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   I have had several requests for infomation about how to run some of
the stuff I had posted by people that had a meter and had never even
done a e-meter course. Sometimes we forget that there is another end to
the bridge.
    Recently in the discussion group there was quite a bit of comm about
self analysis. For those of you who do not have the book, I have taken
the liberty of publishing them here. Mr. Filbert, thanks.


On each line of each of the following lists you add the phrase -Paying
particular attention to ________.
In the blank you place a perceptic.

The perceptics are:

 body position

You should change the perceptic each time you ask a new recall question,
but not in asking for an earlier recall.

Each line out of each list, with the perceptic selected, is put to the
preclear only once, with the following 3 commands in this order:

A. -Paying particular attention to , recall a time when (you continue
the question with the line)
B. -Paying particular attention to , recall another time when (put in
same line)
C. -Paying particular attention to , recall the earliest time you can
when (same line)+

You Run each List to EP: (F/N, VGIs, Cog, Vivid Recall, that perceptic
turned on full.)

It's pretty quick. Thus I enclose very shortened versions of the lists,
as no one on record has had to run even half the quantity I have
enclosed. If you were to run these and not get an EP, your PC should not
be on SA lists. Something lower like life repair, rudiments, or the 53
form are grossly out.


 List 1:

1. you were happy
2. you had just finished constructing something
3. life was cheerful
4. somebody had given you something
5. you ate something good
6. you had a friend
7. you felt energetic
8. somebody was waiting for you
9. you drove fast

List 2

1. something happened a long time ago
2. something happened yesterday
3. something happened last month
4. you were very small
5. you were half your present size
6. your mother looked younger
7. you felt agile
8. you were at a banquet
9. you had a date with someone
10. you were with an animal

List 3

1. it was very late
2. you were early
3. you had to wait
4. you had to stand for some time supporting a weight
5. you went very fast
6. there was an object moving
7. there was a round object
8. there was lightning
9. you had a very good time
10. you were too late

1. you saw something very bright
2. you saw something very dark
3. you saw something green
4. you saw something vast
5. you saw something moving
6. you saw something flat
7. you saw something deep
8. you saw something colourful
9. you saw something swift
10. you saw something pleasant

1. you were bigger than an animal
2. you were smaller than an object
3. you were bigger than someone else
4. you were smaller than someone else
5. things looked little to you
6. things looked big to you
7. you were in a vast space
8. you looked at the stars
9. somebody waited on you
10. you had to be polite

1. something moved very fast
2. you enjoyed seeing the rain come down
3. you saw children play
4. you were aware of the wind blowing
5. you were aware of a car driving by
6. you were aware of an aeroplane overhead
7. you watched a fast horse
8. you watched the second hand on a clock
9. somebody ran towards you
10. you saw a kite flying

(Get an EP on each of these nine sets of lists under List 3.)

List 4

1. you moved an object
2. an object moved you
3. you threw an organism up in the air
4. you walked down stairs
5. you acquired something you wanted
6. you created something good
7. you felt safe in a space
8. you handled energy well
9. you built a fire
10. you changed something for the better

List 5

1. you threw away something you didn't want
2. you left the place you were supposed to be.
3. you happily defied directions you were given
4. you left without saying anything
5. you chose your own clothing
6. you got rid of something that bored you
7. you wore something in spite of what people would think
8. you successfully refused to eat
9. you gave away a present you received
10. you refused to bathe

List 6

1. you put something aside because you thought it was dangerous but it
2. you stole something
3. you got into things you were supposed to leave alone
4. you returned
5. you refused to leave something alone
6. you cheerfully destroyed an expensive object
7. you were right in disobeying
8. you enjoyed having things
9. you stole some food
10. you drove very dangerously

1. when you heard a gentle wind
2. when you heard a gentle voice
3. when you heard a pleasant sound
4. when you heard a pleasant voice
5. when you heard a breeze
6. when you heard a dog whining
7. when you heard a bell ringing
8. when you heard a musical instrument
9. when you heard a child laughing
10. when you heard a newspaper being opened

1. you smelled something sweet
2. you smelled something sharp
3. you smelled something oily
4. you smelled something pungent
5. you smelled something desirable
6. you smelled cut grass
7. you smelled perfume
8. you smelled fresh air
9. you smelled smoke
10. you smelled a dog

1. you felt pressure on your feet
2. you felt a greasy spoon
3. you felt soap
4. you felt a sweater
5. you felt the pressure of a chair
6. you felt your hair
7. you felt something you admired
8. you felt something new
9. you felt silk
10. you felt a good machine

1. somebody was angry
2. somebody wanted something
3. you desired something
4. you were happy
5. you were pleased
6. you won
7. you were affectionate
8. you were amused
9. you approved of an object
10. you were surprised

1. you were running
2. you were walking
3. you overcame something
4. you threw away something
5. you won a tug of war
6. you rode a horse
7. you drove a car
8. you rode a bicycle
9. you enjoyed moving
10. you showed yourself superior physically

List 7

1. a person you disliked was in the room
2. an individual you liked held you
3. you finally accepted a person you liked
4. you enjoyed the company of a person you liked
5. you opposed a person you liked
6. you acquired an individual you liked
7. you and a person you lived did something together
8. you knew somebody felt affection for you
9. a person you liked aided you
10. you were glad to be alone

List 8

1. you foresaw how something should be and so arranged it
2. you imagined something, and then constructed it
3. you envisioned how a place would look and went there
4. you filled up space with imaginary things
5. you did a masterpiece of creation
6. you saw something you imagined come true
7. you saw how something should be fixed and did so
8. you saw how a room should be arranged and did so
9. you saw how some people could be helped and did so
10. you made a plan and people followed it

List 9

1. you saw a person you didn't like doing what you liked to do
2. you saw a person you liked doing something you hated
3. you saw a person you liked doing something you liked
4. you saw a person you disliked doing something horrible
5. you noticed someone using a mannerism of yours
6. you adopted a mannerism from someone you admired
7. you were treated like filth
8. you decided to be a completely different person
9. you decided to start all over
10. you were classified as an unfavourable person

List 10

1. an object resisted you and you overcame it
2. you felt stuck but did succeed in getting away
3. somebody took something away from you and finished it
4. you were interrupted
5. a machine did not start
6. somebody got mad unexpectedly
7. you heard a great story
8. you heard another's song
9. you had to be patient
10. you went on loving people anyway


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