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A high-speed blowout
by Phil Spickler
1 Mar 00

       For anyone wishing to move mountains in a very short period of real
time, here's a little-mentioned process that will do the job.

         First, find someone (or yourself) who's willing to have their mind
blown very quickly; secondly, get yourself or this person to tell you about a
problem they're having.  (Biggest result will be obtained if the problem is
one they've been flirting with on and off in this lifetime).

        Having gotten a good description of this problem, ask the person (or
yourself) to create a problem that the first problem would be just a tiny
part of.

       Having gotten this new problem that's much, much bigger than the first
problem defined and described, now ask the person (or yourself) to create or
invent a problem that this last problem would be just a little tiny part of.
Continue this step until you or the person you're working with is so blown
out that you'll need a lead anchor to help them find a place to roost.

       This can be run on anybody, at any time.  It's bad for business, but
it's a lot of fun.

       All the best,

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