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Dynamic Exteriozation by Differentiation

        To a very large degree, what is wrong with a being is something
that he himself mocked up, agreed to, or postulated. Later on, being
unable to spot as-isness of creations or correctly assign source causes
him difficulties. If he could simply be any problem, mass or condition
or not be it at will these difficulties would immediately resolve.
Responsibility, or pan-determinism about a condition or situation frees
one from the problem of same. Return of pan-determinism along the
dynamics handles the games conditions he finds himself in. The being is
right. Discovering for himself the un-rightness results in return of
power of choice in the matter. This process handles directly the most
major identifications the person has assumed along the dynamics.
        This process can be self audited on lower levels with great
benefit, without the listing and nulling, simply by picking the dynamic
one has the most attention on, and  finding a person or object that
would most represent the dynamic to the person. Solo is the same as

        It works because it exteriorizes the person from another's
universe, that he himself has mocked up unknowingly, and continues to
mock up. It handles the source of beingness directly. It undercuts the
bank. To the degree that a person is automatically being one thing, he
is unable to be something else if it contradicts the original beingness,
or if he does, he will have problems where the two viewpoints of the
beingnesses collide.
        The process will run earlier and earlier, as the later charge is
taken off. At first it will be quick, easy spotting of differences and
similarities, and then almost impossible to get either a difference or a
similarity. Then easy to get differences, and impossible for the
opposite, and vice versa. This seems to go through cycles. But the
process uncovers earlier and earlier track. If the terminal is a parent,
one will find himself in a crib, or hospital, noticing that they
(parents) have two hands, and he does as well. He will discover that
they are the same or opposite sex, etc, etc. These are very early
postulates. It will as well uncover basic (early lifetime) postulates of
adopting mannerisms, viewpoints, and different beingness of the terminal
he is running. His memory will vastly improve, sonic and viso turn on
quite vividly, as well as the rest of his perceptions.
        Spotting differences and similarities will all by itself produce
the ep of the process over a period of time. But the cycles of easy
spotting and then hard puzzled me. One will be going along, itsa, itsa,
itsa, and all of a sudden get a big blowdown of the ta, f/n and usually
uncover a postulate he made regarding his beingness. Masses and
pressures turn on quite rapidly. Right after that, sometimes minutes
long com lags are necessary to get the next difference or similarity. 
        I discovered that the person put on automatic that postulate, or
the effort of maintaining that beingness, which he then promptly forgot
about. Sometimes these decisions are also other determined as well. At
any rate, other life  will go in agreement with him, and even
other-created life. He normally was not operating with the understanding
of his being a composite being at that point in time. He just stuck a
postulate out there, and perhaps a machine, or circuit, and endows it
with some life so it will continue, gives it the purpose of maintaining
his creation and goes on about his business. If he has bt's or clusters,
they go along with his postulates willy nilly, and jump right where he
intends them to go. He may even mock up a ridge or something to keep
them there.
        Worse than this is the "helpful" little b's and c's decide to be
like him. So they find someone in the environment they like, and do the
same thing. Or they do it to the pc. They decide he is happy, so they
are him, and they beam something happy (could be a garbage disposal that
reminds them of ma), stick up the picture, and hit the pc or them
selves, or their buddies with that picture. The GE also gets in the act,
as usually he thinks he is related to the parents anyway, and if he is
up to it, he tries the same thing. Since his whole purpose is to grow a
body, he copies other bodies, and uses it for a blueprint for the pcs.
        Later on down the track, lots of garbage gets hooked to these
'beingness' machines, and of course by this time who created what is
pretty messed up. Someone decides that one thing or another is a good
valence or attribute, and decides to be it, or continue it. This would
actually have very little liability if the pc had perfect memory. But of
course, he gives that up as life progresses. He looks at all these
pictures, goes "Umph, hmmm, don't think I created that, must be my
imagination". Larger and larger periods of early life become occluded
the older he gets. He never quite figures this out, and so eventually
gives up on it.
        The main reason that he cannot remember these early childhood
incidents, is because he was busy deciding what he was going to be and
not going to be. He saw someone he liked so he takes that persons
attribute, mocks it up as a machine, endows it with some life to hit him
with, and decides to play with his rattle some more. In his high chair
he sees daddy chasing mamma around the table, they are both squealing
with laughter, and so he takes the happiness they are feeling, throws
out a tractor beam, pulls in the emotion, sticks it in a machine, and it
beams him with happiness of ma and pa, then continues to pour his soup
on his head. Later on in life he can be found to be trying to achieve
that same happiness, because this machine is still hitting him with the
pictures.  When he looks to the past to recall what the happiness was,
it is rather blank, even black. This is because he is not really looking
at the track, it is occluded because of this postulate and machine, or
ridge, or composite being sitting there hitting him with happiness. He
looks at that, it is all black, or invisible, and so he thinks he cannot
see the past. Actually, he can't. His attention gets sucked up in this
thing he created long ago.
        Normally, a process is continued until a blowdown f/n, and
This process is continued untill you get a unkillable f/n, major
perception change, return of ability, and no further attention on the
terminal representing the dynamic being run.
        When running this process, after a blowdown and cognition, it
becomes very difficult to run again for the reasons mentioned above. The
process can be speeded up greatly at this point by checking for other
identities, machines, beams, and so forth that he mocked up or someone
put on him to continue that beingness he decided upon, or against. When
the mass goes, as evidenced by the blowdown of the tone arm, the
external factors are then ready to be ran. If it is another being, the
cognition will have produced a f/n in him as well at that time.
Therefore, he will respond quite readily to the what/who command.

The Rundown

        First step: Locate a terminal on the dynamics that the pc
decided to be like or who he looks most like. This can be done by
assessing the dynamics for the largest read.
        Or by assessing "Which dynamic do you like the best? and then
null to the best reading.
        Then L/N "Who or What would represent (reading dynamic)?
        Second step:
Using the terminal found, then one would simply run repetitive:
"Spot a difference between (terminal) and yourself.
"Spot a similarity between (terminal) and yourself.

        (Note, not mest differences if possible, but actual beingness
differences between them. He was there, I am here will take some charge
off, but He was kind, I am mean, is much better)
        2a. Continue until you get a big read, or b/d on spotting.
        2b. Once you have the read, check for:
        BT, Cluster, Created Being, Split Viewpoint, Machine, Machine
Entity, Beam, Ridge

        If bt, or Cluster: handle what, who.
        If created being: "Point to who created you",  If not gone, have
him locate (distance) to blow of mass and ta. Then if not gone date to
blow. You may not get a read on date, as he may not be in the time
Then What? Who?
        If split viewpoint, have it point to who it split from, and if
necessary, what, who.
        If machine, have the pc take over the function of the machine
till it blows.
        If Machine entity, have it spot being made into machine, then
what, who.
        If beam, Date/Locate the beam with your attention on the area of
the beam receipt point. Then D/L the origin of beam. Then check the
location of receipt of beam for BT, Cluster, Created Being, SV. Then
check the origin (the person or thetan) of the beam for the same. Then
check the com line (the distance of the beam) for same. Check for
copies, spot who, then what, who.
        If ridge, have the pc spot who created the ridge. If not blown,
check in the ridge for bt, c, created being, split viewpoint, other

        3. Continue the original process spotting differences and
similarities till you get another bd, fn, and postulate, then repeat 2a

        These are continued until the pc gets a major cognition on who
he really is in relationship to the dynamic you are handling, big
unkillable f/n, possibly even floating tone arm, with a return of
certainty of being able to create on that dynamic.

        Next day, or a couple of days later when the f/n dies down, you
can again asses for the best reading dynamic, leaving the one you just
ran out of the assessment. Find the terminal representing the dynamic,
and run the above set of processes. Then repetitive What is diff/sim
between me and (terminal) repetitive untill you have major cognition,
perception and awareness change on the dynamic.
        Continue in this manner until you have handled all the dynamics.
The pc should have a wide, free f/n on assessment, with no slows or
stops. If you find a slow or stop, twc, "Tell me about that dynamic"
will clear what little charge there is off of it.

        It probably could be ran opposition style "What dynamic do you
like the least?" with benefit, but has greater reality when ran "like
the most".
A person has a difficulty in finding similarities between himself and a
snake or polio virus.

TDT 25Feb99
"A being is only as valuable as he can serve others."
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