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>From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 19 - November 1994
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It takes all sorts...

By Antony A Phillips, Denmark

It takes all sorts ... to do what? The original wording was 'It
takes all sorts to make a world'. It was said, in my hearing,
mostly as a tolerant, shrugging one's shoulders, remark,  Like some
one said, 'Isn't it terrible? So and so said so and so!' and
the tolerant, shrugging of shoulders reply would be 'Well,
it takes all sorts to make a world'.

Sometimes I have felt there is an unusually high degree of intolerance
amongst free scientologists. In my local area there seem to be a fair
number of people, who once were in comm, and working towards
a common goal (possibly as fellow staff members in an org), who
now don't talk to each other. I have even been talking to one friend,
who has made a quite critical remark about another of my friends
or acquaintances.

My feeling was that we 'free scientologists' still, consciously
or perhaps after some years at it, unconsciously are keen on and
towards a common goal. What that common goal is, is a subject for
another article - or a series - may be you would like to
send your view in(?). I suspect the goal we are all aiming for lies
some-what above the level (know to mystery scale) of symbols, and
thus is difficult to express in words (which is no reason for not
trying - it's mainly words that are conveyed in this magazine).

Anyway, I got a bit excited about what I regarded as a sort of low
tone 'fighting' between people who were on the same side,
and came up with the motto 'It takes all sorts to clear a world',
and decided to make a big thing out of it. However that intention
kind of fizzled out (got forgotten).

Was it true?

Then some one questioned the truth of the statement. Wasn't it a
Did it include Hitler, and the worst of the Roman Caesars?

So I went up tone to regret. Wished I had not written it. Boo Hoo
(even further up, to grief). What a silly girl I am.

More near to home were people having troubles with personal
A son-in-law that was suppressive. A grandchild who disconnected.
Causing unhappiness, loss, lowered morale (and with it ability).

I was right

However, with time I dropped down to my usual service faccy level,
and managed to justify my original statement. And remembered another,
rather religious, saying from my childhood: 'These things are
sent to try us'.

There is a theory that the tribulations of life are 'sent'
so that we learn something from them, and if we don't learn (which
I suppose means confront, understand) they repeat until we do.

So it does take all sorts to clear a world. I was right.

May I humbly suggest that I was also right in my rather half hearted
attempt to get free scientologists to communicate more with each
and to grant each other more beingness?

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