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On Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 5:06:06 PM UTC-6, Clearing Archive Roboposter wrote:
> >>     He also has to learn how to start his own group lest UCP
> >>be erroneously associated with clearing and Scn.
>      Let me reword this, if he and his UCPer's WANT a new group.
>      *I* have no problem with them remaining here.
>      I believe that if UCP works as easily on many as it does for
> some, then the new Virtual Witness program may actually break it open
> and UCP may catch on like wild fire across the planet.
>      The problem with auditing has always been finding an auditor, and
> the difficulty of 'solo'.  If the VW solves the solo problem, and I
> truely hope it does, then we may have made a significant advance in
> the field of clearing.
>      I know the technically orthodox will complain about this and
> that, but thousands and thousands of people soloing something 'wrong'
> is better than only a few doing it 'right'.
>      Having 'one process' to start with acts as a good stable datum,
> and if it works, people will learn more about other approaches and
> integrate them into their regime.
>      Anything that gives people "Awareness that change is available",
> and reality on the most fundamental cognition of all that "Scn is a
> good thing and ought to be continued", then that's a good thing, I
> don't care how squirrel it is.  
>      I have long wanted to make LRH turn over in his grave.
>      If someone messes up their case using UCP, they can always find a
> pro to help them.
>      Homer
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> Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Learning without Certainty.
> Learning across a Distance implies Learning by Being an Effect.
> Learning by Being an Effect implies Learning without Certainty.
> Therefore, Learning with Certainty implies Learning, but 
> not by Being an Effect, and not across a Distance.


Hola again Homer, my stuff works limitlessy well also, but only with a very few and it takes hard core discipline I consider that a fatal liability...

 UCP seems to work to very high levels, with no risks, and among a broader range of people with not a lot of discipline required.

Martin was a troubled man however, as with many of us, either troubled or numb...it can be a tough world.

 he died hating a lot of people and expressed it broadly... that is not a good vibe to carry into the after life.   That vibe has a source (not aluding to martin at all)... best to spot that and its mechanisms before kicking off.
I have found several ways to expand beyond that, one way is to help the less fortunate directly.   In the US there are so many social programs that it is hard to find someone sufficiently and faultlessly unfortunate.

But since moving to a small mayan village on Lago Atitlan in Guatemala.. I see plenty of misfortune... even 50 cents can be a god send to people here..that action expands a person beyond the pin pointy limits of hate, into the limitlessly broader range of goodwill... and broader insights.

Hate was a pit Martin seems have stepped into... according to himself never fully making it on his UCP process and openly searching for why.

So now I recommend giving but only so far as it goes to a person who's life you can actually change with it...no need to be big about it, just break the bad habit of grasping and holding on and it has to be a heartfelt gift... 

let something go for a change, not wasted though, but life changing...that changes everything then for oneself.

Phil Scott

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