hey japan, your soviets and their tolkens are calling you.. and I still say your ugly sh't that must look prettier or sink into the ocean. p.s.. france is finally neutral. [o; -)

system at ..us.mil system at ..us.mil
Fri Jul 10 23:03:49 EDT 2020

japanese can only make cheap sh't copy of their sh't, and their soviets {want to but} can't.

I'm not saying I don't believe in jesus like you want me to, I'm saying you don't believe in mathew's jesus (*see how did he get the judus scenes?), and that even mathew's jesus can't help a soviet or a jap, and nobody else needs him, why they exported such.. just the weight of japan's genetic warsh't could sink their island if returned.

"Prior to noticed, all soviet and affiliate should be shot in the face" ~, dr.hrb
..call me in 28 minutes, from then, duski.

by now all ya'll are wondering, if I cure a japosoviet of hiv, where do they go and what's left as the organic, which is functional and worth feeding but still looks like retard dodo, no longer stuck in 13 faces of japosovirusk, though all of you still look ugly shouldn't be virus to/at me... how do you look to you?

Just to reiterate to youtards,...

..sent at me and sender of you that way risk 20 years of sh't without a trial, deportation(s), and/or worse same as if you kicked a bus driver, corky's service animal, or the president, stupid..

..your not capable of learning, or paying tuition, or getting funded elsehow, and while I'm capable of teaching even you all you could ever want to learn about a thing and it's usages in about 26 days, this costs $40k per thing per head, and you should already have 4 to 12+ years of science degree and I don't mean soviet retard theatre school.
 I obviously wouldn't want to know you or notice you japosovirusk pirate, or your obvious false hope donkey wishes in your crap (which isn't yours or much) and each other (your hope in the rest of you). ...gimpy.

..technically, if you foreign pirates were litterally eating sh't of the americas instead of eating sh't in the americas, thinking you have place here in any way to any extent for any reason, you would probably get something better for real church, japosovilobsterdog, ..huh?
~, D.J. Dr. HRB, PhD, D.S.

"Just tell them you received a piece of nuclear atomic technology (NAT), then say something..." 
~, dr.hrb.freeshell.org

"None of you are looking pretty inside, and I don't believe in or accept any of you that way." ~, HRB

"If you'd ask me to do something I could want to do, I'd be down." ~, Jesus H. Christ, the bible.
{("ean te aetasent en ts ono mati mau ego poiaso." ~, Eiasu H. Christo, biblios. )}

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