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             ((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                           THE COGNITION TAX
                                EXM - 1
                                ca. 1991
         Copyright (C) 1991 A Voice of the Free Zone (Electra)
       Redistribution Rights Granted for non commercial purposes
     A long time ago, the people of the land were suffering from a dread
disease that no one knew how to cure.  The disease caused war and
insanity and cruelty and delusions and all manners of corruption,
temptation and seduction.  After a while everyone on the planet was
infected with the disease without exception.
     Many religions grew up around the disease, in an effort to curb its
spread and contain its influence.  Because no one knew what caused the
disease most of the cures and preventative measures were found to be
ineffective and based on myth and superstition.  But a thorough
gathering of the native wisdom on the subject demonstrated somehow,
somewhere the disease had a cause and a possible cure.
     This went on for centuries, entire civilizations were born, grew,
prospered, and died and then were born again under the influence and
pall of the disease.  At its best people lived in a facade of civility
and social propriety, with a high standard of living for some at the
expense of others who were held in contempt by the more powerful
minority.  At its worst, there were dark ages, terror and wars beyond
imagination, leaving death and suffering all around - the ocean waves
were made of tears, and the sound of the wind was the crying for the
peace of the grave for as far as you could hear.
     The disease hit people hardest in their spiritual and ethical
centers of the mind, it made them believe things that were not true, and
made them afraid of things that did not exist.  It made them hallucinate
evil in others where there only existed stupidity, ignorance and fear,
magnified by their own infection with the disease.  Cruelty,
imprisonment, and slavery became the order of the day, sometimes subtle,
sometimes outright, but always total and triumphant.
     Schools were a bastion of religious and scientific fanaticism,
pushing ignorance, superstition and myth as truth.  Students were either
apathetically well behaved, following in the deranged and degraded
footsteps of their parents and teachers, or they became violent rebels
bent on destroying the world, relishing the day it would all end even if
it took them with it.
     Out of this whirlwind came a man, a very great man by all accounts,
possibly the greatest man ever to live.  He was revered as Savior by
some and reviled as Anti-Christ by others.  But for those who knew his
true story he was a dicom ((Dichotomy of Comparable and Opposite
Magnitude)) to the terror and nightmare of the time, and surely, what
ever the truth was, some small spark of the Divine had become manifest
     He claimed he was no different than anyone else, just a man, but he
said all men were Divine, and I guess he knew if people did not come to
realize this, they would all face a dark and terrible future that could
only be called a Hell.
     He grew up in the middle of the turmoil and spent his childhood
going to school like everyone else, but somehow he realized that
something was very wrong, that people did not understand the source of
the disease that ravaged their souls, and so all of their efforts to
cure it were in vain.  When he grew up he wandered the lands both far
and wide seeking wisdom where ever he could find it.  He marveled how
the wisest people were living in the greatest squalor, and those who had
the highest standard of living and the technical expertise to produce it
were practically dead in their souls.  Wisdom had become for them a
parlor game for the jaded in search of a joke.
     He spent many years seeking the answers to man's woes in the
pockets of wisdom that yet remained on the planet, and he finally
realized that nowhere did an answer exist, and that he would have to
start from scratch and do it alone.  Now another man might have given up
at this point, for in these lands people were tortured for seeking the
truth, but this man rolled up his sleeves and went to work.
     He worked for 20 years fighting off harassment from the governments
and religions of the world, and developed a small following of people
who saw the wisdom of his ways.  They knew that he was different and if
anyone had a chance to solve this thing, he did.
     At the culmination of his work he finally solved the problem and
attained a state of clarity, lucidity and enlightenment that had not
graced the mind of men for untold eons.
     He taught the mental Technology that he discovered to his followers
and taught them how to apply it to each other and to themselves so that
they too could free themselves of the awful strain that had been
infecting their souls for ever.
     For them it was a pioneering time, an exciting and joyous time, one
that I very much long to have been part of.
     As time went on, it became clear to the population of the land that
this man and his followers knew what they were doing, they HAD
something, something new and wonderful.  They were kind and healthy and
were not seething with cruelty and hatred, and they could be trusted.
Their actions alone proved that the disease in themselves had been
conquered, and what could be done in one could be done in all, for the
source of the disease was the same in everyone.
     Unfortunately some of the people around the 'healed ones' were so
far gone that they could not see the changes clearly enough to recognize
them for what they were, and many of them had, in their insanity,
committed cruelties so heinous that they felt they would never be
forgiven.  These poor souls attacked the healed ones and tried to
destroy them and for many years the future of the race teetered on the
brink of ruin as the few held their ground against the police forces and
armies of a completely crazy and insane world.
     But many new people were entering the fold, and although the
treatment for the disease was very difficult and took the total devotion
of a practitioner to his charge for days on end to bring about a
complete clearing, those who made it became followers and practitioners
of the Tech too, and so the movement spread.  Light and kindness came
into a world where only darkness and death had reigned before.
     The Tech was an amazing thing.  The Good Doctor, as every one
called him, had spent years studying science and medicine and religion
and yes, even psychotherapy and parapsychology during his desperate
years as a young man in search of the truth.  He had always hoped that
around just another corner, in just another book would be the answer he
sought, for surely with so many libraries with so many books there would
just have to be someone who had written the truth at least once.
     But it was not to be.  The people of the world had just had this
disease for too long, from before recorded history, and all of their
writings and searchings and musing were strewn with the strains and
delusions of the ailment that ruined their judgement and totalled their
ethics and sense of the Divine.
     You see this was a spiritual disorder, it affected the mind, it
affected one's love and hate for fellow men, and it affected one's
concept of God.  The Doctor found that the highest concept of God
written in the works of man was a debased and jealous God, one filled
with self righteous cruelty and hate and punishment for his children
gone stray.  It did not take much for the Doctor to realize that this
God was made in the image of what most people had for parents.
     This God sought to punish people FOREVER for the sins of four score
and 10, rather than understand the very creatures He had made and help
them ALL towards a final salvation.
     In all his readings, the Good Doctor only found a God that filled
the horrible need of sick and deranged men to harm and punish their
enemies, enemies who themselves were only suffering from the same
disease as everyone else.
     Blatant cruelty was an early stage of the disease.  Punitive self
righteousness was a later stage of the disease.  All were guilty and
much to the Doctor's own horror, he found that all were headed towards a
hell of their own making.
     For down deep he found that all men were basically good, but
appalled by the unexplained hatred and cruelty in their own hearts, they
first took to warning others away from the same path by doing harm to
them before they could do harm to others, and then finally they took
their hatred and cruelty out on themselves to make sure that they could
never do anything bad again.
     Thus there was this terrible irony to this, and perhaps he was the
first to understand it, but it was the GOODNESS of men and their fear of
doing wrong that made them turn the insanity of the disease against
themselves and guaranteed a dwindling spiral of consciousness, self
respect and self control.
     In the last stages of the disease people would actually take to
provoking you so that you would kill them, they were so horrified by
what they had become that they needed to know that someone, anyone,
could cleanse the world of themselves, to end the horror of what they
had become.  They wanted to know that there was one decent person left,
and for them, the one who pulled the trigger was it.  It was sad.  For
they would provoke you to hate, which magnified the disease in yourself,
but they were only trying to die with a clean and guilt free heart.
     It never worked.  As they died they realized that they had wronged
you in trying to get you to wrong them.  When they picked up their next
body in their next life time they picked up right where they had left
off, making their childhoods very unhappy and their relations with their
infected parents almost terminal.
     A sort of horrible karma came of all this.  If you treated your
children terribly and turned them into degraded robots at an early age,
then when you died and came back looking for a new body, your children
were all there were to have as parents.  Thus what you had created in
your children as a parent, you received as a child in your parents of
the next life.
     A serious game of what went around, came around.  With a vengeance.
     And through all this, never was a confession gleaned.  No one could
SALVATION.  That was part of the disease.  And besides it was better to
hide what you had done from the world, for it would hurt OTHERS too much
to know that a spark of the Divine had fallen into such ruin.  Something
that was impossible, but yet there it was.
     'Long lay the world in sin and ERROR pining...'
     No where was there the sound of laughter or release.
     People were sort of in a permanent state of shock.  They couldn't
believe that something so beautiful, themselves, could have done such a
monstrous thing.  But in seeking to hide it from others, they sealed
their own grave, with the nails of SECRETS.
     And so people kept it all to themselves, all the hatred and sorrow,
all the regret and blame, for they figured that if everyone just didn't
know, everything would be alright.
     It never worked, the only way out was the way through.
     The only way out was to know how you came in.
     It took nerves of steel and a LOT of confront, because this thing
had gotten out of hand.  But the way to happiness was a true confession,
and THAT is what the Good Doctor discovered.
     You couldn't hope to cure the person of the day it all went wrong
until you had lightened the burden of years and years, of lifetimes
after lifetimes of regret and pain, all kept inside in a desperate
attempt to not ever let it out again.
     But it had become a crime to confess.
     You might remind someone of what, in all good honesty, they were
trying to hide because it might take them over again and cause them to
commit more horrible crimes.  People were trying to solve it by not
knowing about it, and that flew in the face of a true confession.
     This did not bode well for the future of mankind, for he had boxed
himself in with laws that made it a crime to practice any religion or
therapy that did not conform to the present rituals of forgetfulness and
     You can never solve anything by not knowing about it with force,
and THAT was the second thing the Doctor discovered.  If you could just
bring yourself to know about it, to see what you had missed the day it
all went wrong, that you could cure the evil and the turmoil in yourself
FOREVER.  Then you could let go of the problem and not know about it for
     For the problem was DIVINE.
     It was also somewhat MAJESTIC, for the way to know something which
you had chosen to not know, was to not know it some more until you knew
it again.  This was called Perfect Duplication, and was related to total
     And when he discovered THAT, the Good Doctor's science became a
     It became both a science and a religion.
     First and foremost it was a science of confession.  This confession
thing was not a simple matter, it was not just a matter of going to a
priest in some dark Church and telling him something, because most of
the religions of the day did not admit to anyone having lived before.
They were still trying to solve the problem of the disease by NOT-ISING,
a term the Doctor came up with, that meant the effort to not know about
something you already knew about and couldn't stand.
     One religion of the time claimed the world had been created 6000
years before, but only because its followers did not want to admit what
they had been up to 7000 years before.
     You see it was their SAFE SOLUTION.  'God made me 6000 years ago,
and so obviously I had nothing to do with that horrible thing I did 7000
years ago, no not me!'
     A true confession must be taken back and back and back to the first
day it all went wrong.  This takes great skill and courage both on the
part of the practitioner and the one doing the journey.  Further the
practitioner must have already completed the process himself or he would
not be able to stand your confessions and would not treat you in good
     Worse this science of confession was dangerous.  People's sole
solution to the trouble in their souls for the longest time had been to
not know about it.  They were all SURE that if they knew about it again
they would go out and do it again.  They had given up trying to handle
the thing that made them mad and angry and hateful and evil, and most of
them felt quite safe just not knowing about it or anything else related
to the matter.
     ((Ever try to get a question answered by your parents?))
     Unfortunately people with this fear of confession took it upon
themselves to prevent anyone else from completing a true confession
either, for they felt it was their duty to protect others from stirring
up the dangerous waters that lay within.
     They would prevent you from confessing for your own good.  They
would punish you for confessing, they would destroy you for confessing.
They would burn, torture and crucify your wife and kids if you dared to
look into your soul and admit what you had done.  They didn't want you
finding out what THEY had done!
     This scared the hell out of them that you could find out about THEM
by looking into yourself.
     Somehow they mistakenly felt that you would thank them for it
later, this protecting you from knowing yourself, especially if knowing
yourself caused you to take up a gun and start shooting people from the
nearest bell tower, a common fear that lead to the solution to not know
everything in the first place.
     So there developed a tremendous amount of Technology around this
subject of confession, how to do it right, how to do it thoroughly, how
to get people to remember and admit what they had done, and to stabilize
them in joy afterwards rather than leave them in fear and regret, or
worse, compulsive evil.
     In fact the Technology became so thorough and complete that it
rivaled such works as the principles of operation of the supercomputers
of the time.  But through all this, it was still a simple, if courageous
matter, to get a confession and complete the process, especially on
     With the cleansing of the soul the physical and emotional disease
began to vanish out of people, they could see again, they could breathe
again, and they could love and cry again.  

     And they could SLEEP.

     Their bodies felt good all day long, breathing became sufficient
reason to be, and they regained their goals and aspirations and the
courage to face their eternal futures with grace and humor.  And without
     And Oh, they could REMEMBER again.  Their past lives, all those
friends, all those lovers, all those children who had been so near and
dear to them.  What an endless beautiful relief.  The tears of laughter
washed away the tears of regret and Eternal Life became OK again.  They
could remember who they had loved and who they had cried for, and they
KNEW they could make it all right with the world once more.

     They were able to have feelings of awe and beauty again and most of
all they regained a deep appreciation for the Divine.
     It was called the Clean Slate Principle.
     And those who did it right, swore by it.

     That's because they discovered that when Divinity cleans it's
slate, forgives itself, its as if the bad things had never happened.
     And this is why the science became a religion, because after all
was said and done, after one became an expert in the workings of the
body, heart and mind, one found one self standing on the pinnacle of the
soul, an unshakable source of goodness and light and not a little
majesty (mischievousness).  An imperial imp, a practical joker of
magnitude, a soul that was the designer of its own destiny and ALWAYS
HAD BEEN.  A soul that made universes out of foresight and majesty, out
of laughter and beauty, and used the darkness and gloom to enhance the
light at the end.
     And with the cleansing of their own slate and a return of light to
their own consciousness, they could forgive others for what they had
done, they could understand others as they now understood themselves,
and they could help them when they were ready to reach.
     And this is all anyone has ever wanted out of salvation, to be able
to love one's self and ALL others no matter what, and to be able to lead
them ALL to the way back home, back to the Divine Light of Peace that
passeth all understanding.
     And so having attained this self salvation of the soul, the Good
Doctor recognized that such a Technology, such a body of understanding
and application that anyone could use who wanted to, could only be
called a religion in its fullest sense, a science of realization, not
only of Truth, but also of Potential.
     Realization of the Divine become Manifest.
     You and me.
     ((The 'Divine become Manifest' is a reference to existence which is
a manifestation of the Divine.  The Divine also has an unmanifested
state prior to creating anything.))
     And so was born the Church of the Good Doctor, and rightly so.  It
was probably the only Church on the planet that made any sense and
certainly was the only Church on the planet that could actually do
anything about man's condition.
     However, in the search for happy endings, men are often short
sighted.  The culmination and pinnacle of one man's life is often only a
reprieve, a partial denouement in the ongoing story of the universal
dance around him.
     It takes many years for others to catch up with the work of any
great man, and the work of the Good Doctor was no exception.
     In the first place it was a long and time consuming process to
bring a person out of their personal hell into a state of Divine
Clarity, a process that took incredible skill, patience and courage on
the part of the one providing the process.  Further if two unskilled and
untrained people tried to do it with each other, they almost always
failed, the fear and the anger and the guilt, the shame, blame and
regret, were just too great.  And almost no one had the guts or
fortitude to do it alone.
     People would rabbit away from some terror they had dug up in their
souls and their bodies would DIE of the physical turmoil.  Children
apparently are very serious about wanting to die to get back at their
parents, and when this stuff is stirred up again, the body gets sick
with every cold, flu and sickness it ever had.  If a person paniced in
the middle of session he could die, often of fear and heart
     People have God and Devil sharply divided, but the truth is our
Maker is some of both, and we ARE that Maker.
     If it is true that Heaven is within, then so is Hell.  Getting
better was a process of digging up those monsters, digging up that Hell,
and cleaning up your own estate.
     The way to happiness was, is and always will be, a true confession.
     Anyhow, this thing of 'getting better', of attaining Divine
Clarity, of getting and keeping a clean slate, was definitely a trip
that most people wanted a friend to go with them on, and when the going
got tough it was imperative that the helper or guide be someone who had
completed the process thoroughly himself.  Someone who hadn't just
couldn't be trusted to do it right.  It was better to do it alone when
you had advanced beyond everyone around you.
     People were afraid that if you found out about your own past, you
would know about theirs too, and that they just couldn't confront.  Thus
they would take steps, however subtle or openly, to stop you from
confronting it too.
     There was a phrase that used to go around at the time, something to
the effect of 'forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.' And
it applied, for in their goodness, people sought to enslave and imprison
everyone in darkness so that everyone might remain good.  Not only did
they not understand the light, they were scared silly of it.  Better to
stay in Hell forever than face Judgement and Mercy.  Thus most Hells
were created as a safe solution to having to face up to the Divine
Beauty, Power and Size from whence we all came.
     To make matters worse, it was a full time job becoming a skilled
and fully trained practitioner in this science, one that others could
trust, and these people had to eat just like everyone else.  They
devoted their lives to curing others of the Divine Plague, and they
deserved a standard of living equal to their worth in society.  This
entered money into the situation and this was probably the downfall of
the Church although the historic records are not clear on the matter.
     What is clear is that as the Church grew at exponential rates, its
lust for administrative posts knew no bounds, and its need for
advertising dollars to tell everyone that A Way had been found was
     In the beginning money motivation was frowned upon like a
thundercloud, but with the attacks by the governments of the world, the
tax collecting agencies, the police, the other phony religions on the
planet, the Psychiatric Zombie Lords, the vested drug interests on the
planet who NEEDED people in pain to push their wares, the need for money
to handle law suits, pay taxes and place counter lawsuits became over
     To their credit it can probably be said that this money was
necessary, as the societies at the time had more life in their
constitution and sense of law than they had in their people, and
fighting it out in the courts was the only option they had.  The Church
often won their law suits, which was a good thing, because if they
hadn't, death and darkness would have become mandated law for another
very long time.
     Governments certainly did not want people remembering their past
lives, or getting out of their bodies and able to wander freely through
the universe.  What would happen to their WAR GAMES?  What would happen
to their SECRETS?  How could a politician make a buck?
     A cold draft was blowing through someone's gold lined pockets.
     To their discredit it can be noted that members of the Church often
stooped to the level of the enemy, and lower, in their defense of their
position, and this got them into more trouble than it was worth and
probably aided in their final downfall.
     They considered themselves above the Law, they had declared a
secret war against the land that had nurtured them, a war where any
treason or treachery was acceptable in the name of FAIR GAME.  They
considered that their Divine Law and Divine Cause was above the law of
the land, and that God and the Good Doctor would never approve of them
if they allowed the law of the land to get in the way of their Divine
Cause.  It was for the good of the many that they maligned, murdered and
plundered the few.
     They were doing it all for the Good Doctor after all.  The world in
its insanity was trying to destroy the one person who had cared for
them, had loved them so, had seen they were worth saving, and had risked
his life time and time again to assure their salvation.
     Writing in retrospect I can see their point.  There comes a time in
every man's life when he must take up civil disobedience, when the
criminality of the law places one above the law because one is not a
     But the members of the Church turned this mandate into a license to
kill, a license to indulge in the hideous depths of the final stages of
their own disease, all in the name of Justice and Divine Causes.
     It's one thing to torture someone for information because you are
at war with them, its quite another to torture them for fun, and then
kill them slowly when they are no longer able to talk.  There is no
honor here, no dignity, no respect.  The guy you are doing in is a
better soldier than you.  HE told you nothing, not one word and did not
break.  YOU would have talked at the first whiff of someone doing to you
what you had done to them.
     In the end when you laugh at what you have done, when you boast to
your buddies about the dying gasps of your victim, when you accord your
victim no respect even though through all the torture they told you
NOTHING, you are laughing at your own eternal grave, for to confess THIS
kind of stuff is hard beyond measure, and puts you very far away from
attaining the Divine Clarity that you so longed for in the beginning and
which was the cause that you originally fought for.
     There was no honor here.  Worf would not approve.
     The Church created Goon squads to harass people opposed to the
Church, and they were allowed, no ORDERED, to do anything to ruin a
person's life, including torture and hitting them over the head in the
dark of the night.  In an angrier time the Good Doctor had written
something about the satisfying sound of the dull thud of one's enemies
in the night.  A principle that might have been valid in rougher times,
and during an openly declared war, but cowardice and treason had become
the order of the day.  The war was never declared, so they lost it.
     .ce Continued in Part 2...
             ((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                      THE COGNITION TAX, continued
                                EXM - 2
                                ca. 1991
         Copyright (C) 1991 A Voice of the Free Zone (Electra)
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     You see the problem was that people began entering the Church in
droves, they KNEW that the Technology worked, but this did not change
the fact that it took a long time to complete it.  People wanted to be
saved, they didn't want anything to do with looking at the monsters in
their closets.  There was however no salvation until they did.
     And the one point that must never be forgotten is that the primary
attack of this disease on the spirit was in the spiritual and ETHICAL
centers of the mind, leaving a person open to every whiff of corruption,
temptation and seduction that came his way.
     ((Electra refers to corruption, temptation and seduction
extensively in her writings.  They are handled on Power, Grave V and VA,
and form sort of a tone scale from perfection and the ability to handle
power, down to total degradation and having no personal power at all.
     Corruption stems from the belief that one is not responsible for
the condition one finds oneself in, that is the crack in the armor so to
speak, the person's shield, his integrity is corrupted at that point by
this belief.
     Running "What aren't you responsible for?" might be a way to
develop and expose those cracks in people, but I don't recommend it.
     Temptation is the light that shines through these cracks, it is
what always calls you to do wrong in order to enhance your own survival,
maybe by being dishonest, or ripping off your fellow man, or more
importantly, using your power in unscrupulous ways to benefit from your
position of power at the expense of the people.
     Seduction is falling for the temptation and actually following
through on committing the overt acts.  Once regret sets in, Power
becomes a memory.))
     In the beginning when someone entered the Church, they did so
knowing full well what they were getting into, it was a small band of
highly advanced people.  New people were immediately trained in the Tech
and received the Tech themselves, to rid themselves of the Divine
Plague.  Thus everyone in the Church was clean or nearly so.
     But when the Church started to catch on, so many people came into
it and took on positions of responsibility, there were not enough
trained people to debug all the new people.  Probably this was due to
the increase in administrative posts, people who did not deliver the
Tech, thus they were slow at receiving the Tech or responding to it.  It
was easier to stay on post and screw up than go into session and own up.
     Those who wanted to be Techies on the other hand quickly moved up
the stair case to higher states of Divine Clarity because they spent all
day learning the Tech and delivering it to others.
     In the end there were probably 10 to 20 administrative posts to
every Techie post, thus the Church was swamped with very ill beings, who
did not get their own cases cleaned up as fast as was needed.  Yet they
formed the power base and made all the decisions.  This corruption was
all very slow and subtle and still has the historians scratching their
heads.  It was just too incredible.
     The Church began to look like a bastion of the Fourth Reich.
     Near the end of the Good Doctor's life, he had managed to lose
control of his Church and was no longer running it, and was no longer
legally responsible for it.  It was in the hands of who ever had managed
to take over control.
     There was Tech still taking place, but more often than not, those
with the most money, HOWEVER OBTAINED, where the first to receive the
Tech while the more worthy people, the more spiritually advanced, waited
in the sidelines.
     Often people would declare having attained a particular level of
Divine Clarity and they would place their big certificates on the walls
mainly because of the social status that went with it, and the amount of
money they could boast they had paid for it.  Yet a deeper look would
have shown that not one truly deep confession had been given up, and
nothing of the central trauma had ever been touched in session.
     Men who could have been saved, weren't.  People who claimed to have
been saved, hadn't been.  This gave salvation a very bad name to the
public at large who were a bit edgy on the subject of salvation in the
first place.  They came to feel betrayed, because they were made to
doubt the existence of salvation altogether.  It put them back in their
nightmare without hope.  This they did not forgive.
     The Tech was all going to waste and it became all for show.  At
about this time various celebrities became involved in the Church
pushing its various causes, raising enormous amounts of money for its
advertising campaigns and declaring the wonders of the Tech.  But the
Tech was nowhere to be found.  It was all hype and glitz and smiling
faces.  And very slick promo.
     Now you might ask what ever happened to the Techies during all
this?  Surely they would have put up a stink at the use and abuse that
the proper application of the Tech was undergoing.  And you would be
right, a stink they made indeed.
     Remember some people where violently opposed to the Tech because
they did not understand it through their illness, or because they were
afraid it would uncage the beast within them.  These people had always
been trouble to the Church and every once in a while one of them would
actually get on post and start to do screwy things to bring the Church
into disrepute.  Or they would get on Tech lines and give Tech orders
that were totally wrong and upset everyone, and so of course people's
cases would just get mucked up and everyone would start grumbling about
the Good Doctor, the Church and the Tech, about how bad it all was.
     These people were called Bad Guys.  They were declared as such when
they were discovered among the ranks, and they were expelled from the
Church until they saw fit to confess and do amends for the harm they had
     Near the end people were being declared Bad Guys at an alarming
rate and little mustard yellow slips were handed out to everyone on post
declaring that so and so was a Bad Guy and no one should talk to him and
everyone should report anything they saw him do especially if it was
     Usually Bad Guys were kicked out of the Church FOREVER, but that
was just a dramatization of the hate and evil of the very disease the
Church was trying to cure.  And actually if you read the policies of the
Good Doctor, it said clearly in 'Ethics Gradients' that the door was
always open a little, even if just a crack, to let anyone back in who
changed his mind and didn't want to be a Bad Guy any more.
     However the Ethics Gradients Policy letter was repealed soon after
the Good Doctor died.  This locked the Church into this universe forever
as they were buried under all the beings they refused to make friends
     The Good Doctor knew that no one would be saved unless everyone
COULD be saved.  But that seemed to be a new thought on the planet.  One
that went right over the head and souls of the management that took over
the Church after the Good Doctor's death.
     Anyhow this precedence had been set, permission had been granted to
kick someone out of the Church if it could be proven that he was a Bad
Guy.  So they would call Committees of Evidence together and they would
Com Ev the hell out of the guy, and then they kicked him out and sent
his case folder to the DEAD FILE, which meant that no one was allowed to
give a hoot about him until he repented.  And any letters he sent to the
Church or the Good Doctor were sent to the dead file without being read.
     This was actually very mild treatment for some very nasty people,
people whose intentions were really evil, and whom the Church could
easily have done without.
     But what happened is that the Techies, the TRUE TECHIES, the ones
who had been in it from the beginning, the best ones around, the ones
who had devoted their whole lives to becoming expert in the subject, the
ones who had had the most Tech applied to themselves, and so were the
highest beings on the planet, the ones who had applied the most Tech to
others, actually the only ones who knew anything at all about the Tech,
the only ones who could apply it correctly and had the courage and honor
to do so, started complaining about the false attests and the people
buying their way up to higher states with out actually attaining them,
     The records show that this all came to a head one dark day, when
all the best Techies of the Church from all over the planet, all the
mission holders, all the highest and most devoted people that the Church
had, were all called together for a large meeting which they thought was
going to be to discuss the future of the Church.
     Well they were all fired, and while they were sitting there in
shock in this huge meeting hall, back home their missions were stormed,
their materials were taken from them, all their Tech references and
tools, and all their case folders, and all those private confessional
folders of their parishioners.  Their staff members were absorbed back
into the Church and those that wouldn't go were declared Bad Guys too
and were hounded and harassed until little was left of their lives.
     In the agony of this day was born the Free Zone.
     The Free Zone is where all the Techies went, to practice the Tech
independently on their own.  There was no Tech left in the Church, just
mouthings and pretenses.  Shams and shambles.  Facades and smiling
faces, with knives behind their backs.
     Just like the Good Doctor had said in one of his little charts.
     A few years later the Good Doctor died as befalls all men no matter
how Immortal, and although history records that he swore to come back
and take over his Church again to do it right, it is unclear if this
ever happened.  Personally I think maybe he washed his hands of the
whole thing and came to Earth to start anew.  I sure hope so.
     In the years after his death, his Church became very rich and
powerful, but it also grew more hated by the population at large
especially by its own members.  Not the vapid Churchies who repeated the
mouthings of the Doctor at the beck and call of installed Puppet
Masters, I mean the Free Zoners who still had all the Tech intact and
had been working day and night to improve the Tech, to add on to the
foundation laid down by the Good Doctor and to make sure that his work
would never be in vain.
     To make matters worse, the various governments of the world knew
that the Tech worked, but they all had a strong vested interest in the
Tech NOT working so they could keep their war games going.  They made a
lot of money with war games.  Thus a secret coalition was eventually
formed between the Church and various governments of the world.
     On the surface it looked like the Churchies and the Politicians
were always at war with one another, but in truth the last leaders of
the Church were installed by and were in the payroll of various
governmental leaders who used the Church for their own ends, one of
which was to make sure the Tech was never applied properly.  Further
they siphoned off millions of dollars from Church funds to help them in
their wars and covert operations including the trafficking in drugs and
     The Church was virulently opposed to the legalization of drugs,
including the harmless plant euphoriants, because along with the
government they wanted to sell them and the harder drugs under the table
for the inflated prices that criminalization produced.  Thus thousands
of people were condemned to a life in jail with all of their possessions
confiscated by the government just for worshipping one of the prettier
11 leaved plants of the time.  Plants that often broke through the
Zombie Shock of one's mortal life, and gave a direct if fleeting glimpse
of the Divine Glory that was the destiny of all beings.
     Inside the Church, the Tech became terribly expensive.  Only the
very rich could afford to attain Divine Clarity.  The joke is that they
never did.  Their attitude was that the Tech was only for the 'able,' to
help them become more able.  The rest could go eat cake.
     Since only huge amounts of money could buy you an audience with the
remaining Church 'Techies', being 'able' obviously came to mean being
rich, no matter how you got your money.  It became a crime to be poor,
and confession consisted mainly of explaining why you didn't have enough
money to pay your voluntary donation to complete your confession.
     You see it was just the original disease gone wild, everyone in the
Church was sick, there was no one left clear enough of the Divine Plague
to keep things going.  Eventually the sick 'helped' the sick by KEEPING
them sick and charging them an arm and a leg to do it.
     There is humor in this some where, although I doubt the Good Doctor
would see it that way.
     Anyhow the end came when the Church put out the decree that
everyone practicing the Tech outside of the Church was a Bad Guy, that
the only correct way to receive spiritual counseling was at the hands of
a Church Standard Technician charging the (VERY HIGH) Church Standard
     'Correctness' had taken precedence over workability.
     The green and gold of money took precedence over the green and gold
of the books the Good Doctor had written.
     Further the only processes that were allowed to be run on anyone
during their confession were those determined by their Case Supervisor,
even if he was the dumbest creature alive, and by this time there were
none dumber.  They also declared that the highest high crime of all was
to practice any of the Tech on yourself in your own free time, or to
experiment with the Tech in any way to try to come up with something new
or different or faster or cheaper to deliver.
     Or SAFER.  Or more WORKABLE.
     This goal 'To find a better route' was the prime postulate of many
of the brighter souls who entered the Church, and when they were
forbidden to follow their true heart, they declared the Church an enemy
for the rest of time and left, never looking back.  Thus the Church lost
is most valuable asset, an asset that was never recognized by the Church
and never would be.
     And the only thing worse than practicing Tech alone on yourself,
was to practice any sort of Tech of any kind on anyone else, without
explicit orders to do so by the Church and only after that person paid
for it.
     Thus was born the Salvation Police, who along with the Finance
Police, made sure that no one got away with salvation for free.  Those
who were poor, deserved to stay in their own personal Hells forever,
even if they were bright enough to solve it alone.
     The poor could co audit for free, but who would C/S them, and pay
for the C/Sing.  Well the poor got to 'pay their way' BY WORKING FOR THE

     So the scam for total control was on.

     The Salvation Police saw to it that people were forbidden to try
outside of the purview of the Church.  They used direct threats of
physical violence against the bodies of the persons involved and their
loved ones, not to mention disinformation campaigns designed to ruin the
person's reputation, and career.
     Not to mention murder in the night.
     If you weren't willing or able to pay THE CHURCH for salvation,
then the Church was going to see to it that you didn't get it.
     And THAT became their total goal.
     To charge for salvation and to maximize profits.
     The following became HIGH CRIMES:
     1.) Receiving Tech out side of the Church,
     2.) Running Tech not specified by your Case Supervisor,
     3.) Running Tech on yourself,
     4.) Correcting, Improving or Inventing new Tech,
     5.) Running Tech on anyone else except as directed by the Church,
     6.) Daring to have a cognition or new realization about yourself,
         your life or your past, out side of a standard Church session,
     7.) Daring to confess anything to anyone out side of a standard
         Church session,
     By engaging in any of these activities, you were directly
undermining the survival of the Church by taking needed income away from
it and endangering your own life and other's lives by playing around in
dangerous waters that you had no business playing in, your own soul.
     You see getting better was mainly a matter of confront, confession
and cognition.  Basically the person had to cognite, step by step, his
way out of the personal prison of forgetfulness and inability he had
built for himself in his ignorance.
     Thus by forbidding a person to have or create or indulge in any
activity that would produce a cognition or a new realization about life
except during an authorized Church session, they made it impossible for
any of its followers to improve their own condition at their own
bidding.  Thus spiritual well being, its promise and its attainment,
were totally controlled by the Church and were handed out as reward only
to make people obey and serve them.
     If you washed walls well, you might get some counseling.
     To make matters worse, since most of spiritual counseling involved
GETTING THE CONFESSION, and since detailed written records were kept of
each session so that the Case Supervisor could keep track of how the
parishioner was doing and cram the hell out of the therapist when he
screwed up, the Church had amassed thousands upon thousands of folders
of people's confessions and withholds.
     You know, things from sticking cherries where they don't belong to
murder in the night.
     It was ALL THERE.  Every word of it.  People didn't attain Divine
Clarity with out it.  The confession that is.  I don't see why it had to
all be written down.  But it was.
     It had been a sworn promise above and beyond Honor that these
confessional records would never be used against anyone in the Church,
even if they turned against the Church in their own personal insanity.
You see the Church was supposed to be a safe space.
     But near the end, the Church wrote a directive stating that all
parishioner's folders should be culled for all of their withholds and
transgressions and confessions and that these should be publicly
disclosed should anyone decide to leave the Church or complain about the
Church or disagree with the Church.
     In other words, to hell with the SACRED client/therapist
     So much for the Code of the Sacred Promise and the Foundation of
     Well that probably took the cake.
     With broken promises, sworn in all good faith, do we seal the
graves of our own fate.
     The days of the final treason had come to pass.  War was openly
declared by the Free Zoners on the Churchies, and any hope of
reconciliation was forever lost.
     Now if money had never entered into the game, all this probably
would never have happened, because in a sick world, the people most able
to make money are not always those who are the most ready for Divine
Clarity.  They are not always the most able to be helped and the most
able to help others.
     Nor are the rich the most worthy of help.  They are merely the most
able to make money usually by ripping off or exploiting others.  If they
confessed and repented they would be poor again, so there was a small
conflict of interest here.
     Many thousands of years later someone was to say that a rich man
was as likely to enter the Kingdom of Heaven as walk a camel through the
eye of the needle.  This is probably because most wealth came from
corruption.  This is not always true of course, but it is worth noting,
and it sure applied to this bygone age.
     The Good Doctor himself said many times that a person is as worthy
of help as he is able to be helped and is able himself to help others
afterwards.  There was no mention of bank balances.
     But people do have to eat, and have a good home, and raise a few
kids, hopefully sane ones, and I would never have begrudged a good
Techie his 5 to 50 dollars an hour working on me.  I can turn my own
stomach just thinking about the things I have done that I CAN confront,
surely someone should be paid well for helping me slog through all the
things I have done that I can NOT confront.
     There is always beauty and laugher at the bottom of the manure
pile, but the pile of manure goes mighty high.  And there's god damn
THINGS living in it!
     It's always wise to take a friend along before you go digging.
     Have you ever looked in a mirror during a lucid dream, a dream
where you know you are dreaming?  What did you see?  Well I know what I
saw, and I went screaming out of the room yelling for my life at the top
of my lungs.  Now who you gonna call?
     That's why I need help.  Anyhow that's just the way I have it
     Anyhow back then the Techies that did a good job on their
parishioners couldn't keep the money from flowing in their doors, that
was just the way gratitude worked.
     Further once people had thrown off their shackles of shame, blame
and regret, and what few demons they kept impacted to their faces, their
ability to make money soared through the roof because they had recovered
their Prime Postulates, their Basic Goals, and so valuable production in
their own personal lives went up again especially in the field of Art.
It turned out, down deep, everyone was an Artist.
     Perhaps it was this fact that money came easy to those who had a
clean slate that led the Church to raise its prices, figuring that those
that had money were higher beings.  The fallacy was that below poverty
is criminality, and THOSE people have tons of money, which is why
everyone else below clarity is poor.  So judging a person by his bank
account is a tricky business, and during the age of this story it was a
very bad bet as there were just no high beings around at all.  Thus the
Church with its high prices became a cesspool for the criminal and the
morally filthy beyond belief.
     They were all promoted and became Church administrators and Case
     In the Good Doctor's opinion, it really only took a few hours in
good hands to crack a case, and there after the person could do it alone
and do it to others, and so in his opinion the money was not only
necessary but worthwhile.
     But he was an expert in the Tech, and he routinely overestimated
people and their abilities, and few had attained the level of
accomplishment that he had when it came to cracking hard cases.  People
had spent the past million years after all totally bent on saving them
selves by not knowing what they had done, so it was no small matter that
he could 'crack cases' in a few hours.
     But he also had another very reasonable idea, one that the Church
never listened to.
     Those who had the money could pay more, and those that didn't could
pay less.  A person's worth was not measured by his bank account, but by
his ability to be helped, and by his ability to apply the Tech to others
after he had attained the state of Divine Clarity himself.
     The Church tried to implement this idea by offering training and
free services to those who would come and work for them for 5 years.  If
you had no money, they would train you in what ever was needed, and you
would get your entire allotment of Tech during your stay and you would
leave with your case fully cleaned up.
     But it never happened that way, staff people were the most ignored
and deprived people on the face of the planet when it came to spiritual
progress.  Basically the Church saw them as human fodder to be used,
abused and thrown away.  Divine Clarity was only for its PAYING
customers like the local hoods or the movie stars.
     Stars would come in with some drug problem or another, they would
pay thousands of dollars for a few hours of Tech, suffer a miraculous
cure, and go out and live happily ever afterwards making commercials for
     So the Church finally decided that everyone must pay the same
amount for services and if you didn't have it, then you didn't get it.
     But charging rates of 300 dollars an hour for confession, with a
prospect of needing hundreds of hours of work is insane and should have
been recognized as such.  And actually it was, the people who charged
those rates never had any intention of the Tech working, they just
wanted to give people hope so that they would keep coming back forever
at 300 dollars an hour for the rest of their damn Eternity.
     The Church also came up with the idea of ONE SOURCE.  In other
words after the Good Doctor died, the Church claimed that no one else
could ever do research on the Tech, or improve on the Tech, or Lord save
us, correct the Tech.  They claimed that every failure of the Tech to
help anyone was really a failure of correct application of the Tech and
not a failure of the Tech itself.  In other words the TECH was right,
but the people delivering the Tech were wrong.  What I want to know, is
how could they know?
     Eventually they started blaming not the delivery of the tech, but
the receiver of the tech, the parishioner himself!  If the Tech didn't
work, it was the fault of the person looking for help.  Millions of
people had left the Church in disgust having lost all their financial
resources with nothing in the way of case gain to show for it.
     The Tech had evolved upwards from a clumsy hard to use confusion to
a sleeker and better fitting system for curing people of the Divine
Plague.  Each day of the Good Doctor's life research went on and
discoveries were made.
     He was ALWAYS seeking to crack the cases that kept walking in his
door to the very end.  He cracked more and more of them but I am sure
the Good Doctor would be the last to claim that he had solved the last
troublesome case on the last day of his life.  In fact he knew he was
damn well far from it.
     So for the Church to claim that all the Tech that was needed had
already been discovered, and that any failure of the Church to deliver
satisfaction to its customers was the fault of the CUSTOMER or the Org's
staff, was arrogance, conceit and vanity all wrapped up into one.  They
just couldn't be wrong about ANYTHING.
     But to then decree that no further work could be done on the Tech,
no improvements, no corrections, no enhancements, no new discoveries, no
experimentation where it was obviously needed, showed that in the end
the Church Management was more interested in a financial monopoly rather
than in the final salvation of its planet.
     The petrification that resulted from this was hard to look upon.
     At one time it had all been such a beautiful dream.
     Imagine some doctor spends his whole life researching AIDS, and
makes many discoveries.  Then when he dies, his organization claims that
no one else can do independent research on AIDS, and no one else can
deliver the medicines that cure AIDS, and if anyone does they are an
enemy of the good doctor.  Imagine they claim that anyone who dares to
start his own experiments or research on AIDS is denying who is SOURCE
on the subject of AIDS, and isn't admitting that all the work that will
ever need to be done is already done.  Further that by competing with
the doctor you were taking funds away from the doctor's sanctioned
organization and thus you were doing a great disservice to the doctor,
the one who started it all in the first place.
     What would you think of that?
     This is neither a science nor a religion.  Its a cult of the dead.
     So when the Church finally decreed that no one should be permitted
to have a cognition or make any case gain except during a paid session
at standard rates with a Church designated Case Supervisor and Church
designated Techie, using only Church designated Tech, and that anyone
who dared to go into session with himself or others with out permission
was a Bad Guy, an enemy of truth, the Good Doctor and the Church, and
was therefore subject to the FAIR GAME policy of personal and physical
violence and harassment, to be ruined or destroyed by whatever means,
they cut their own throats.
     For no one in their right mind would put up with such a thing.
     The Free Zone was not the Zombie Zone.
     The difference was this thing that came to be called the COG TAX.
     Having to pay someone else for the right to cognite about yourself.
     Further since the Church by its own decree was not allowed to work
to improve the Tech, since only the Good Doctor could do that and he was
dead, the Free Zone soon advanced way ahead of the Church in the Tech
department.  The superior Tech and their propensity to use it eventually
resulted in the Free Zone prospering and flourishing, and the Church
went down the tubes in self installed petrification.  A classic case of
those with the Divine Plague doing themselves in to protect others from
themselves.  Even the Churchies were basically good.  You had to dig
awfully deep though to find any of it.
     The original Tech still resided in the Church however, if you
opened any door to any closet the volumes of wisdom would fall on your
head or be lying in a corner at your feet, dusty, unadorned and forlorn.
Those beautiful books, the color of green and gold.  What irony.  For it
was the desire for money and gold that brought them down.
     I mean imagine having the Tech to free the soul, and dangling it in
front of people's noses so that they would give you anything in the
world to get out of hell, and then giving them just enough to keep them
hoping and buying more, all the while making very sure they never got
what they really needed.  And then when they were destitute and broke,
kicking them out of the Church and forbidding them to make any efforts
to do it alone.
     Imagine watering down the Tech, or applying it wrongly on purpose
so that it never quite worked, but always gave promise.  What a way to
make a buck, particularly with something that WORKED!
     Its bad enough when the truth you are selling is garbage anyway,
its a High Crime when you have the real thing.
     One last comment.  Over the years after the Good Doctor's death the
Church declared two General Amnesties towards its disaffected staff
members, its parishioners and the general public.  Thousands of people
had left the Church in disgust and the purpose of the Amnesties was to
bring these people back into the fold.  The way an Amnesty worked was
the person was supposed to write up all of his or her withholds and
transgressions committed since they were last in the Church and send
them into the central headquarters.  These acts and transgressions would
then be forgiven and the person would be allowed once again to receive
training or services from the Church and become a member in good
     The Church could never say 'We were wrong, we want you all back.'
Instead they tried to save face by saying if you admit to all the bad
things you have been doing to us we will forgive you and take you back
     It is interesting to note that withhold write ups were always
demanded of the lower level members by the upper level members of the
Church.  Never did the upper level members write up their overts and
publicly disseminate them to the lower members.  Thus the upper level
management never had their overts or withholds cleaned up and never was
a there confession gleaned.
     The first amnesty was a very big success.  Many many people wrote
up their withholds and came back into the Church.  But nothing had
changed.  The second amnesty was a dismal failure.  Once bitten, twice
shy.  This was the beginning of the end.
     The Church was rejected not only by society at large, but by its
own members, members who continued on up the stair case to Divine
Clarity without the Church and formed a formidable opponent to the
Church's dishonesty and money grubbing ways.
     The above is a true story, the names have been changed to protect
the innocent.  It did not happen on Earth, it happened on my home
planet, Aletrelix, a beautiful planet I lived on many life times ago,
and one that will be beautiful again one day if the fires ever die down.
     It is presently acting as a crematorium for those who were so
foolish as to worship money over truth and salvation.
     Idols of Stone over Eternal Home.
     The Techies from the Free Zone eventually all came to Earth and are
here now.  The Churchies are still back on my home planet.  Breathing
fumes hopefully.
     Someday we will go back for them.
     When we're ready and when they're ready.
     In the meantime, the price of Divine Clarity has come WAY down.
     There is a Free Market in the Free Zone.

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