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             ((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                         OT'S IN THE FREE ZONE.
                                EXM - 11
                                ca. 1992
         Copyright (C) 1992 A Voice of the Free Zone (Electra)
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
 >Could anyone comment on how closely this tracks Church teachings?
 >(And, at what levels is it taught?)
     The Church does not have teachings in the sense that you seem to be
expecting.  Do not confuse Scientology with other religions.  It is a
scientific technology to help the preclear discover for himself what is
true.  Such stories about the whole track come off of people's track
including my own, I am not just rehashing what was taught to me.  I tend
not to write unless I have attained some measure of reality on it
 >OK, you won't give me proof. Will you discuss how you proved it
 >to yourself, or to your teacher(s) ?
     First let's get something straight.  I am not a full OT.  And again
if I could move mountains I would not broadcast it.
     Secondly even in the Church, a person becomes able to leave his
body at will only at OT 6. ((Actually pcs were expected to have attained
expansion type exteriorization at old OV IV.  With the development of
NOTS, new OT IV became the OT Drug Rundown (BT's on drugs) and OT V, VI
and VII became the new NOTS rundown.  I don't know where exteriorization
was expected to stably occur.  By the time OT VII is done though, one
would expect the pc to have exteriorized from the physical universe
itself, let alone his body and bank.))
     Certainly he is not going to be able to move even an ashtray quite
yet.  However above that level there is a lot of work done (or used to
be) on getting the OT to move things directly with out using his body.
Much more attention is placed on being able to affect other people's
universes, such as ability to project intention at OT 7. As he says in
'A History of Man', crass display of OT power is not desirable at this
time as it will just make it difficult for others to get across the
     Anyhow your desire for proof is understandable, but you gotta get
real on whether anyone would actually want to give you proof.  It
doesn't serve them any.  Also imagine someone walking into your room and
actually moving something for you with his mind.  Or even lifting you up
and plastering you to the ceiling.  How would you feel about this.
Would it make you 'happy' to have such proof?  What would happen to you
over the ensuing days after such a display of proof?
     OT's are very well versed in the consequences of such displays of
proof as they have had to suffer them all along the whole track.  Thus
they will be choosing a wiser quieter route this time around.
 >>     Churchies have never seen a floating needle.  And if a pc dared
 >>to crack a smile in session, they would send him to Ethics.
     It is sarcasm, Lenny.
     Of course there are floating needles in the church, I produced
quite a few of my own.
     Look I happen to love the Church, but I will be damned if I will
let cockroaches kick me out of my own house.
     The Church is filled with people whose sole motivation is financial
and POLITICAL monopoly, who allegedly will sue/kill people for
practicing their chosen religion outside of their purview.
     OT's are very real, and there are a lot of people who want to be
the only one's to have and control them much as they do the atomic bomb.
     This one world dream of some is really someone's one world slave
camp.  I'll be damned if I want the double S and triangles be the coat
of arms over that door.
     Scientology has existed past track long before Ron Hubbard came
along and made a mess of it here, and Scientology will continue to exist
long after the memory of Ron Hubbard and all of his followers is dust in
the wind.
     Scientology in fact transcends LRH or any one person claiming to be
its author.  Scientology is what we ALL set up at the beginning of time
to get us out.  Thus, as even LRH has said so many times no one has ever
heard it, he is not teaching us something new, but something we already
know and have owned for ourselves.
     If it weren't OUR knowledge then it wouldn't be true because we are
personally responsible for the creation of anything that is true about
us and our involvement in this universe.
     The church would be totally opposed for example to me posting the
anatomy of the R6 Bank which is after all what all the hullabaloo is all
about.  They might scream, 'Copyright, copyright, you are violating our
copyright, you are publishing Church material without our permission!
We will sue/kill you.'
     It's MY bank, and they copyright it.  Next thing you know they will
want a copyright to my soul and be charging me for a licence to survive.
     Possibly the assholes in the Church are the ones who created,
designed and then stuck the bank on people in the first place and so of
course it has their copyright on it, as a weapon of evil.  That they
finally fell into their own trap goes unmentioned and unnoticed.
     Now they want the copyright to stay with them so that they can make
money making sure people never get out of it.
     Or that only their own do.
     ((You know its interesting that at $300 to $700 an hour for
auditing, only the very rich and wealthy will go clear.  This promises a
power elite of wealthy ruling class clears, with everyone one else
aberrated and sick.
     Do you want a spiritual elite based on money and political power in
this world?))
     Lastly I would presume that everything written to this list is sent
by Churchies to the RTC (Religious Technology Center) for perusal and
kept in files of each poster so that they can keep track of
'suppressives'.  ((Much like East Germany kept dossiers on EVERYONE
before the wall came down.))
     If the Churchies are not turning everything posted to this list in
to the Soul Police, then they are suffering from an extreme case of
dereliction of Duty.
     "The Religious Technology Center has the purpose TO SAFEGUARD THE
     "Help Keep Scientology Working
     Knowledge Reports are an essential part of Keeping Scientology
Working.  If you encounter any non-optimum situation or off-policy
occurring in your org, mission or area, write a Knowledge Report to your
local Ethics Officer and send a copy to the Reports Officer RTC if you
feel the RTC should be informed of the matter.
     Reports should be sent to:
     Reports Officer, SP Division
     1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite 1100
     Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA"
     I can not abide by their one world, one country, one government,
one religion, one source, one thought mentality.
     Can you imagine a world were spiritual help is governmentally
mandated by LAW to be the monopolistic purview of one group and that
those who do not have the money to pay that group are legally unentitled
to spiritual help?
     The Churchies should get together with the AMA to plan this one
world take over together.
     Imagine people who are PAID with money, girls or auditing to send
knowledge reports along the tattle tale line to the secret Source
Police?  Or people who are condemned and assigned a lower ethics
condition for not spying and reporting on their own?
     I KNOW it happened, I did it and it was done to me by my best
friends.  No, I didn't get paid in girls.
     People who are not OT routinely underestimate the power of OT's.
Since the people in the Church do not admit to the presence of working
tech in the Free Zone they presume that there are no OT's in the field
that are opposed to them.  Even though many of their own OT's have left
in disgust, something that used to bother me no end until I understood
     It HURT, it almost struck me dead when an OT would leave.
     Good or bad, the Church was the only thing we had, I KNEW this.  I
knew the tech worked even though it wasn't working on me.  When I used
it, it worked just fine.  My pc's were happy.
     So when an OT would leave my heart would just sink.  Where the hell
was he going?  How could he throw his eternity away like that?  What
about his billion year contract?
     When I was part of the Church I did not know about the Free Zone.
In fact I did not find out about it until years after I was removed as
NCG (no case gain, no money left).  I was ALONE with my case and my
faith in LRH for years without a Meter or any of my tech books because
they had all been taken away from me and reabsorbed back into the
Academies for students to use.
     Fortunately I had read everything 5 times, but for this I will
never forgive them.
     Well my billion year contract is still in good working order, only
now I am serving the purposes of Scientology and not the god damned
military industrial complex.  Or Hollywood.
     The Church is in for a very nasty surprise as it soon goes the way
of all communisms.
     The OT's in the field are considering the possibility of
rearranging the Church's Akashic Triangles.  Look what happened the last
time they did that in Russia.  So much for communism in Europe and so
much for communism in Scientology.
     There are more OT's in the field than there are in the Church.  The
joke is a hefty portion of them are the Church's own.  The best ones the
Church had, the ones too good to keep around.
     And you can bet they are madder than hell.
     If it ever comes to a war between the Church and the Free Zone, the
Church will loose.
     Captain David Miscavige is not, never has been and never will be my
superior commanding officer.
     My Eternal Destiny does not depend on my following the orders of
LRH or his assigns.
     If LRH would like to manifest himself to me perhaps we could talk
about this and come to an agreement.

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