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             ((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                                RAF - 3
                             18 August 1984
                    Copyright (C) 1984 Ron A. Fitch
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
                           TECHNICAL BULLETIN
                                ISSUE II
                          END of ENDLESS NOTS
     There is an unfortunate phenomenon I have noticed over the years.
It concerns the initial use, application and end phen- omenon of a "new"
rundown, level or technical action; e.g.  Drug Rundown, Section III OT
COurse, Hard TR Course of 1971, etc.  I am sure that you recognize the
phenomenon I am talking about.  The "new" level or rundown is introduced
and promoted to the public as the end all level, which will produce
[case] states unheard of in the history of this universe, is the case
cracker for which we've all been waiting, and is the the result of
another fantastic breakthrough by Ron.  There is then a rush to the
local ORG, AO, or Flag to receive this wonderful "new" rundown after
which comes a rash of success stories which truly validate the new
action as everything Ron said it would be, and even more!  I've seen
this pattern repeated many times.
     Since any rundown is proclaimed to be the "ultimate", I find people
pushing on -intensive after intensive- and returning for intensive after
intensive, to get this high in the sky ultimate end phenomenon or
     This phenomenon was particularly true with OT III where various
repairs, even the processes of "old" OT VII were [in some cases] used to
get that ultimate end phenomenon.[] But, alas, some seemed to go on and
on with no end in sight in an unending futile search for that magical,
mystical EP while at the same time getting excellent gains from OT III.
     Another pattern seems to be that at first the person gets excellent
results, peaks out, and then goes into a slow or rapid decline.  Some
attest at this peak; they are the lucky ones.  Others, perhaps holding
onto some precious hidden standard, go on and on, searching for that pot
of gold at the end of the rainbow.  After awhile, their cases begin to
deteriorate and they go into a dwindling spiral of self-invalidation,
and some "blow" with their bypassed-charge and are never heard of again.
As this happens to more and more people, stats begin to go down and Ron
steps in and announces the "END OF ENDLESS.... ".  (Fill in the blank
with: Drug Rundown, Interiorazation Rundown, OT III, or whatever)
     It is now found that those way overdue, actually overshot "their
EP" for the level, and either a rehab or a new level will resolve the
     Have you ever noticed what happens when you overrun or overshoot
the EP of Grade 0, Communication Release?  As this grade is overrun, the
very thing that it was supposed to handle begins to deteriorate; the
PC's communication, and sometimes the PC, begins to worsen.  Also, the
PC begins to "pull in" the next level; in this case, Grade I Problems.
     As the PC and his communication worsens, the auditor, C/S and even
the PC think that what the PC needs is more communication processes.
>From this, more and more problems overwhelm the PC and soon he is in
repair, where we hope that an observant auditor will find the overrun,
indicate it to the PC and allow him to attest.  Therefore, the
indicators of [extreme] overrun are:
     1.  The PC overruns and develops conditions which are just the
opposite of what the grade is supposed to handle, on a worsening
downward spiral.
     2.  The PC "pulls in" and begins to dramatize the the next
[gradient] level.
     3.  If the overrun is not [properly] handled, the PC's life begins
to [noticeably] deteriorate; eventually leading to extreme mental
distress, illness, or an outright "blow".
     I observed and understood that, when NOTS was first introduced, it
was designed to be a "limited" action (one or two intensives).  It was
designed to handle and complete the phenomenon first encountered on OT
III.  It was delivered to the PreOT as an audited action by an Advance
Courses Specialist.  Simple, quick and neat and then the PreOT was to
get on with his creative processing levels of "old" OT IV, V, VI and
     Then, the old ugly spectre appears: NOTS is the "ultimate" level
with the usual intensive after intensive pattern.  This is great for
Flag and the AO's since NOTS is a very costly rundown.  Then ecconomic
factors take over and Ron introduces Solo NOTS so that the PreOT can
take his "ENDLESS NOTS case home with him and audit it forever to his
heart's content (while continuing to pay C/S fees to Flag).
     Next, we see a "new" grade chart with the "new" OT levels of
Audited NOTS, the Solo NOTS course and Solo NOTS as New OT VII.  The
creative processing levels of "old" OT IV, V, VI and VII disappear (just
dropped right off the face of the earth).  The Solo NOTS PreOT's appear,
auditing on for months (turning into years), to attain a far off, hazy,
but ultimate goal of New OT VII.
     Ah!  But wait!  Ron will step in.  Ron will save the day with "The
END of ENDLESS NOTS Rundown" before this beleaguered army of Solo NOTS
auditors audit themselves into oblivion and overrun.  Remember the
ecconomic factors; Flag doesn't want to lose those willing to report in
at anytime and pay whatever is demanded so that they can buy this
precious opportunity to get out of this "stinking universe".
     Unfortunately, Ron does not step at this time and save the day.
The rest is all history: force, more force, rebellion, more force,
declares, blows, and insanity; ad-infinitum.  It is interesting to note
here that many of the old mission holders fit in the category of long
duration NOTS PreOT's.
     Now, I want to make a statement from my personal experience over
the many years that I have been involved with this technology; the
statement being:
     My observation in the area of NOTS is:
     I have met and gotten to know many Solo NOTS PreOTs in the last two
years.  Ninety percent of them (or more) who have been on NOTS for a
very long time, demonstrate some or all of the following
     1.  A kind of noble attitude of "going on" endlessly;
     2.  An attitude of giving up, but feeling incomplete;
     3.  A false pride and dedication to an EP theorized about
     4.  Outright physical, emotional, and spiritual deterioration;
     5.  Becoming more at the effect of life;
     6.  Mental instability;
     7.  A TA that just soars when the [auditing] subject is addressed;
     8.  Hidden standards that lead to unreal expectations;
     9.  Loss of personal power;
     10.  Waiting, etc.
     In one case I know, an individual who had 400 hours (yes 400
hours!) of NOTS and has suffered a mental breakdown which may require
years for him to recover from.  This is the most extreme case I know of.
However, I can imagine that a non-Scientologist might look at some of
these guys and and gals and wonder how someone could pay so much money
to get into such bad shape.
     Again, the 3 steps of overrun are:
     1.  The PC/PreOT overruns and develops conditions which are just
the opposite of what the grade or level is supposed to handle.  The
condition continues to worsen on a downward spiral.
     2.  The PC/PreOT pulls in the "next" level and begins to dramatize
that "next" level.
     3.  If the overrun is not handled, the PC's/PreOT's life begins to
deteriorate, eventually leading to extreme mental distress, illness,
complete mental collapse or an outright blow.
     In theory, that the PreOT would begin to dramatize on a NOTS
overrun would be the creative processing levels of "New" OT VIII, IX, X
SECTIONS).  This means that he would compulsively create and mock up,
unknowingly, without end, totally on automatic and that means he is
going to continue to endlessly mock up a NOTS case and become more the
effect of it, forever.  Then he will become more and more the effect of
life.  This leads to deteriorization, mental distress, illness and
eventual mental collapse, or a blow from the subject [of Scientology].
     Some Beings are stronger than others and therefore go on for years
before they self-destruct.  Of course, left to their own devices, they
will probably think that all this overrun phenomenon just means that
more NOTS is needed.
     Will Ron step in to save the day?
     I think not.  If he does, the handling which would be an END OF
course, be confidential and of no help to those who have blown or been
     It should be noted that prior to the discovery of Dianetic Clear,
many thousands of people were overrun on Dianetics, even though it was
once stated that the state of clear could not be overrun.  This overrun
of Dianetics did produce many undesirable mental and physical effects.
Later, these effects had to be cleaned up and handled.  Similarly, the
state CAUSE OVER LIFE could not be overrun, but certainly NOTS could be
overrun, with all the resulting undesirable mental and physical effects.
     We in the reformation movement (the independent field) who are
trained to this level, must take responsibility for the overrun
phenomenon since the untrained NOTS PreOT's will just continue to slip
into the effect side of life and just wait for someone else to take
     The project to create an END OF ENDLESS NOTS CORRECTION LIST and
RUNDOWN has begun so that we can get on with the job of delivering the
creative processing levels of "New" OT VIII, IX, X and XI, which move
the individual to new levels of causitiveness.
     I welcome others to join this venture.
                         *  *  *  *  *
                    Submitted Anonymously
                   by a Class VIII Auditor
LW/rf TRN-0004

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