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>From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 10 - January 1993

Kemp's Column
By Raymond Kemp, USA

The Magic Track

Halloween, being the 41st anniversary of my introduction to Hubbard, 
and the reading of the two volumes on Scientology, recently published 
in Germany, prompt me into this particular column.

Little has been written on the subject of the Magic Track, though Ron 
has talked about it "off the cuff", and at the time I took up 
Scientology it had been a study of mine for some years (lifetimes?).

As some of you know, since the age of fourteen, I was a performing 
magician (stage type), and an illusionist, with an international 
reputation, TV and all that sort of thing. I was also an Associate of 
the Inner Magic Circle, and wrote for the Occult Committee of that 
body. Actually I was at the odds with their parameters for judging 
fraud, which were "If the same effect can be duplicated by a stage 
Magician, then the phenomena was false". I attended what now is known 
as Channeling sessions, and what was then called Spiritualist Seances.

One of the things I learned early, was that people carry their 
facsimiles around with them, and a person can with a little practice 
read off a persons facsimiles, and then tell them things that in truth 
they never "told anyone". I also learned early that "Healing" could be 
done by manipulating ridges around the patient, with sometimes 
startlings results.

However, and Ron and I had long discussions on this and other aspects, 
the common denominator of this activity was, and still is, that it is 
performed on an other assigned responsibility basis. "It is done by 
God, through me." "It is my Spirit Guide". "I have to go into a state 
of unconsciousness (trance)". And so on.

Or, as Ron discovered with Crowley, one had to, or at any rate often 
did, get high on drugs from Cocaine, Heroin or Mescaline, "so as to 
enhance the phenomena".

The "Magic" aspect of hypnotism, too, follows this same other 
determined principle. One can hypnotize a person, and then as we know 
it, exteriorise them, and then send them to remote places to view. I 
used to do this on board ships in the Navy, and there was no shortage 
of persons who wanted me to send my subjects to their home to look 
around. Nowadays I probably would simply tell the person directly to 
be three feet back of his head and go see for himself!.

Without invalidating the present day "channelers", I can only quote 
one of the discussions with Ron..."If they would only take more 
responsibility, and recognize that it is them that are doing it, we'd 
have less psychics and more result". I tested this concept out by 
auditing a psychic on nothing but responsibility, and her psychic 
powers turned off, only to turn on again in a different form as she 
went up tone toward clear, but she never again claimed to be anything 
more than "very perceptive".

Three Major Areas

Of traditional Magic on this planet, there are three major areas, 
Sympathetic, Ceremonial and Hermetic. Sympathetic Magic uses a via 
that is in some way connected, under this heading are such items as 
Tarot reading, Tea Leaf reading, Psychometry, where one holds an item 
belonging to the client; Crystal reading and Scrying (using a bowl of 
water as a concentration point) are also basically in this 

Incidentally, The Tarot has an interesting history, since it is 
considered to be the unwritten Torah, or Talmud, predating the Essens, 
who were a group of practitioners, ancient, in pre Christian era, who 
traditionally were "Keepers of the Wisdom", and the Book of the Tarot 
goes back through the Book of Toth, (egyptian), and the Book of Y Chim 
(Chinese). The full book is the study of the Qabbalah, now usually 
written and assigned to the Hebrew.

The Qabbalah when laid out can be read, and is very much like the 
factors, and the Tone Scale in its philosophy, but is also a bridge 
into Ceremonial Magic, dealing with the influences (flows and ridges) 
that can be mocked up and used whithin that framework. In other words 
it is a system of organizing what we might in general call, Knowledge, 
in its fullest sense.

As in OT3, there are areas of the planet that are sympathetic, and 
inimical to Qabbalistic Magic. One of these former is Glastonbury in 
England, traditional home of the Arthurian Legends. It was this area 
that Magicians utilized during World War Two, and "arranged" the 
weather phenomena that allowed the evacuation of Dunkirk. This is the 
last time that I know of when systems of Magic were combined, 
Sympathetic, Ceremonial and Hermetic, (basically Hermetic Magic is the 
utilization of the forces of nature, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) to 
bring about a result.

All of this can be classified as Occult, meaning "Momentarily Hidden" 
i.e. Occult is the opposite of Flash. Flash is an interruption of 
darkness for a moment. Occult is a moment of darkness in a general 
condition of Light. Traditionally Magicians, sometimes referred to as 
members of the White Brotherhood, do not reveal what they know or do 
not know, nor do they confirm or deny. Which by the way is one of the 
reasons why Crowley is often misquoted. He never said "Do as you will 
shall be the whole of the Law". What he said was "-Do- what you will" 
(emphasis mine), a totally different concept.

But all of this is very latter day stuff, and really is what may be 
considered to be a minute left over from the magic Track itself.


Those of you who have heard my lecture "Three days before Once upon a 
Time", know that what I was talking about was the early Magic Track. 
Ron put this data out as a research project in London ACC, under the 
heading of "The Rock". It deals with the first time thetans used mock 
ups to play games. Interestingly, on that ACC after several lectures 
on this, he then forbade the students to run the incident, as an 
engram, saying use the finder "The incident necessary to resolve you 

As an aside, my auditor was Jack Campbell, and we said to hell with it 
and ran my Rock incident. Halfway through a session, Ron, who would 
sit in on sessions as they were proceeding, and pass notes and 
suggestions to the auditors, sat in on my session, and suddenly 
interrupted Jack saying "Are you running Ray on the The Rock incident, 
after I told you not to?" Jack, without any comm lag, replied "No, 
Ron, I am running the incident necessary to resolve the case." Ron 
laughed and said, "Good, I hoped that was what you were doing", and 
never interrupted our sessions again.

Anyway, before the entry into the MEST Universe, which was a game 
started by a group of thetans who got tired of games where the rules 
were known, and often broken, so they hid the rules and not-knew them 
as an entry fee. There were many other games being played. The major 
difference being that Thetans knew that they were thetans, or even 
Theta, and set up whole societies and even variations of the Mest 
Universe, in which mock ups were as solid as one wished them to be, or 
agreed that they were and all theta abilities were, if you like, 
commonplace and accepted as normal.

In other words the game was played without vias, My favorite 
description of the difference between the Magic Universe and the Mest 
Universe, is that the latter is ruled by a postulate that goes 
something like:

"I can't do it, but I can build a machine that can"

In the Magic Universe one had an acre or thousand, of Land, or a 
planet or two to call home, one went visiting with friends, or mocked 
up friends to visit, one made "solid" mock ups that other people could 
use or not, exchanged concepts, ideas or aesthetics. Went up and down 
Tone, even to the point of zapping another into oblivion, (provided 
that the other agreed that he was now in oblivion), and in general did 
all the things that one does, or dreams of. The difference being that 
one did it because one decided to do it, and no vias.

The ethics of the magic society were without penalty, and beings were 
amoral, in that they knew who and what they were, and "damage" could 
only occur by agreeing that damage had occurred.

I remember a favourite house of mine, its colors were Lavender and 
White. I tried this life to duplicate those colors, but never 
succeeded ... very frustrating to me.

Whole societies, groups, nations, these words are only approximations, 
existed and co-existed. All was not sweetness and light. Good 
intentions and bad intentions existed, but underlying all the 
interactions was the basic knowledge that we are what we are, and we 
do what we will do.

One entered the game by deciding what roles we were going to play, 
Master, Piece or Pawn, and we retired when we felt that we should, 
either by the rules of the sub game we were playing or just because we 
said in effect; "To hell with it, I quit".

The creation of an effect, was probably the highest purpose, then, as 
now, and these effects could sometimes be staggering to the theta 
concepts. It was here that one discovered that big effects were fun, 
but also sometimes little effects could be just as powerful. In fact 
the little effect game was possibly the ending of that universe, when 
people started to buy their own PR, and became the little effect of a 
little effect and then said that they were the effect of it, and 
"forgot" that they had created it all in the first place, and so 
retired without unmocking that part of that game, and thus they became 
broken pawns, another way of describing the condition of human being.

I can't do it, but I can build a machine that can...

I can't actually build the machine, but I can build a tool that can 
build a machine that can...

I can't build a tool, but I can build a Union that will permit others 
to build a tool that can build...

I can't build a Union but I can join one if someone will build one so 
that they can build...

I can't join, but I can work to earn money to join so that some one 
can build...

It's called a dwindling spiral, using more and more other determinism, 
and other responsibility. It is called the US and THEM syndrome. It's 
called the Licence to Survive Syndrome. It is called the "God made Man 
in his own image" Syndrome, rather than "Man made God in his own 

It is called "You can't be OT, you can't levitate yet". It can also be 
called Loss of the Home universe. And it is on your track.

If you want to know more about how we left that track and got onto 
this one, either remember it or, at the risk of being crassly 
commercial, read my book "Handbook of the Gods", and then you might 
want to reread my article on Quantum, or get the lecture series given 
in Holland. some of the people who attended that particular conference 
have never been the same since!.

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