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    I posted to this group for a while, and decided to join. Being no
longer in doubt about the general purpose of the group, (likewise ARS,
animated clusters) I would like to therefore announce my intentions.
    I am a founding Sea Org member, clear 3337, Full OT VII 1000. Fully
hatted Commanding Officer, FPPO, DofP, SSO, Word clearer, Super
literate, 1st Class Missionare, Senior Cl IV auditor, done the OEC, Data
Series, Establishment Officer, NED auditor, M1 auditor, with
demonstrated long term Power Stats on every post I have ever held. Of
course, I have also been on the Rehabilitation Project Force, earned my
white and gold arm bands.I was responsible, among others for the PAC
release of "The Secret of Flag Results" movie. I have read the entire
chrono packs of all the HCOB's, the SOEDs, all of the FMO's, in addition
to listening to hundreds of hours of tapes, read every LRH book he ever
wrote, all done after Superlit.
   Not that I want to impress anyone, I passed that long ago. There are
many much more well trained than I, and many more much less well
trained. During the entirety, my primary drive was to help the staff.
The public was being taken care of by the Org, and I only cared about
taking care of the staff, most of whom worked long hard hours to put and
maintain a bridge there for the ignorant. Most of these were not in very
good shape case or training wise, but they believed the old man, no case
on post, and just pulled themselves up by the bootstraps, and operated.
Of course they made mistakes. They still do. They worked very long and
hard for practically no pay. Mine was $17 a week for a long time. Of
course I got $60-70 thousand dollars worth of services out of it, and a
experience that is second to none
     More than that, if this stinking little ball of dirt were to have
all the atsmophere sucked off it tomorrow because some one else wants
the planet, but not the life forms, I would have no problem rounding up
all my friends, handling the upset, and we would promptly get on with
another game somewhere else.
    Some may attack me. Come on, come on, come on. It will be the
shortest fight they ever had. The bridge is mine, I helped build it, I
walked it, I held it up for the great unwashed masses, and I am on the
other side. Some may attack the Church staff. Why not. They are only
wogs. Great motivator. At least they are wogs that are trying, and in my
book that makes them OT. It saddens me to hear them called Churchies,
etc, etc. Those very people are working 16 hours a day to help the very
ones who are throwing the stones .As everyone on staff was once a wog,
just like you, it is terribly unfair and childish. Of course they made
mistakes. They still do, and undoubtedly they still will. Sure, lots of
peoples cases have been messed up. I would venture to guess that they
had one hell of a case to start with before it got "messed up". Of
course there is actually a thing as a Suppressive Person. I have met
them, and saw them down to the little clinker they call their soul. For
gods sake why do you think we have 10 or 15 wars going on on this dirt
ball on any given day? Why do you see bars on all the windows of nearly
every store and house? The church is a most excellent place for a sp. He
can manage to get in a position of power by lying and cheating, and
throw the slaves off the bridge willy-nilly.  So don't blame the church
for your own inability to detect and handle a SP. Rather do the PTS/SP
Routing, Detection, and handling course. I ramble, it is not my purpose
to defend the church nor anyone in it. They can take care of their own,
have no doubt about it.
    I left the Church of my own volition. It needed to grow up, or I
blew myself off because of my own o/w's, whichever one you believe.
    My purpose here on earth is to help, to undo some of the wrong that
I have done. If not for me, Incident 1 and 2 would not have had near the
kick that it had. If you are up to it, I am sorry. Not that that helps
any, because I wound up in the same soup as you. I am no better nor
worse than anyone else.
    My purpose here on ACT is to help those who would have it, train
those who wish it, and befriend all who need one. I am not here to stomp
snakes, debate the virtues of snake oil, or watch football scores. I am
much more a Player than a spectator.
    None of us would be here right now if not for LRH. There would be no
alt.Clearing.tech.  He was a wise man, a child god, and he did a pretty
good job of assimilating a ton of crap, and putting it into some sort of
a workable form that could be learned by fools, and would reach almost
all the way to the bottom. And on top of that, he hacked together a
organization that would manage to deliver it, survive, flourish and
prosper even when he was gone, and every SP on the planet was foaming at
the mouth to get it destroyed.
    When you know the tech, you think with it, its yours, YOU are
source. He never claimed to invent anything. Never. Nor did he. The way
is the way. Again, I ramble.
    I have discovered many short cuts for some. For some it would be
probably very out gradient. I forget what it is like to try and think
through a case. For those whom are able, I have compiled a ton of stuff
to do to blow the whole trap apart.  Your pieces may not be mine. I have
to admit, I did it from this side looking back. Still though, it should
work for anyone with a sincere desire to cross. The bridge is the
bridge. Rons is very wide, very stable.  For those nimble of feet, and
not afraid to risk the fire below, a much faster one exists, probably
many, but this path I have traveled, and travel it still.
    I shall post these things as I can get them codified from stacks of
my solo folders, notes, Rons stuff, and a few others. I shall also post
them on my web site so they are more readily accessible.
   " One does all this to rise senior to the mechanics of this and the
next universe up which act as a pair in entrapment, and further to
release one from all the mechanics there are in any and all universes to
where you are just you as Life and that is home and home enough, and
anything less than infinitely creative static sucks"
   First for those who can solo, and prepchek: here is the procedure:
   The first list is the buttons, the second is the subject. All buttons
for all subjects, and prep check the combination.
The 18 buttons used on a Prep Check are:

1. Suppressed
 2. Careful of
 3. Didn't reveal
 4. Not-ised
 5. Suggested
 6. Mistake been made
 7. Protested
 8. Anxious about
 9. Decided
 10. Withdrawn from
 11 . Reached
 12. Ignored
 13 . Stated
 14. Helped
 15. Altered
 16. Revealed
 17. Asserted
 18. Agreed with

The buttons are:

now,     like,     should,     needs,     supposed     to,     want,
ignore,     feel,     safe,     real,     can,     fair,
withdrawn     from,     wait,     combat,     regret,     mistake,
blame,     reveal,     waste,     trust,     disgusted     with,
sought,     funny,     advise,     accuse,     death,     careful
of,     dangerous,     demand,     punish,     prevent,
beautiful,     ugly,     imaginary,     must,     fail,     serious,
right,     wrong,     withhold,     accept,     agree,     normal,
obey,     inhibit,     suppress,     hide,     change,     order,
disagree,     invalidate,     enforce,     destroy,     false,
invalidate,     decide,     admire,     copy,     assert,     prone,
important,     incomplete,     interesting,     pretend,     expect,
willing,     real,     true,     reach,     care     for,     be,
unknown,     create,     and     know.

 These are the 150 subjects, in order:

unconsciousness,     finance,     consciousness,     change,
time,     responsibility,     emotion,     stopping,     force,
starting,     attitudes,     affinities,     agreements,
communications,     bodies,     food,     power,     justifications,
pasts,     presents,     futures,     beingness,     havingness,
doingness,     decisions,     mysteries,     perceptions,
automaticities,     goals,     knowingness,     pretences,
controls,     helps,     help-self,     reason,     art,
justice,     composites,     hiding,     needing     bodies,
approval     from     bodies,     owning     bodies,     protecting
bodies,     controlling     bodies,     feeling     bodies,
responsibility     as     blame,     punishing     other     bodies,
being     other     bodies,     being     a     body,     death
as     a     body,     apathy,     making     amends,     grief,
propitiation,     sympathy,     fear,     covert     hostility,
anger,     pain,     work,     antagonism,     boredom,
conservatism,     enthusiasm,     desire,     exhilaration,
pan-determinism,     feeling,     life,     exteriorization,
feeling     others,     serenity,     self,     motion,     other
beings,     games,     control,     abilities,     certainty,
confront,     freedom,     theta,     motionlessness,     pleasing
beings,     displeasing     beings,     god,     perceptions,
know,     blackness,     automaticity     (singly,     not
plural),     light,     opinion,     randomity,     postulate,
duplicate,     overt,     motivator,     habit,     considerations,
admiration,     words,     education,     thought,     result,
effort,     symbols,     eating,     matter,     sex,     energy,
mysteries,     space,     location,     time,     form,     starts,
reason,     intelligence,     change,     stupidity,     repair,
stop,     have,     friend,     be,     opponent,     do,     play,
copy,     my     universe,     others     universe,     our
universes,     reality,     affinity,     lose,     win,
exchange,     universe     destruction,     differentiation,
forget,     remember,     create,     aesthetics,     ethics,
decency,     truth,     awareness,     individuality,
coexistence,     vanishments.

As an example one would take the first button NOW, and the first
subject, unconsciousness, put them together to for NOW UNCONSCIOUSNESS,
and asses the prepcheck buttons on the combination, standard prepcheck
procedure. Then the next one: NOW FINANCE,  prepcheck that, and so on
through all of the subjects. Then take the next button, LIKE
UNCONSCIOUSNESS, prep check, so on and so forth. If the combination
dosent make sense, work it around to where it does.
   The awareness change is amazing, and this pretty much takes the
charge of of everything.

I have probably wasted enough of you time, so will quit for now. Web
site is partially up, will work on it daily.  Any questions you have, I
will try to answer, or send you to the best of my ability to someone who

"A being is only as valuable as he can serve others."
pthorn1 at pacbell.net
http://wwp.mirabilis.com/232039 (icq pager)

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