, in Clearing, we somehow cut an aberrated link we get a release. If, before we do that,
we make the person able to deal with what is happening at the other end, then we might say
we have an erasure.

Entities and organizations of entities fit in well here also. You might have links to other beings
in other times and spaces, and they might be connected to each other in various types of
chains. There might be some useful purpose to that, but it mostly appears to be unnecessary
and undesirable.

The existence of links doesn't have to be unwanted. A person's sub-conscious patterns are
wired somehow. Like, when you remember your name when somebody asks you, you get it
from somewhere. You didn't walk around thinking of it consciously, you got it somewhere
without knowing how. That might be a similar spacetime warp, or it might be another
mechanism, I don't know.

One should be able to get any information without having a link to it. In principle one can just
go and look at it. One can look at past tracks, one can use exterior perception and so forth.
That might mean that one is creating a temporary link, a channel to the information required,
that is not quite clear.

A "track" would be some sort of path through spacetime. There is really no requirement that it
can only be linear in time. That would be no more logical than requiring that one can only
travel west on the planet, and never east, or north, or south. The track would be the sequence
of where/when one went. It is a track of sequence, not of time. There also seems to be no
particularly reason why several tracks shouldn't cross over in one event or one lifetime.

Interestingly, the brain might have some justification for being in the scenario of connections.
As we have held true for a while, it is some sort of switchboard. A little arithmetic quickly
shows that the brain couldn't possible store the memories one has available. However,
experiments can also show that one can access past memories in detail by stimulating parts
of the brain.

Well, if you let experiences stay in their appropriate location in spacetime, all you need is a
switchboard. A few billion connections (cells) to other places, times, and dimensions should
be enough to provide a human being with the means of a meaningful existence.

The being can most certainly link to things he needs without a body. But he is inherently a lot
more simple. A body, a brain, a mind and so forth can provide him with complexity enough to
make things really interesting. The being is of course doing all of that himself at some level,
but those vias are useful to create persistence.

A being probably keeps a basic set of connections that he carries around with him from body
to body. They define his core personality and the continuity of this long term activities. Then,
when he takes a body he inherits many more connections that are overlaid his own basic
connections. The body/brain connections are the result of genetics, astrology, engrams,
upbringing, and so forth. Together all of it forms a human being. When the spiritual being
leaves, he dumps most of the body connections, but might have copied some of them to his
core personality connections.

The other locations that one might be linked with can also be non-physical locations and
dimensions of course. Like, one can make a copy of part of the physical universe and wire
oneself to that somehow. One one can construct one's own universe and link that up in
various ways.

Clearing can be viewed as the process of straightening out wires, fixing broken wires,
removing extraneous wires, and installing new wires to produce an optimum life experience.

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