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     Hello, Heidrun,

     Please don't fail to finish reading Velikovski (the most
brilliant "unenlightened" geologist ever to walk the planet) on my
account.  Then read The Twelfth Planet by Zechariah Sitchin for more
of the research on this.

     V.  has all the events well explained, but he is missing two
crucial data: a 'basic' incident and a physics phenomenon.  But that's
okay - none of the "modern" geologists have them either.  I'd be happy
to fill in the remaining details.

     The 'basic' incident.

     Earth was once in the orbit of the asteroids.  It was stable, a
central body of rock covered by a fairly uniform sheet of ice.  It was
struck so hard by a large intruder that it was broken.  The shards are
the asteroids (rock and ice).  The remainder of the intruder is
flattened against the core of the earth beneath Alaska.  The Pacific
ocean is the crater.  Thrown from its orbit, the earth wobbled into a
closer-to-the-sun orbit once owned by Luna, now captured as our moon.
Now close enough to the sun to melt the ice, the water filled the

     The physics phenomenon.

     A spinning body in space tends to the round.  To the degree that
its structure allows fluidity, it will become a sphere.  As the earth
rebalanced toward returning to spherical, the land mass left on the
one side by the cratering and water drain to the other side broke that
land mass apart and the migration of the continents began.  So plate
tectonics as an observation is correct, but the given explanation is
not.  Scientists have in recent years expressed curiosity the Mars and
Venus do not have plate tectonics.  But like all ego-or geo-centric
assumptions, theirs fails to answer the questions.  And they haven't
questioned the assumption: the correct question is Why does Earth have
plate tectonics when none others do?  Of course they are proceeding
from the accomplished professional destruction of Velikovski by the
vested and religious interests of "science".

     The religion of science is a concept known as Lyleism, or
gradualism.  Admitting only grudgingly to the occasional catastrophe
(the dinosaur meteor forced that admission only a few years ago),
Lyleism enforces the view that the earth has evolved very slowly and
that everything we see is the result of extremely slow physical
processes.  Lyle is recognized the the first geologist, but he was a
biologist by training.  It's interesting to note that Lyle was the
primary influence in the development of Darwin's theories, another
gradualism construction.

     The net result.

     Earth is not yet spherical enough to be stable.  It may never
become so.  This is why Earth is not a center for civilization.  It is
at best a dangerous campground and occasional mining colony, and at
worst a galactic dump and prison.  Which is why most of us are here.
Rejects for whatever reason, the general population is implanted and
imprisoned here so as to terminate their incessant individualistic and
criminal non-conformity from disrupting the staid and oppressive
mechanisms of the galactic "order".

     The out-of-round condition of Earth will continue to cause
earthquakes and volcanos as things continue to adjust.  These things
are about as avoidable as physical body aging.  Yet there is a
different pattern.  The catastrophic adjustments cycle of Earth is
governed (contained within is more accurate) the rules of Chaos.  The
wobble of the planet, never explained by the geologists, periodically
spins out of control and flips the globe into some new North-South
orientation compared to the sun.

     This happens geologically instantly, over the course of only a
few years of buildup and an instantaneous consummation.  It has
happened many times in the past and will continue to happen.  It can
happen after a series of earthquakes and other geophysical "warnings",
but it can as easily happen right at the end of a period of relative,
even unusual calm, almost without warning.  When it happens, it
creates the effects described by Velikovski.

     I appreciate your musings on our outflow, etc.  Whether or not
such things can modify the planetary chaord (chaos-ruled cycle), they
are good for us personally.  As far as preventing future disaster, as
I said, that's about as possible as ending aging.

     I'd say that the correct objective is to get as clear as possible
so that one has the option of leaving here, or of being able to have a
wild fun ride during the event and an interesting adventure of
reconstruction after.  After all-- while a pitifully small number of
us have ever left the planet, almost all of us have been through its
cycle more than once.


At 05:42 AM 6/15/99 +0000, Heidrun Beer wrote:
>**   ivy-subscribers relaying.  **
>I am currently reading Velikovsky's "Worlds in Collision" -
>the old classic, written before my birth, which says that Earth
>had several encounters with another planet (Venus) during its
>history, and that this was shifting its axis and causing all
>the catastrophes described in the Bible for the time of the
>Exodus. (There are many accounts of other peoples too which
>all match this model.)
>The predictions in the revelation - and other end-time predictions - 
>resemble the phenomena during such an encounter in many parts.
>I am not through with the book yet, but if I understand it 
>correctly, then magnetic phenomena had a big part in this,
>as well as gravity of course.
>It always amazed me that so many of the endtime-predictions (not
>only those in religious sources) speak about the possibility 
>that with a fast enough spiritual evolution of humankind, 
>the disasters could be avoided or at least might happen in a
>milder form.
>Yesterday my daughter called me, complaining about the trouble
>she had with people who kept invalidating her. As I haven't yet
>managed to motivate her to do regular processing, I recommended
>to just flow out so much positive energy herself, that none of
>the incoming negative energy would have a chance to touch and
>influence her.
>And later I thought - well if we could conceive of a planetary
>identity (which of course IS a product of spiritual evolution),
>we might do the same thing and just flow out so much positive
>spiritual energy AS A PLANET, that it would make our planetary
>space so big that we would keep another celestial body far enough
>away (positive and positive repel each other) - and it wouldn't
>come close enough to harm our ecosphere.
>Maybe it doesn't require prayers and consecrated candles as much
>as just being so big as a planet that our emanations alone "reserve"
>the space which we need to keep our planet's life systems intact??
>Heidrun Beer
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