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.ce FAF - 5
.ce 19 March 1990

.ce Copyright (C) Flemming A. Funch
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     At several points going through the clearing levels there is the
phenomena of a Composite.

     1. A raw PC who walks in will usually have his case intertwined
with his environment:  out ruds, upsets, problems etc.  To be able to
address his case more cleanly we handle those environmental hang-ups
first.  That is a Life Repair or just ruds.  And we will do the same
thing on later occasions in the form of ruds or set-ups.  We want the PC
separated out from his immediate life, so that we can handle more
general charge such as the grades.  A PC has to be set-up for a major
action and that can be regarded as getting him separated from a

     2. Up through the grades and on engram running the PC can be
considered a composite of his case and the case of BTs and Clusters.
Since it is all one composite we can handle case as general areas of
charge without being too specific.  After Clear the person needs to be
made aware of the phenomena, and at OL2 we break up that composite and
can start handling the component parts:  The clusters and himself.

     3. On the next levels we are mainly engaged in "blowing" beings.
We don't really detail where they are or where they are going beyond
what is needed to blow them.  The physical reality still seems to be a
composite and we would treat it as such.  That composite is going to
break up on OL12.  After that it rather seems to be my universe (U1) and
the others' universes (U2).

     4. After that point we are still involved mostly in handling the
case of others that is imposed on one's universe.  The reason for the
acceptance of this imposition is still uncertain, we are just handling
it because it is there.  That is the next composite to break, and after
that the mass-less causes of the case can be viewed and handled separate
from the imposition itself.  That happens at some point after OL 16.

     5. The next composite seems to be the structures of static
material.  Beingnesses, Goals, GPM type structures etc.  They would be
dealt with as such to the point where the structures themselves are
discovered to be false.  After that point there would only be the
being's own postulates directly available without false structures.

     The exact nature of and the dividing line between these composites
can be re-evaluated at a later point.  The key thing to understand is
that it is likely that the breaking up of one type of composite will
lead one into the scope of another composite that subsequently must be
broken up.


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