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Date:         Tue, 07 Mar 89 18:53:47 EST
From:         "Homer W. smith" <CTM at CORNELLC>
Subject:      conspiracy
To:           Adore-l list <ADORE-L at UALTAVM>,
              "REALITY IS SO HARD TO EXPLAIN . . ." <SU0751A at DRAKE>
In-Reply-To:  Message of Mon, 6 Mar 89 14:48:00 CST from <SU0751A at DRAKE>

>information is common among them is more likely to be true, unless we want to
>dredge up that tired fnord old conspiracy again.

    If there were a conspiracy, how come all the people who are
crying 'conspiracy'  have not uncovered it yet?  Is there a conspiracy
to get you to THINK there is a conspiracy when there isn't?

     Could there be such a thing as a SPIRITUAL CONSPIRACY on
the part of the gods and devils that be to keep man in the darkness
about his own true divine nature?

     Could this be a possible explanation for the less than ideal
beliefs in our present modern day religions?

 Homer W. smith      Adore-l list         3/07/89 conspiracy

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Thu Jul  2 00:06:02 EDT 2020 
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Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Learning without Certainty.
Learning across a Distance implies Learning by Being an Effect.
Learning by Being an Effect implies Learning without Certainty.
Therefore, Learning with Certainty implies Learning, but 
not by Being an Effect, and not across a Distance.

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