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In a message dated 96-10-04 11:03:49 EDT, Robert wrote:

<< I see NOTs as a valid and valuable technique to help a person remain
 It was literally a life saver for me.  But it didn't turn anybody I was
 aware of into a Merlin the Magician.
Perhaps then, dear Robert, you need to converse with some of us who have had
the great fortune to have been C/S'ed by LRH on Solo Nots (There were only
ten of us, at the time - the first public run on that material).

I not only hit the pits and skids after that miraculous healing - (I mean,
homeless, no way out, no universe, no nothing. Period.), but have since
scaled heights (with some adroit handling by my dear friend and colleague,
Enid Vien, to handle the "baby shit" as Geoffrey Filbert called it) to which
I can only attribute to the lack of items, beingnesses, BT's, Clusters,
remnant ridges, engrams, secondaries, GPM's whatever you choose to call the
current dualistic manifestation.

Power, in any guise, is borne of truth. The Ultimate Truth is a static, so
even if one shared it, one has to alter it for it to persist at all.

One has to be willing to "leap over the precipice" to stare Truth in the eye.

Consider the rattlesnake and the kangaroo rat: Is one evil and the other good

Here's your longed for process: 

L/N to LFBD or r/s'ing item.

1. What (relative to your life, universe, creation, existence, present time
environment, best reading) is the basis of dualism (word must be cleared -
not "duality", DUALISM) ? (The key here is -ism, as opposed to -ality).

2. Clean off non-confront, using any and ALL tools to F/N, Blown away. 

3. How has (item) (helped, aided, assisted etc best reading) you ?

4. Clean off non-confront, using any and ALL tools to F/N, Blown away.

5. Ask: What's stopping you now ? (evaluative, so perhaps "Is anything
stopping you now ? is more politic). Get exact wording (reading item).

6. Clean off non-confront, using any and ALL tools to F/N, Blown away.

7. Back to the two and repeat until CASELESS.

OK, folks - I have spoken. Have at it. Call me up and let me know. 

But I do mean, ALL TOOLS - p'checks, ruds, III data, NOTS, L's, GPM (rep
lists) etc.


LaMont Johnson 

a/k/a Monster or LaMonster or Jazzlamont, but watch those small "m's". They
only work on checks of 5 or more digits. (who also apparently doesn't audit
for the sake of money).

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