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Self Created Monitor Entity Handling

	For some time on and off it has puzzled me why one would be progressing
along nicely in moving up the bridge, and all of a sudden, new manner of
stops and enturbulation would some how appear on ones lines.

	I somewhat attributed it to the "shell theory", that as one passed new
shells, then one took on more enmest and entheta. It fit in with the
purpose of Theta to bring order or alignment to these.
	To a degree, it also followed that parts of ones own unhandled case
restimulated the same case in others.

	As one completed an area of case, these things ceased.

	One would enter an area of case, and for no particular reason, their
tools would get stolen, their apartment broken into, or a big dent in
their car would get kicked in in the parking lot.
	To some degree, the O/M sequence is ran in pretty solidly in this
universe, and I sometimes would think, "Oh yeah, that's right, two days
ago, I took that pencil from the Hotel Desk, and that's why thieves
stole %5000 worth of electronic equipment."

	However, the retribution seemed totally out of alignment with the
overt. A 10 cent pencil does not make a $5000 motivator. Being a big
ethical being, although satisfying, still did not answer the question.

	You open a case can of worms, and a few hours later some crazy dude
jumps out of an alley with an axe and tries to kill you.  It just didn't
make sense.
	You slap some idiot, and all of a sudden 15 strangers are pointing the
finger, swearing "He hit him with a pipe wrench". The fact there is no
pipe wrench around doesn't seem to deter the statement at all.
	In fact this area was so full of idiocies, and illogic, I suppose I
just "Reasonably" decided, "Well, it must have been something I did." 
However, this was not a solution, more of a comment.

	I think I have found the why in the area.  In fact, I am rather certain
of it.  I believe I can develop a full rundown to handle the area
	However, because of the nature of the mechanism, it is potentially very
dangerous to be messing around with, and leave ANYTHING unflat.

	Here is the secret to the whole ball of wax. It lies in the OVERT side
of monitoring, tagging, beaming, implanting, or suppressing another
being or group of beings.
	Yeah, yeah, I know, we never did any of that, it don't apply to me,
etc, etc.
	However, for the ones who can confront this sort of thing, you DID
implant, monitor, suppress, tag, nip, beam, form them into clusters, and
god knows what else to an enormous number of other beings.

	Therein lies the mechanism. It is not polite to admit ever having an
evil intention or committing an evil action. However, ones sanity lies
in the path that leads through responsibility for ones actions.
	When an area of case is opened up, Say Pain in the Zorch, and you run
it out four flows, in the meantime, other areas of case and other beings
who have similar pictures are restimulated.  Because at some point on
the track, you have implanted other beings, put beams on them to monitor
them, put self created theta bits to report on them, and for gods sake,
stuck them with entire clusters with the entire purpose of reporting
their activities to you.  I am beginning to be amazed at the depth and
number of these kinds of activities I personally have been involved in.
	Perhaps it was your job. You were the local Police enforcement captain,
and you had a nice house, an attractive mate, nice kids, and all you did
is stick a nice transponder into "criminals" all day.  Soon as they
thought of anything bad, it was reported to you, and you sent someone
around to arrest them.
	Then later on, you decided to quit that job, and hmm, these guys still
are reporting to me,, ah,,,, errrr, I will just ignore it.
	Fine, fine. Ten million years later, that guy is still trying to
report. That com line still exists. This gets really hairy in major
implant operations. In these situations, perhaps trillions of beings are
involved. And you got a little tractor beam on them.
	Let us not forget the 2d..  Yep, yep, of course I put a tractor beam on
her, so I could watch her, and ahhhh,  yes now that you mention it, I
did mock up a little awareness unit and stick it on my mate to make sure
they were not cheating on me......

	Take conservatively ten thousand years of mates, and you would have
scores of hundreds of beings you had stuck something on that are still
trying to com to you over the line you laid in.

	The L rundowns handle this to a limited degree. Finding and handling
beams that other put on you is a partial handle, and it frees ones
attention up to a marked degree.
	Nots and OTIII also somewhat hit these areas. You run off and handle
beings that are being or are affected somewhat by these sort of
factors.  If you have a bit of horsepower, you just go ahead and run the
case off of anyone else in the universe that you are aware of being
attached to, and so forth.
	You get all this done, open a new area, and some idiot tries to run you
off the freeway..........
	So there has to be a solution to this.  The solution is to find, take
responsibility for all of these control mechanisms you have put on
	The reason they attack you is because you have increased in awareness.
You touch one of these old com lines, and all of a sudden the being it
is attached to activates, and all his little buds and so forth, and they
pass the word to the big Thetan in charge that you are his long lost
mother in law, and he does his damnedest to kill you.
	And you are standing there with this guy dangling by the neck in your
hand, wondering "What in hell? Where is this guy coming from, what am I
supposed to do with him now?" and so forth. So you just handle the
majority of the bpc, or simply overwhelm him, and that is the end of
	Then you wonder, "I wonder what I did to pull that in?"
	You implanted him, you beamed him, you in some fashion or the other
ensured that he would report to you.  You walk along the street, you hit
some old machine you put on someone, it activates, and the guy is
reporting, reporting, reporting, and BOY! is he ever doing it with
volume.  Not only that, he is going to give you 10,000 years worth of
reports all at once, and of course, he was most likely suppressive in
one way or the other along the line, or you would not have bothered to
keep track of him.  Since they are usually being a body, their tone
level is punishing bodies, stealing things, and so forth. Pure entheta.

	The solution:  Finding and erasing every single thing you ever put on
	The result: Responsibility for knowing cause on the seventh dynamic.

	The rundow will follow.


"A being is only as valuable as he can serve others."
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