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This is an article I have been unwilling to write up until this point. I
have been unwilling to write it because the data herein might give
certain individuals hidden standards which then might impede their case
gain. Having reviewed some of what has been written about
exteriorization, I thought it best that I share some of my personal
experience on the subject.

As an aside, I was assigned the task of cleaning up Old Dianeticists at
ASHO back in 1968, because apparently, I had a rapport with "Old Timers"
that many newer auditors didn't have.

"Drug" and "sex" experiences and 'experiments' "on the meter" or "in
session" were pretty much a common practice among many of the old-time
dianeticists, so I had the opportunity to clean up many "trained"
dianeticists, session and auditor ARC breaks, rehabs, and overt-withhold

They were all quite happy with the auditing and the out-come. I had
better than a 96% signup ratio, having handled more than fifty of these
guys, in 1968.


1. OUT OF BODY - this is a state wherein the individual appears to self
as a collected spheric center of knowingness-awareness at a distance
from the body, looking at the body from across a distance in the
physical universe. Also known as "Spirit Travel" (but this state has
nothing to do with an 'astral plane'. This state is happening in the
"Physical Universe Now").

2. MULTIPLE OOB VIEWPOINTS - this state is similar to 1. above, however,
the individual appears to be viewing one or more spheric centers, each
with images of the physical universe in them, and each operating in a
slightly different time frame (shutter effect or strobe effect). My
experience with this state is that it has to do with other sentient
identities in and around the body, and self's 'telepathic' connection to

3. "FLICKERING UNIVERSE" - this state has the individual out of the body
and experiencing time and motion in a jerky, 'frame-by-frame' manner. It
is simply out-of-body-but-not-really-tracking-with-the-physical

4. NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE - this state has great numbers of phenomena
connected to it. It's ok but I prefer the standard OOB exteriorization
for day to day living, personally.

5. REDUCED TO AN ATOM - this exteriorization finds the individual
perceiving the universe from a minute viewpoint. Molecules take on the
size of planets, and this is definitely an inverted state, but can be
fun if you're into that kind of thing.

6. MAGNIFICENT GODHOOD - this exteriorization finds the entirety of the
physical universe encompassed by one and within one, such that this
galaxy appears as if it were a spot on the pinky nail of the hand. In
this state one perceives "all that is" as Self, knowingly and at cause.
The very best, almost.

7. GRAY VOID - this exteriorization appears as if all is but a gray,
darkling void. Viewpoints appears as shiny silver dots. Communication is
rapid and all pervasive. It is a benign state, but kind of "eh, so

8. PUSHED OUT BY COGNITION - this state appears at the end of a major,
stable win (at least it has for me, on many occasions). One appears to
assume a size of about 12-15 feet, and the physical unverse takes on the
appearance of a doll house in proportion to self. Sort of "Alice In
Wonderland" big. It's ok, and kind of exhilarating.

9. RED SHIFT EXTERIORIZATION - this state finds one passing through
something which appears like a red laser beam. In so doing, one travels
across parallel universes. Once adept at this type of exteriorization,
one can "shift" from one universe, to a slightly "different" universe,
with contingent "changes" apparent. Sort of like small changes which
offer other alternatives.

10. THEY ARE ALL DEAD - I would assume that this state is what some
might call a "bad trip". In this state, one is out of the body and
perceives that all other bodies are simply automatons, with no beingness
attached, no beings in sight, and just these zombie bodies roaming
around. The upshot is that one comes to grips with the mortality of the
body. It could also be exteriorized into an implant. Good learning

11. CONNECTED TO ALL LIFE - In this state one can perceive the crying of
children in Somalia, the clicks, snorts and whistles of whales, your
next door neighbors making love, individuals dying in the Alsace,
rodents scrambling around in the basement, microbes and elephants, and
one "hears" all of it at the same time - quite distinctly, as if one had
a thousand pairs of ears, all hearing uniquely and specifically at the
same time. Requires confront and responsibility.

12. FLYING AROUND THE PLANET - in this state, one "moves" from one
location in the physical universe to another simply by will, intention,
postulate or whatever. Happened during Power, for me. And since then it
has been a fun thing, except once while outside, I slid my car into a
tree which was somehow in the middle of a city block. Not bad - caught
it in time, no blood, no harm, no foul - just a dented beak on a '68
Mustang, is all. Lesson learned was do this one, when in a stationary
location, not while driving a car. 

I am not going to list them all out. I have experienced PERSONALLY, all
the above many times, except 10. which I only experienced once, and that
was at the end of doing a specific objective process for 8 hours. I
decided the process was either unflat or overrun, so we rehabbed it, and
I have not experienced that exteriorization again.

When I speak of exteriorization, I speak of being outside or away from
the body, perceiving it at a distance, and knowingly doing so.

You may add this to your archives if you desire.

I have stated what I am interested in stating within the confines of
this memo. I have nothing further to add.


LaMont Johnson


Homer Wilson Smith wrote:
>     I think another problem with '50 percent exteriorize' with
> be 3 feet back of your head, is again the definition of exterior.
>     Exterior for me means being able to see without the body's eyes
> from a viewpoint different than the body.
>     This is most likely not what people mean in the be 3 feet behind
> your head thing.
>     Homer
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Learning by Being an Effect implies Learning without Certainty.
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