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      The source of all aberration is the effort to vanish an is-ness
with a not-isness rather than an as-isness.

      Not-isness is the effort to make nothing out of something via
force and mass.

      Thus the runnable opposite of Love is not Hate but NO Love.

      Thus any item needs to be run as

      Item - NO Item

      NO is at CDEI NO R on the CDEINR scale.

      Curious about

      Not-isness is a lower harmonic of native state, no item.

      Thus no worry can mean truely no worry at the top of the tone
scale, or it can mean the pretense of no worry at the bottom.

      The pretense of no worry is created by force applied to the
is-ness of worry.  Where ever there is a NO item there is either
nothing at all, or force applied to a something to create the
apparency of a nothing.  Apparencies are reality is at 28.0 on the
tone scale.

      If the no item is at as-isness at the tone scale, the meter will
F/N upon calling it.  If the no item is at not-isness at the bottom of
the tone scale, the meter will stop and fall.  The fall will be a
*CONTROLLABLE* fall, the pc will be able to start and stop it at will
until it expends and starts to rise again.

      HIGH TA, no F/N means correct NO Item not yet found.

      Items are encased in alternatiing current flows, item, no item,
item, no-item with a frequency ranging from less than a second to a
couple of minutes or hours.

      Thus if item does not read, call no item.  If no item doesn't
read call item.

      Say pc is worried sick, you call worry, no read.  So you call no
worry, meter cascades down a few dials.  Go clear the word CASCADE
until you understand what meter action should look like.

      The needle stops, then falls beautifully and slowly, and then it
begins to rest and just as you are about to call again, it falls again
and rests, and then falls again and rests.  That's a cascade.  If you
have ever seen one on yourself you know what freedom feels like.


      It's the TA coming down by itself, no need to work at it, the flows
are running back and forth and the pc is just watching the whole thing
unravel and vanish in front of his eyes.

      Why would NO worry read if the pc is ostensibly worried?  The pc
has NO idea about worry, the worry item won't run because its a fumarole
blowing off steam.

      The NO worry item will *EXPLODE* because it's the volcano.

      A cascade is the lava moving carrying all of creation with it.

      Thus whatever items the pc gives you, do not fail to run the NO

      Sometimes the auditing gets out of sync with the alternating
flows and the needle stops working.  Get back into sync with the flows
by calling the same item twice.

      worry        read
      no worry     read
      worry        read
      no worry     read
      worry     no read
      worry        read
      no worry     read
      worry        read


      Missed means you came close to the right item, but missed it.
Wrong wording, wrong tense, wrong verb, wrong something not quite right.

      Bypassed means you nailed it, then went on by it.

      Sometimes the charge is so hot there is a pause between the stop
and the cascade.  PC Q&A's with the pain, knows he shouldn't go there,
unwilling to have a 10 minute flow of anoxic hysteria so he gets the
stop when he first calls the item, then does something other than allow
the cascade to flow.

      That's a bypass.

      Sometimes the wording is wrong and initially reads on correct item
but unstated item anyhow, but starts to dry up, pc tries harder and
harder and gets into a crunch, doesn't want more auditing.

      For example opposite of something is NOT nothing.

      Something - NO something
      Nothing   - NO nothing
      Someone   - NO someone
      One       - NO one

      Get the wording wrong, you are dead.

      No reality on this?

      Reality   - NO Reality
      Unreality - NO Unreality

      Creators create questions, creatures seek to answer them.

      Question - NO Question
      Answer   - NO Answer

      Questions are of the form who, how, *WHAT*, where, when, why and
which.  Also "Is it?", and "Does it?".

      Asking questions with the intent to answer them will crush the bank
into an unresolvable black mass.  Implants exist that complusively force
the pc to ask WHAT IS THAT?  10 minutes later the pc is so sick he can't

      Difference between an OT and an aberree is you toss a question to
an aberree he will run with it and try to answer it.  He can't help
himself or stop it, he will convulsively throw every ounce of power into
trying to answer that question for just a millisecond.  Then go into
apathy, then get wildly sick an irrelevant amount of time later.  This
is in part why he never spots the cause and effect of it all.  Some
flows move slowly, especially the kick back flows of failed question

      The OT will run the question out, run the efforts to answer the
question out.  The OT doesn't care about answers,

      Answers, 'truth', 'wisdom', 'knowledge' are not important
to an OT.

      An OT inherently operates properly from innate knowing how to
operate, not from endless know abouts, and PHD diplomas on the wall.

      The more junk the guy knows, the less OT he is.

      Knowing junk is good for playing games of survival in the
MEST universe, but it all has weight, and eventually those with
the most education sink the fastest in the pits of spiritual failure,
to maintain ability to enter and leave games at will.

      Those that can leave a game at will, can leave the knowing junk
about that game behind too!

      Thus when running items do NOT run,

      What item is there?  What NO item is there?

      This will kill your pc.

      Even "Is there item?  Is there NO item?" will doom him to question
asking, because you are inviting him to *ANSWER* a question.

      If the pc CAN answer 'I don't know' to any auditing command, it is
a bad command.

      Answering questions is fine for noodlers, but will ruin a volcanoe
climber.  Actually it ruins noodlers too if you ever noticed.

      2500 hours of answering 'What's it' will produce an army of
marching monsters.

      If you have to word process use something like

      "Spot some Mortality.   Spot some NO Mortality".
      "Spot some Immortality. Spot some NO Immortality."
      "Spot some Eternality.  Spot some NO Eternality."

      Or "Get the idea of item.  Get the idea of NO item"

      Or "Say there is item.  Say there is NO item."

      While soloing this, just call the item.

      Male   - NO Male
      Female - NO Female
      Male and Female  -  NO Male and Female

      The guy has been wanting a trans sex body forever.  He has one,
its just in a tomb at the moment.

      Remember ANDS run when OR's won't, each of the above dicoms
should also be tested as

      "Doubt" - "NO Doubt" - "Doubt AND No Doubt"

      Primary items to start with are:

      Certainty   - NO Certainty
      Uncertainty - NO Uncertainty
      Doubt       - NO doubt

      Then continue with all basics,

      Desire - NO Desire
      View   - NO View
      Consideration - NO Consideration
      Postulate     - NO Postulate
      Cause  - NO Cause
      Effect - NO Effect

      Static  - NO Static
      Kinetic - NO Kinetic

      Matter - NO Matter
      Energy - NO Energy
      Space  - NO space
      Time   - NO time
      Memory - NO memory
      Forget - NO forget.

      Then all dicoms,

      White  - NO White
      Black  - NO Black
      Color  - NO Color

      Beauty - NO Beauty
      Ugly   - NO Ugly
      Love   - NO Love
      Hate   - NO Hate
      Good   - NO Good
      Evil   - NO Evil

      Bugs   - NO Bugs
      Babes  - NO Babes

      Run the entire Awareness characteristic chart from Unexistence up
to Source.  Full scale is in the tech dictionary.

      Hope - NO hope
      Help - NO Help
      Demand for improvement - NO Demand for Improvement
      Need for change - NO need for change.
      Fear of worsening - NO Fear of worsening
      Being an effect - NO being an effect.
      Ruin - NO Ruin
      Despair - NO Despair
      Suffering - NO Suffering
      Numbness - NO Numbness
      Introversion - NO Introversion
      Disaster - NO Disaster
      Inactuality - NO Inactuality
      Hysteria - NO Hysteria
      Shock - NO Shock
      Catatonia - NO Cataonia
      Oblivion - NO Oblivion

      If item won't read, NO item almost always will, then item will
read, back and forth until flatter than a one sided pan cake.  Then next
item up.

      If any item doesn't run, reverse it a few times, try to find the
sync time and order, if no run, let it go.  You will probably come back
to it someday.

      Pc will finally spot himself on the Awareness Charcteristic Scale
and find his 'wall' to future improvement.

      Take every possible grammatical form of item and run it too.

      Helpless - NO Helpless
      Hopeless - NO Hopeless
      Hapless  - NO Hapless

      Run the entire emotional tone scale from Sovereignty to Spirital
Death.  Run it bottom up as always.

      Sovereignty - NO Sovereignty
      Courage - NO Courage
      Enthusiasm - NO Enthusiasm
      Monotony - NO Monotony
      Anger - NO Anger
      Fear  - NO Fear
      Sorrow - NO Sorrow
      Apahty - NO Apathy

      Symapthy    - NO Sympathy
      NO-Sympathy - NO NO-Symapthy
      Unexpressed Resentment - NO Unexpressed Resentment.
      Propitation - NO Propitiation
      Regret - No Regret
      BEING a body - NO BEING a body
      IN a body - NO IN a body.

      Run the entirety of Adore as posted on a.c.t in the quotes.

      Operation - NO Operation
      Adoration - NO Adoration
      Abomination - NO Abomination
      Fair chosen - NO fair chosen
      Justice - NO Justice
      Joke - NO Joke
      Duty - NO Duty
      Right - NO Right
      Cool - NO Cool
      Class - NO Class
      Halcyon - NO Halcyon
      Sinsong - No Sinsong
      Thrill - NO Thrill
      Romance - NO Romance
      Majesty - NO Majesty
      Pride - NO Pride
      Shame - NO Shame
      Shambles - NO Shambles
      Glory - NO Glory
      Guilt - NO Guilt
      Magnificnece - NO Magnificence
      Mess - NO Mess
      Respect - NO Respect
      Contempt - NO Comtempt
      Damning - NO Damning    (To Damn  - NO To Damn)
      Blessing - NO Blessing  (To Bless - NO To Bless)

      NEVER   - NO NEVER

      Preposterous - NO Preposterous
      Impossible   - NO impossible
      Permission   - NO permissions
      Way          - NO way

      Precious      - NO Precious
      Intimacy      - NO Intimacy
      Vulnerability - NO Vulnerability

      Don't run NOT, run NO.  NOT doesn't run.

      NOT - NO NOT

      *ANY* item you or your mind or your BT's or the people around you
come up with, run it.  COOKING - NO COOKING.  Pretty soon your mind
will hand you the next item that needs to be run.

      Truth - NO Truth
      Lies  - NO Lies

      Permanence - NO Permanence
      Importance - NO Importance
      Seriousness - NO Seriousness
      Pain        - NO Pain
      Pleasure    - NO Pleasure
      Humor       - NO Humor
      Peace       - NO Peace
      Class       - NO Class
      Halcyon     - NO Halcyon
      Sinsong     - NO Sinsong
      Thrill      - NO Thrill
      Romance     - NO Romance
      Miracle     - NO Miracle
      Dream       - NO Dream

      Core items are


      DOUBT     - NO DOUBT

      CAUSE     - NO CAUSE

      There are no other overt acts in all of existence except those
against certainty and doubt, confidence and trepidation.

      Remember you don't care WHAT at all, just run the effort to make
nothing of a certainty, its right there in front of the guys face.  If
he offers what, take it, don't get into it.  Answers are bad for people,
its the QUESTION that got him into the trouble.  The question IS the
answer he is looking for to go free.

      He's got a headache?  He's got enough power in doubting his own
existence independent of the body to kill the Russian Army.

      He's got two bodies, the physical body and his immortal thetan
body.  The immortal body is fragile though and can be destroyed or
crippled forever with enough force aimed at it.  If left alone though it
will live forever, and it can heal from a lot of damage but not all.  If
it is damanged in part, the damage can last forever.  At least that is
his consideration on it.

      He has a third truely immortal body that can't be harmed or
destroyed no matter what, but it's hanging on an immortal cross that he
can't get off of no matter what.


      Thus the present mortal body is a solution to his various problems
with fragile immortalities, and then with permanent immortalities.

      First he doesn't want to live forever in time, he want's to sleep
forever and engage in time for a while, once in a while.

      Any kind of in time forever is a hell forever.

      Thus by immortality we mean live in time forever.  This is hell
forever.  Its solutions is mortality, or death forever.  Both miss
Eternality and peace, which is living forever outside of time.

      HELL   - NO HELL

      But during these whiles, he would like to live almost forever, for
as long as he wants, for as long as the while goes.  Until the immortal
body gets damaged or crippled or corrupted, then its suffering from
there on out.  The one thing a thetan just can't bring himself to do, is
end time.  It will end one day by his own hand, but its like trying to
take your thumb out of your mouth when you really need to suck on it.
He just won't do it, no matter how much he is suffering.

      He's even still stuck in dead theta bodies, that were him at the
time, and got killed, and thus now he is dead forever because they are.

      He doesn't want to exteriorize from his present mortal body because
he just knows he will be back in his dead theta body in a tomb
somewhere, or worse.

      Its all nuts, but the charge on these incidents will make Krakatoa
look like a birthday candle for a baby thetan.

      Wait until he starts laughing.

      By the way these problems are not unique to your pc, they are
common to his few hundred trillion BT's too.  The pc is not going to
exteriorize from his body without taking his local cluster with him.
They all have to exteriorize together, or it will rip the body apart.
Once out, the cluster can be reoptimized.

      BELIEF      - NO BELIEF.

      Doesn't matter if the item makes sense or if the pc believes in
it or not, run it.

      E/P: PC is free to as-is at will, but understands and can operate
not-isness to build a better future.

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Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Learning without Certainty.
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Learning by Being an Effect implies Learning without Certainty.
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