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Technical Essay # 71 - FAF 16 March 1992

.ce We are all None

Various explanations abound about the 8th dynamic and our true nature.

One of the most common is "we are all one". The intention behind the expression might be
valid and it might serve the purpose well of enlightening people about who they really are.
However the expression is somewhat imperfect and might actually further aberration in
certain instances.

First of all, truth can never be fully expressed in language. So any expression of truth is not
the truth.

Secondly, notice what kind of effect an expression of truth has on people. "We are all one"
tends to polarize people. For some it represents a universal integration and brotherhood that
is very comforting and explains just about anything. For others, the thought is very repulsive
and they will vehemently deny being the same as everyone else. For them ultimate
individuality and uniqueness is what is desirable.

Well, both are right for that matter. It is the definition of oneness that muddies the waters.

In our language oneness implies sameness and same identity. Being the same as everybody
else is not attractive to most. Having only one identity is not very desirable either, that is

But on the other hand, oneness could also represent integration, wholeness and
cooperation. People working together instead of against each other.

The trouble is the math. The best explanation I saw recently in a book on Magic ("Enochian
Physics" by Gerald Schueler).

The manifest universe is based on polarities, plus and minus interacting with each other. That
is life. However, if a polarity is undesirable the poles can be integrated with each other and
the polarity will vanish.

Now, what happens if you take 2 equal opposite charges and integrate them? +X and -X put
together gives 0. It doesn't become 1, it becomes 0. In other words, the 2 of the physical
universe (polarities) becomes 0 when integrated, and that is the underlying truth. We could
say 2=0, symbolizing that the true nature of polarized existence is the underlying Void, Zero.
Now, it wouldn't add up very well if you used One. Two opposite polarities don't add up to 1.

So, we can assume the true nature of things to be a static, a zero. This would be what could
be termed "Theta" or "the Void". Notice that it wouldn't have identity or existence, that would
be a One.

The zero can split itself into two opposite parts, the sum is still zero, and will always be zero.
But one of the parts can assume identity and existence and become an "I". And it can regard
the other part as "Not-I" and that creates a game situation. The interaction between the poles
has infinite possibilities for variety, which is life.

The plus, minus, and the infinity of interaction gives us all the triangles like Be-Do-Have etc.
Be is the "I" that you assume, Have is the "Not-I" that you decide you want, and Do is all the
stuff that takes place in getting the Be to get the Have. The underlying truth is that none of it
really has to take place, it's just a made up game.

Getting back to the zero is accomplished by integrating the opposites. That is the equivalent
of as-is-ness, total vanishment. I would like to comment that it is not just making a perfect
duplicate, it is bringing the exact opposites together. The polarities aren't the same, and
aren't duplicates of each other, they are reflections. So, another way of looking at as-isness
of case is that you supply the mirror piece that when integrated with the case produces
vanishment. The missing piece will more often than not be your own cause of the effect  that
was undesirable. The static cause behind everything ( the Zero) can create any amount of
polarities and an infinity of interactions between them, and it can uncreate them again by
doing the opposite.

The idea of oneness might attempt to communicate the same thing, but easily leads to
confusion. Sameness and identification, A=A, is the prevalent aberration of the physical
realm. A slight twist of high level 8D truths can be very useful in implanting people. You can
persuade beings to stick together by showing them a glimpse of the theta void that we all
share and implying that it means that identities and beings are all the same person.

Mr. Jones is not equal to Mr. Smith. That would be bad math. But if each one resolves all his
polarities and identities he might get the same result of the equation:

	0= static = theta = God = the real You.

Sometimes we've called it Infinity rather than Zero. That is not far off. However what we mean
is probably a potential infinity of infinities. The Zero can create all of those and take them
apart again. So, the infinity is more the expression of highest truth rather than its true nature.
The true nature is the zero.

So, we could say that "We are all None" and that might point in the direction of truth.

However, again those are only words. And through the identifications of our language there
are also undesirable implications of the "zero" or "none" statements. Making an identity into
nothing is a destructive invalidation. That is not what I am talking about either. What I am
talking about is the nothingness with infinite power and freedom. The nothingness for whom
existence, identities, abilities, and knowledge are but amusing limitations.

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