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>From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 14 - November 1993
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Should Squirrels Communicate?

By Antony A Phillips, Denmark

The picture on the previous page is the cover of what we now call
a splinter or 'free scientology' magazine. It comes from 1956 -
the first decade of scientology as we know it today.

Yes, there were 'splinters', so called squirrels in those days. Why
wasn't it until 1983, that a world wide 'free from the church'
movement became established?

Briefly, while Ron gave us the motto 'When in doubt communicate',
there was also sewn into the framework of the church a kind of motto
which read something like: 'Under all circumstances do your best
to dissuade communication to and amongst squirrels'. It's kind
of built into many of the church's policies. One of the results, you
see is the church instigating legal proceedings against those they
do not like in all countries and circumstances where that is possible.
Another is the disconnection idea, still being used.

This practice worked well up to the early 1980s, mainly because there
were not many squirrels at any one time. In the early 1980s (some
think by design), so many came out at the same time that their mutual
communication was too much for the church to totally break down. We
exist today, to some degree in comm with each other, ten years
later, the first time that has happened in scn's history.

We are strong to the degree we are in communication. There is no need
to agree on everything, though for my money I prefer comm with people
who agree on some basic principles which I regard as scientology.


One of the ways the church has managed to dissuade communication
is by making it difficult to use the name scientology (here they have
been helped by their own misuse of scientology, to the extent that
it is identified by many as something evil). There is one group that
I think highly of, which has requested me not to use their name in
this magazine, partly through fear of legal action from the church,
and partly because many of their contacts identify scientology (and
therefore IVy) with evil.

As an aside, be it thoroughly noted here that the name Scientologi
(German spelling) is old, going back to the book of that title by
A. Nordenholz of 1934. The name is not too important. What is
is that auditing gets done, that the world gets clearer. That stressed
and depressed individuals become unstressed, happy, and a lot more
able. Do it under the name of DUGA,  Clearing, what you will
- but do it!

Communicate, communicate more

The point of this article is to encourage you to communicate.
For your own good and that of the world. Do put out a tentative feeler
to scns you once knew. See if they are with us, whether they are
in getting IVy (for example). Of course communicate with some
sort of goal. See, for example, if you and they can do something
to bring about scn's early goals (I mean those named in 'Scientology:
Fundamentals of Thought'.)

IVy is a magazine dedicated to the advancement of scientology
(under any name) in a free world where people are free to make
propose and discuss new routines, and propose and discuss refinements
to the old. It is meant as a communication media for all interested
in a mag which is not censored by the church. Its aim is to help you
and all the others increase the survival of the planet, your friends
and yourself.

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