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>From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 7 - August 1992
Goals Finders
By Antony A Phillips, Denmark

"A group, then, can be seen to have three spheres of interest and 
action. ... postulation of goals ... management ... the group itself" 
LRH, An Essay on Management, August 51 Technical Bulletins I, 135. An 
essay well worth reading (again perhaps). In the autocratic days of 
the church, we had an efficient communications system to relay to us 
our goals. The last one I remember was from Diane in 1980 - to clear 
earth by 1984 (did someone say "Jugoslavia"?).

Things are different now. Any one can propose goals for one or more of 
us. And the communication system is different also. And management?! - 
We do well without it! (that sort, anyway).

Goals make a game. Without goals we might as well be dead (or native 

And real goals are the best in the long run. Real goals on a real 
gradient do not produce disheartenment or slavery.

International Viewpoints, IVy, is very willing to communicate ideas on 
goals, and reality on the world we need to apply those goals in. There 
are some interesting ideas in this issue, and more to come. Perhaps 
from you (?).

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