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>From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 11 - April 1993
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Book News

Two Brief Reviews

By Frank Gordon, USA

In L. Kin's Vol. 2, The Procedures, of his 'Scientology, A Handbook
for Use;' he clarifies a number of concepts. E.g., this is the first
good explanation of the practical differences between a 1st and 2nd
postulate that I've seen. Applying it to myself gives a 1st post.
of: 'I can get what I need.' and then Wham! a 2nd post:'No
matter what I do, I'm not going to get what I need.'

Then, while reading the material on key-out, release point, and
I realized that this can happen in life. Example: one time I made
a clay model of a big psychiatrist looming invalidatively over
a little cringing me, and something blew, and I started singing with
a nice clean flow.

And I've spotted at least 3 others. L. Kin recommended using a prepck
to help clear these up. I experimented also with positive prepcheck
buttons with some resulting laughter(1).
Such a positive prepck could have a place, especially
when handling pleasure moments.

In 'Excalibur Revisited', Filbert has some interesting observations.
He notes that an affinity for aberration can be an obstacle to
improvement. He doesn't expand on this, but it might be processed
directly. For example, 2wc on aberrations the pc feels an affinity
for (like any automatic and sticky sympathy) or a discussion of

He also discusses the importance of first (before using a prepared
list) getting off what the pc does know about something; and
that long comm cycles leaves less by-passed charge than short ones.
In the Final Deceit: Persistences (p.551 in the manuscript I have),
Filbert has a section on training the pc before any auditing to tell
the difference between truth and lies (the 'acid test'). Truth
will as-is when you look at it and must be recreated, whereas lies
will persist. This kind of prior training could account for much of
his success.

Both L. Kin and G. Filbert have performed a real service by organizing
and evaluating this material. And additional comments and critiques
help as well.

(1)There are many possibilities;
clarified, understood, connected up, been shown to be true, achieved,
pleasant, etc.

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