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A couple of weeks ago, I suggested a matrix of the chakras and the zones.
Here is draft on Zones of the Root Chakra:

Green Zone
  - feel safe and secure almost always
  - comfortable and harmonious with one's body
  - grounded
  - easy manifestation
  - strong affinity to nature and animals
  - ability to read and honor bottom-line energy
  - ample reserves of physical energy, resilience
  - feels connected to body and earth 
       (not entrapped)
  - reliable instinctive intuition and application
  - balanced immune system
Yellow Zone
  - feeling of safety and security variable, roller-coasters
  - sometimes comfortable and harmonious with one's body
  - partially or sporadically grounded
  - struggles with manifestation
  - some affinity with nature and animals
  - some development in reading and honoring bottom line energy 
  - average reserve of physical energy, resilience      
  - partially or sporadically connected to body and earth
  - sporadic instinctive intuition and application
  - stress, which affects the immune balance, hypercortisol,
    nervous and endocrine system on overdrive.

Red Zone

  - major issues with feeling safe and secure.
  - not comfortable or harmonious with one's body.
  - ungrounded, floaty, "mental", fear, terror, anxiety.
  - substance abuse.
  - "out of touch", thinking and/or body not grounded in reality.
  - not connected to body or earth.
  - little ability to read and honor bottom-line energy.
  - little or no appreciation or use of instinctive intuition.
  - severe or life-threatening immune system imbalances,
     adrenal insufficiency or exhaustion, nervous system
     burnout, running on fumes, endocrine system deficiencies,
     severe stress, burning the candle at both ends, insufficient
     rest, inadequate nutrition, poor grooming, sexual excess and
     energy depletion.
  - little or no reserves of physical energy or resilience.
  - hard to compete or keep up physically with others.
  - stunted growth.
  - poverty of manifestation.
  - major struggles to survive, survival threatened.
November 13, 1997
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