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Howdy Howdy Howdy:
    I have put together a little rundown here with the EP of  "Hot damn,
that sure feels good". LOL. It has been tested on myself. heh. Hope you
like it.

Universe Goals Rundown

 This procedure produces rapid case gain by releasing a being from the
unknown sufferings generated by the implanted goals for this universe.
 Data: Prior to this universe, and a few universes back there was an
implant that laid in basic goals across 16 dynamics. As universes
followed each other, these goals remained as a factor in the beings
handling of succeeding universes. When they were implanted, they had not
much force. They were more like the goals of the game to be played. At
that time, theta as a life force was very uncomplicated, immensely
aware, and capable of incredible amounts of viewpoints. As such, a game
was created with great variety. Not only would many goals be postulated,
but these goals could be achieved in many different areas. At the time,
they were rather simple to those creating the game. (Actually it was an
entire universe, and a penalty universe at that. The game aspect was
inlaid to further keep the players from exteriorizing.)
 This incident can be run out with great benefit. Later implants on the
whole track had much more force and impact, and by that time the beings
had agreed pretty solidly that it could affect them.
 It is not necessary to have much reality on any of this for these
processes to produce gain in an individual. One will find that there is
tremendous agreement and knowingness in this universe regarding these
goals and dynamics. These factors in themselves were not abberatiive,
but a beings postulates, counter postulates, efforts, counter efforts,
emotions, thinkingnesses, being, doing and havingness, along with the
overt motivator sequence, and manifestations of withholding concerning
these goals and dynamics are.
 In effect, one can run some of the main charges off of these goals, and
key out the later charges.
 LRH developed many processes and procedures in the early years that
separated the thetan from the force that was affecting him. The basic
theory was that one wavelength was held in place by the next. At the
top, a static, had no wavelength. The next highest was Aesthetics, below
that, emotions, and even lower effort, or force. A force, no matter of
what magnitude could not affect a static. But through these vias of
aesthetics, emotion, and effort, the being could be affected. For more
information see the Scientology axioms, revelant ones are included here.

Axiom 25- Affinity is a scale of attitudes which falls away from the co
existence of static, through the interposition's of distance and energy,
to create identity, down to close proximity but mystery. By practice of
IS-NESS (Beingness) and NOT-IS NESS (refusal to Be) individuation
progresses from the Knowingness of complete identification down through
the introduction of more and more distance and less and less
duplication, through Lookingness, Emotingness, Effortingness,
Thinkingness, Symbolizingness, Eatingness, Sexingness and so through to
Not-Knowingness (Mystery). The original Chart of Human Evaluation was
the Emotion section of this scale.

Axiom 32- Anything which is not directly observed tends to persist.

Axiom 33- Any AS-IS-NESS which is altered by NOT-IS-NESS (by force)
tends to persist.

Axiom 34- Any IS-NESS, when altered by force, tends to persist.

Axiom 35- The ultimate truth is a static. A static has no mass, meaning,
mobility, no wave-length, no time, no location in space, no space. This
has the technical name of -Basic Truth.

 In the 1950s, LRH had determined that the thetan could be affected by
force through the above vias, and had codified these materials in a
workable procedure he detailed in Handbook for Preclears. This was the
workbook for the companion technology published in Scientology 8-00-8.
This was the state of the technology at that time. I will not cover it
here, as it is already written, and will produce a theta clear in
itself, sometimes a clear theta clear if done thoroughly.

 The gist of this tech was this: That if a person were to As-Is the
emotion and counter-emotion out of an incident, the force
(effort-counter effort) in a painful incident would drop away and cease
to trouble the person. If he were to do this on all emotions on all
dynamics, he would be released from the entirety of the reactive mind on
these dynamics. One then would be able with rising scale processing,
postulate processing, and OT drills to rehabilitate the abilities of the
thetan to the point he was so much bigger than the keyed-out bank, he
could just erase it at will. This procedure has great workability to
this very day, and in addition, it can be self-audited with great

 I have developed a rundown using these data to free a person from the
implanted goals for this universe, or at least the connection to these
goals and resulting opposing goals as an un-self determined action. In
doing this rundown, one will get many many "of course, I agree with
that" type cognition's. It is a very easy rundown, has high reality for
almost anyone, and rapidly brings a person up the tone scale. These
goals are at the very top of the tone scale. The end result is that the
person goes out the top of the tone scale on these goals across the
dynamics. A floating TA, Exteriorization, and key out from Implanted and
Actual GPMs is a good place to end a session. This process actually
starts at exhilaration and progresses upwards from there. Here is a copy
of the expanded tone scale:

-Know to Mystery + :  Tone No:  Tone Name:

Native State    400.0    Sovereignty
Single deity   320.0    Life that is not being
Multiple deity    160.0    Volition, Coexistence
Not Know    120.0    Individuality
Know     110.0    Awareness
100.0    Truth
90.0    Decency
80.0    Ideas
75.0   Ethics
70.0    Aesthetics
60.0    Inspiration
50.0    Agony     Know about
45.0         Amusement
40.0    Serenity of beingness
30.0    Postulates
28.0    Considerations
26.0    Apparencies are Reality
25.0    Flows
24.0    Universes
22.0              Opinions         Look          21.0   Games
20.0    Action
16.0    Sensation                    Plus emotion
 8.0    Exhilaration

 This is slightly expanded from the tone scale you are perhaps used to
seeing. I could develop the rundown further. If one does it just the way
I will give it to you, a uniform tone of 45, Amusement at the whole ball
of wax will result. The MEST universe is kind of a cute place, but it is
sorta funny that anyone would ever take it seriously. :-)
 If you wish to develop and run it further, the key is to run the
Aesthetics of it out. This has not been tested by me, but it should have
workability according to the Axioms. Personally, I am not too interested
in god hood any more. LOL.
 This is a very fun rundown. The hardest part is to stay in session long
enough to complete it. One wants to immediately go out and get in
action, games, and have a good ol time. That is good, but it produces
more change that that if you will just hang in there for a while.

 On to business. The next section is an understanding of the 16
dynamics, as published by the Pilot. LRH has indicated that the 9th and
10th are something a little different, ethics and admin I believe, but
this rundown is not based upon those observations. Perhaps there are 18
dynamics, but I more tend to think that Ethics and admin are more tools
used to apply the tech, more than actual dynamics of this universe.
 Here are the 16 Dynamics, thier goals, terminals, opposition goals and
terminals according to the pilots research. Not much faith is necessary
here. One will find great agreement with these things as the rundown
progresses. Even if they are wrong, all of these things are being
dramatized here on the planet now. For the explanation, see the pilots
page, he has done an extremely good job of describing the whys and where
fores, so I shall not bother to elaborate on something workable already.

1.  To Create    (Statue)          :To Destroy  (devil statue)
2.  To Cause     (god, old man)    :To Put At Effect (devil)
3.  To Mock Up   (Computer)        :To Unmock (black computer)
4.  To Imagine   (Cartoon Mouse)   :To Disillusion (vampire)

5.  To Understand (chipmunk)       :To Misunderstand (cripple)
6.  To Know      (2 headed dodo)   :To Mislead  (gorilla)
7.  To Absorb    (Greek hero)      :To Discard  (Amazon)
8.  To Learn     (gnome)           :To Forget   (Troll)

9.  To Play      (Chinese child)  :To Fool     (Joker)
10. To Compete   (Coach, doll)     :To Cheat    (Skeleton)
11. To Manipulate (Penguin Banker)  :To Ruin     (Dragon)
12. To Exchange  (Spirit Broker)   :To Steal    (Raccoon)

13. To Shape     (clay people)     :To Distort  (walrus)
14. To Change    (magician)        :To Implode  (Sorceress)
15. To Combine   (Siamese twins)  :To Fragment (worms)
16. To Bring Order(gorilla people)  :To Bring Chaos(Black.Panther)

17. To Reason    (clown)           :To Discombobulate(1manband)
18. To Orient    (wire man)        :To Disorient (spinning top)
19. To Guide     (pilot)           :To Misdirect (scarecrow)
20. To Compute   (toy bodies)      :To Confuse   (zombie)

21. To Construct (beavers)         :To Teardown (wrecking crane)
22. To Arrange   (blockhead)       :To Unstabilize (Goon)
23. To Build     (snake people)    :To Wreck  (Raging Bull)
24. To Structure (Crystals)        :To Shatter   (batman)

25. To Invent    (munchkins)       :To Divest   (troll)?
26. To Inspire   (muses)           :To Occlude  (mesmerist)
27. To Enhance   (ghost people)     :To Worsen   (demon)
28. To Beautify  (fairy godmother) :To Make ugly (old witch)

29. To Purify    (fire people)     :To Pervert  (satyr)
30. To Judge     (bull people)     :To Accuse/blame(ogre)
31. To Defend   (little green men) :To Attack (gorilla soldier
32. To Strengthen (ball of energy) :To Hurt     (silver ball)

33. To Enlighten (rabbit preacher)  :To Obscure  (smog monster)
34. To Convert  (fish man)         :To Disabuse  (jackal)
35. To Commune   (female angel)    :To Disconnect(spider woman
36. To Worship   (knights)         :To Profane  (monk)

37. To Predict      (soothsayer)   :To Randomize(3headed-griffin)
38. To Influence (cupid)           :To Scandalize (hunchback)
39. To Collect   (elves/fairies)   :To Reject (wolfman)
40. To Embody    (Pan - goat god)  :To Disembody(invisibleman)

41. To Discover  (centaurs)        :To Hide    (octopus)
42. To Locate    (Leprechaun)       :To Misplace (Cricket)
43. To Gather    (spacesuit body)  :To Abandon    (Hobo)
44. To Own       (Fox people)      :To Burn Down (flame man)

45. To Grow      (scarecrow)       :To Rot   (fungus creature)
46. To Live      (dinosaur)        :To Die   (spectre)
47. To Heal      (tree man)        :To Infect   (germ colony)
48. To Adapt     (thread man)      :To Protest  (snake)

49. To Establish (3eyed giants)    :To Undermine (3eyed robot)
50. To Share     (dolphins)        :To Possess (sea monster)
51. To Control   (frog king)       :To Rebel     (gargoyle)
52. To Unite     (dog soldiers)    :To Conquer  (war eagles)

53. To Organize  (human clerk)     :To Disorganize (fu manchu)
54. To Co-operate (robots)         :To Individuate (iron horse)
55. To Participate (mermaid)       :To Debase (elephant girl)
56. To Expand    (mouse RR engr)   :To Contract  (maniac)

57. To Join      (cat people)      :To Separate (black cat)
58. To Reproduce (insect invader)  :To Infest   (Insects)
59. To Satisfy   (cavemen)         :To Ridicule (moron)
60. To Care For  (bird girl)       :To Torture (pincer devil)

61. To Experience(Bear)            :To Deaden (Kali)
62. To Replenish (old Arab)        :To Age     (father time)
         *might be TO SURVIVE
63. To Consume <eat> (Tiger)       :To Poison  (spider)
64. To Endure    (pyramid)         :To Dissipate (mummy)

 Each dynamic is divided into 4 parts, or sub-goals. This was implanted
early on, and as covered before, show up uniformly in every universe
after that. One could conjecture that most of implants done since then
would depend on these basics to have any effect upon an individual, but
I will not state that.

 Next, one must be familiar with Listing and Nulling, dating and
locating. If OTIII, or NOTs, be facile with the relevant materials. This
is fully documented elsewhere. If one is familiar with XDN, and Grade
III processes, so much the better. Of course if one is a CL XII auditor,
this will be a walk in the park. I am assuming that this is more than
likely not the case, so I will touch upon the basic skills. Different
procedures are used for three cases. IA below clear, IB Clear below

 The first action you do is asses the 16 dynamics (not the 64 sub
dynamics) for the one with the best read. Here, the sequence of reads
which are most important are as follows: (instant reads on the reception
of the major thought)

1. Rock Slam
2. Theta Bop
3. Hunting Needle
6. LF, SF
 R factor: Which do you have the most attention on? Then asses.

 This is the one you will take up first, as it will have the most
charge, and allow the rest to be easily run in sequence. The three cases
now will have different handling.
 On Step 2, on the answer to the Who/What listing question, the answer
will be one of three things, and each has a different handling. These
three answers fall into the categories of Beingnesses, Doingnesses, or
 Terminal procedure:
 For example, on the who/what question, you get an answer of a person
that the pc actually knew. "Albert Einstein, My Father, Aunt Mary" You
then would insert the terminal into the Listing question, and run it as
is. "What would be the int/purp of Aunt Mary? to a b/d f/n item, then
handle per case level.
 Beingness procedure:
 For example, lets say the item was "A brilliant Scientist" You then
list: "Who or what would represent A Brilliant Scientist?" This will
give you a terminal. ex: "Head of the Galactic Confederacy". This
terminal is then used in the listing Q : What would be the int/purp of
the "Head....Confed?" and handle per case level.

 Doingness procedure:
 If the answer to the question is a doingness, ex. "Creating Beauty
Forever" indicate the item, and then run "Who or what would create
beauty forever?" You will then get a terminal, ex. "The Gracious One"
and then the handling is per the terminal procedure, and case level.

 Sometimes you will get an answer that you are not sure whether is a
terminal or not. " The All Wise", "an ignorant fool". You just have to
judge this by the pc indicators, and your own knowingness. If uncertain,
then list Who/what would represent "an ignorant fool". If the pc knew
the terminal, then he will come up with a name or terminal. If it is a
beingness or doingness, he will then come up with a terminal.

 Enough hatting. What you are after is a terminal, either someone the pc
knew, or a valence or identity that he was once himself. On to the

 Ok, Assess the dynamics, get the hot one.  Lets say that To Learn was
the item. Indicate the item. It will B/D F/N.

Case Ia.
 Step 1.
 Indicate the item, then R3R "Locate an incident containing pain and
unconsciousness with the goal To Learn." e/s to F/N, cog, erasure. Can
also D/L, but it is not as clean.
 Step 2. W/W would have the goal To Learn?"
 Lets say that the terminal found was "A brilliant Scientist" (here you
would use the terminal procedure to get a terminal if you feel this is a
doingness or beingness. If you think ABS was someone he knew, then
proceed. If you feel it is not, then W/W would represent ABS)
 Step 3. List: "What would be the intention/purpose of A Brilliant
Scientist?" (which ever reads best).
Take the best reading item, D/L e/s to erasure. Recall e/s, repetitive,
or twc e/s.

Case Ib. (clear)
  Step 1. Indicate the item, then Date/Locate the incident. TWC, e/s to
ep also works.
 Step 2. W/W would have the goal To Learn?"
 Step 3. "What would be the int/pup of A Terminal?"
Take the best reading item, D/L e/s to erasure. Recall e/s, or twc e/s.
You can also use recall repetitive to F/N, Cog, Vgis. *A note, don't
indicate the f/n until he cognites. Other wise your ack will stop the

Case II.  (OTIII)
 Step 1. check:
      On the goal ________, is it yours? (solo: Mine?) a bts? cluster?
cumulative cluster? PME? SV? (If the goal is the Pc's, then:)
 Date/Locate to blow, can also recall repetitive, twc, e/s to ep.
(if others: D/L and then Inc II, Inc I to Blow.)
 (Note: if c or cc, recheck bt till no more. If Programed Machine
Entity, have them spot being made into a machine, if no blow, e/s till
blow. If Split View point, have them point to where they were split. If
necessary d/l to blow.) (Possible to run Inc II and I here. If still no
blow check Earlier Universe? If reading, indicate, and they will blow.)
Power may need to be on the occasional toughie but I have not found this
to be the case. The goal is very high, and will usually turn up beings
that cog very easily. (you are more likely to get these toughies on the
second part of the rundown)

 If Mine?(solo) or Yours? (dual) reading, indicate the item, then d/l to
 Step 2. W/W would have the goal To Learn?" get the Terminal, if not
then W/W would represent (beingness, doingness).
 Step 3. "What would be the int/pup of (Terminal)?" then:
Is it yours? (solo: Mine?) a bts? cluster? cumulative cluster? PME? SV?
handle accordingly, checking to make sure you get everyone.

 Case III. NOTs Same as OTIII, but in the handling if the charge is not
yours, you handle with the What? Who? commands. If PME or SV, if after
the spot/point commands and no blow then use what? who? if f/n and no
blow, Earlier Universe?  If getting a what on the who? command: Who were
you before that?

 Normally, if the Item is a good goal, it is indicated only. But here,
we want to run everything off of the goal.

 Once the main goal has been run, the pc will want to go and run all of
his GPMS at that point. They tend to blow by inspection after that.
Don't let him do it. The second part of the rundown will handle it. He
will (solo you will) come up with all sorts of "Wow, "I've been doing
that for forever" cogs, and very proabably the whole track will
straighten out, and he will enthuasiaticly want to go and look at every
thing he has ever done.  On another process, perhaps, that would be the
ep.  If the TA is floating so much you cant stay in session, or Exterior
VVVVGIs, and you can't continue, then take a break till it calms down.
However, this is not the EP of this rundown.
 Once you can get back in session, then take the four items of the 16th
dynamic, List and Null each one, and use the above procedure. Then the
15th, and so on and so forth until you finish the list.
 Assess the list once this is complete again. This time you do it Method
five, taking the first read you get, and run the above procedure, till
you have a F/Ning list.
 This completes part One of the rundown. The EP is: Freedom from
dramatization and ability to postulate Positive goals in life. The tone
level will be around 40, serenity of beingness regarding the MEST


 The second part of the rundown is taking up the negative goals. The
same procedure is used for handling the positive side.
 The negative goals will have very heavy charge. Winning in this
universe is something one could confront, and therefore as-ised it.
Loosing is more difficult, and one has tended not to as-is it as much,
therefore leaving them more heavily charged.
 Two divisions of blow down are not unusual on the negative side. As
this side of the rundown progresses, the track opens up more and more.
As one witheld negative goals, he also tends to not-is the time and
track as well. Running the positive side first frees enough theta on an
individual to confront the negative side.  It is entirely possible that
the "worst overt" will turn up here. This handles sanity directly, and
processes Pan-Determinism. The following axioms here become self

Axiom 21- Understanding is composed of affinity, reality and

Axiom 22- The practice of NOT-IS-NESS reduces understanding.

Axiom 23- The static has the capability of total knowingness. Total
knowingness would consist of total ARC.

Axiom 24- Total ARC would bring about the vanishment of all mechanical
conditions of existence.

Axiom 25- Affinity is a scale of attitudes which falls away from the co
existence of static, through the interposition's of distance and energy,
to create identity, down to close proximity but mystery. By practice of
IS-NESS (Beingness) and NOT-IS NESS (refusal to Be) individuation
progresses from the Knowingness of complete identification down through
the introduction of more and more distance and less and less
duplication, through Lookingness, Emotingness, Effortingness,
Thinkingness, Symbolizingness, Eatingness, Sexingness and so through to
Not-Knowingness (Mystery).

 I doubt that this rundown will create total ARC in an individual.
Perhaps it may. There are other factors in life other than the implanted
goals and opposition goals in this universe, and it really hasn't been
around too long in the grand scale of things.
 The second part of the rundown will produce a tone level of 80, Ideas,
and perhaps even Truth. One will definitely have some ideas about the
game thereafter.

 The EP of the rundown is: Cause knowingly and at will over the goals of
this universe. Freedom from the unknowing effects of negative goals.

 The track is long, and much has happened in our several eternity's.
This rundown will open the MEST time track up. It is not a end all for
all things.
I do hope it helps you in your quest.
 Dedicated to the two individuals whom have made this rundown possible
LRH, and The Pilot. Humbly tendered and all that :-)

Tommy Thompson
6 February 1999

"A being is only as valuable as he can serve others."
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