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             ((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                            MOMMY AND DADDY
                             14 April 1992
         Copyright (C) 1992 A Voice of the Free Zone (Electra)
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     When auditing dichotomies you should never forget that some
dichotomies become locked together and you ought to unlock them.
     For example, Humans are Mortal and God is Immortal.
     Probably the worst thing you can do in the Parent Child arena is to
bring up a Mortal Child.  You do no one a favor by denying trans time
responsibility to your Child, least of all the Child.
     People will have changing definitions of Mortal and Immortal.  Run
this as you will, but eventually you will want to run this from the
point of view of Total Responsibility.
     An Immortal is a Thetan who KNOWS he is Immortal even though he may
still be in a body and unable to get out.
     A Mortal is a Thetan who is Immortal, but because he thinks he IS a
body, which is Mortal, he BELIEVES he is Mortal too.
     "Have you ever insisted to your Child that he was Mortal?"
     "Have you done this even though you weren't sure, or knew it wasn't
     "Have you ever insisted to your Child that YOU were Mortal?"
     "Have you done this even though you weren't sure, or knew it wasn't
     "Have you ever insisted to your Child that he was Immortal?"
     "Have you done this even though you weren't sure, or knew it wasn't
     "Have you ever insisted to your Child that you were Immortal?"
     "Have you done this even though you weren't sure, or knew it wasn't
     Thetans start off KNOWING they are Immortal.  They devise games and
traps for themselves and then for others who have invited them to do so.
Then they fall down to BELIEVING that they are Mortal.  Finally they
sink lower to BELIEVING they are Immortal.  Usually though it's a one
directional Immortality, 'God made me, and if I am good I will live
     True Immortality is Bi-directional, you have always existed and you
will always exist because you can neither be made nor destroyed.
     You can always tell a low level being by the number of times they
use the words BELIEF, CONVICTION, FAITH etc., and the number of times
they don't use the words KNOW, PERFECT and CERTAINTY.
     You can also tell them by the amount of FORCE and PAIN they bring
to making you wrong, making you succumb for your knowledge, and trying
to dominate you into BELIEVING something different.
     The Cross was invented by Assholes to crucify the people who
invented the Assholes.
     By getting a thetan to believe that he IS a body, or any piece of
fragile MEST, you are getting him to believe that he had no existence or
CHOICE before the existence of that piece of MEST and that he will have
no existence or CHOICE after that piece of MEST is gone.
     This world view will put any thetan in a dark mood.
     'Decay is inherent in all compound things, seek ye diligently
therefore thy salvation.'  -Dying words of Lord Buddha.
     Well your salvation depends on un-identifying with anything
compound, anything IN the dream, anything CREATED and made of
holographic matter, energy, space and time.  The perceiver of these
things does not die when the dream disappears.
     All the dreamer can do is dream and sleep.  All the sleeper can do
is sleep and dream.  The DREAM comes and goes, the dreamer-sleeper never
     It's hard to understand the source of the dream or its mechanics
from inside the dream.  The dream is a projection of 4 dimensional
space-time, matter and energy OUT THERE.  While in the dream it is hard
to consider actualities that do not adhere to concepts born of external
     But just as a hologram projects an illusory 3 Dimensional world
behind its film, just so is the external world a 3 Dimensional
holographic projection on the part of your pc.
     The purpose of Scientology processing is to wake your pc up to a
higher state of dream, where he can finally re operate the mechanisms he
used to create the dream in the first place, and then made the mistake
of trying to go to sleep forever IN the dream.
     Once he can make and enter dreams at will, he will find that many
dream universes are going on that he can partake in, many better than
this one, and many far worse; but more important, he can withdraw from
all dreams entirely and go to sleep forever the right way.
     Probably no one stays asleep forever, the restless call of the
dream is too enticing, all the friends, all the romance, all the
adventure.  An Immortal being only needs to sleep for a while before he
is ready go again.
     The magic is, he can only get into the trouble that he chooses to
get into.  In this universe, that consists of
     No Communication
     Overts, Withholds, Missed Withholds
     Fixed Conditions and disability.
     At each stage of decline he is CHOOSING.  At the top he knows what
he is doing, at the bottom he thinks he is smart and clever as others
nail him into a coffin.
     He CHOSE this.  It is his dance, his gift to the rest of the world,
a gift of beauty and comedy.  But it can only be appreciated by those
who are at the top.  He appreciated it, that's why he wanted to be part
of it!
     Now that he is in a grave, he wants out.  That's your job as an
auditor, to free him so he can appreciate once again the tragedy and
travesty of it all, the course of his own ludicrous demise.
     Look up the word LUDICROUS, it comes from the word GAME.
     The game here is to rehabilitate your pc's APPRECIATION, not only
for the future, BUT ALSO FOR HIS PAST.
     And that is somewhat of a new idea in the world.
     So although I spend a lot of time yapping about overts and
withholds in the Parent and Child arena, you know,
     'What have you done as a Parent to a Child in a past life?'
     really the entire staircase of Grades 0-IV must be run.  It is up
to you to find which level runs best for you until you free it up to run
other levels either higher or lower.  All must be run thoroughly, or you
will just fall back down into the mess.
     There is some concept among Scientologists that the Grades must be
run in order, and once finished must never be returned to.  If that
works for you, fine.
     I would instead go around them over and over again, because as
something is found on one Grade that will free up something on another,
and so on.
     Aberration consists of ALL FIVE GRADES BEING OUT.  Therefore when
you find any particular aberration, such as a physical psychosomatic,
you have to run the Safe Solutions, then the ARC BREAKS, then the
Overts/Withholds/Missed Withholds, then the Problems, then the Goals,
then the No communication, then the Communication and then the Native
     Then you can go on to your NEXT aberration and start all over
again.  This is not the standard way of doing it, but it is another way
of doing it.
     So when running Parent and Child, don't just run Overts and
Withholds, run everything.
     'What did you not communicate with as a Parent?'
     'What Goal did you have for your Child as a Parent?'
     'What Goal are your opposing in your Child?'
     'What problem was there between you and your Child?'
     'What did you DO to your Child?'
     'What did you NOT DO to your Child?'
     'What did you NOT TELL your Child you had done?'
     'What overt did your Child miss on you?'
     'What ARC, KRC, BDH, MRH Break did you have with your Child?'
     'What Safe solution did you use against your Child?'
     You can figure out the questions for yourselves.  Run each one on
all 8 flows.
     Anyhow, back to locked dichotomies.
     Run Parent/Child and Immortal/Mortal as follows.
     (1) 'What have you done as an Immortal Parent to an Immortal
     (1) 'What have you done as an Immortal Parent to a Mortal Child?'
     (1) 'What have you done as a Mortal Parent to an Immortal Child?'
     (1) 'What have you done as a Mortal Parent to a Mortal Child?'
     Run each question on all 8 flows of Parent and Child, splitting it
up into Mother and Father, Son and Daughter as need be.

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