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Treasured All,

Having established and operated groups and centers, having audited and
trained auditors in many establishments over the course of my 30 or so
years in Spiritual Counseling, I feel I might have a bit to contribute
to this years long on-going diatribe and dialogue about prices.

Then again, maybe not. But we shall see as we progress, those who follow

Junipero Serra could be said to be the king and originator of the
American Franchise system. Start somewhere down in Mexico, maybe around
San Felipe, and start travelling north to San Francisco, and count the
missions of the Catholic Church he established. And by the time Brother
Junipero hit "the New World", casting 10% of your bread on the water was
at least a 5,000+/- year old idea.

In traditional church establishment, church bonds are sold. There is no
income to be generated by these bonds, but those who purchase the bonds
get tto become deacons, lay ministers, family pews and other perks and
bennies which demonstrate their support of the organization.

The Xof$ continues this activity through lifetime memberships, etc.

Us goood old franchise Holders had to do it on
our own hook. We couldn't sell lifetime memberships into our ..uh...
Mission (and some of us truly held the religious concept dear). So, we
had to set up and deliver. If the tech wasn't good or the area too
loaded with entheta, then the Mission shut down. I remember people
laughing at me when I said I was going to establish Mission of
Hollywood, after several other really cool guys had not been able to
turn Hollywood over. So, I bought bus bench ads for Dianetics, bought
newspaper ads in the neighborhood weeklies, and ran surveys non-stop on
the corner of Hollywood and Vine, while keeping book sellers in shoe
leather and hamburgers, while they sold DMSMH on street corners to
whores, pimps, cops, tourists and anybody else who would spend the (at
that time) two bucks.

Keeping three auditors going plus two admin folks and three street book
sellers going wasn't an easy task, but I got it going. Sometimes, in the
beginning, I'd have to raid the coffee machine to have enough dough to
stop by Ralph's Grocery Market on the way home to feed myself, my then
wife and my son. But we prospered as a group. We did so well that FOLO
would show up every Tuesday night at our Mission and "request" donations
to their group. I forced in an exchange, and got training for myself and
my staff, at their International Executive Academy (something that few
field operations benefitted from - it was mostly a xhurch staff
academy).CCLA would show up to sell us books, because we were selling
far more than they were, with their 60+ staff.

Later, after diaspora, I purchased Jon Zegels' center and had my own
operations in Riverside and Garden Grove happening. I burned up three
automobiles running from one center to the next. Between the three
locations I had around 19 staff (auditors, course supervisors and admin
staff), all of whom got paid every week.

While in Austin, I helped Jayne as a senior C/S, and Senior auditor at
her center. She was flat out, four sessions a day, five days a week. I
only believe in one day off, if I am auditing, so between the two of us,
we were delivering around 70 chair hours a week. I doubled her lowest
rate for my PCs, and I still wasn't earning $200 an hour. That was a pay
cut for me, because my start up rate at that time for new people was
$175 an hour. Advance clients paid upwards of $375 for very specific,
hand tailored material.

And, for executive management stuff, I required $650-1,000 per hour,
based on the size of the company and the diligence and disciplines I
employed, or viewpoints and added staff I might employ in order to
approach the outpoints/expansion programs/intelligence activities
required for the client firm.

I was never hurting for clients, who were very happy to pay for the
services I delivered.

Today, were I to set up an operation - not Alan's model wherein
co-auditing makes up the brunt of what is being delivered - say, rather,
the trational model of a Clearing Center (2 senior executives, 2-3
auditors, 2 key admin personnel, 1-2 course supervisors), I'm looking at
a minimum of 2500 square feet of space. If I can find decent $2.00 space
(meaning not in some run down section of town), my rent is $5,000. Now
paying salaries to staff (execs wait, even though we double as Senior
C/Ses and Staff training officers, and Qual/Ethics for staff and public,
and computer operators, etc.), that's about $16,800 a month in salaries.
Mail, phones, faxes, computers and on-line services including web-site,
promo, supplies, materiel and the rest will account for another $8,000
per month. OK, janitorial, trash service, water, plants, FEDEX,
materials and tape manufacture, etc. add another $4,000. And these
aren't all the costs, by any stretch of the imagination.

The above totals around $35,000 a month.

3 auditors will deliver not more that 80 hours per week, or about 300
per month. So, the minimum I can charge for a break even, if my auditors
receive a flat salary is $125 hour +/-. If my auditors are paid by the
hour, then $200 is the minimum rate.

Anybody receiving service from a dedicated group of trained
professionals, in reasonably secure, clean and modern facilities, which
delivers spiritual counseling exclusively for a rate of $200 per hour in
a metropolitan US city is getting the break of a lifetime.

To insure that I made out on the deal (means did not have to beat up the
coffee machine to feed my family), I would have to charge $250 minimum.

But Homer would have to pay $750, and I wouldn't laugh at his jokes. I
wouldn't even audit him.

But you all knew that.

Alan Walter and Knowledgism is the very best operation I know of on the
planet, at this time, which delivers a valid, excellent and (dare I say
it) standard personal and spiritual enhancement and enlightenment
product to those who are diligently working on spiritual enlightenment.

LaMont Johnson 


Homer Wilson Smith wrote:
> > Evaluation shows that at the top of the scale a person would be
> > able to embrace different viewpoints rather than fighting them.
>      So much for LaMont.
>      Homer

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