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Homer Wilson Smith wrote:
> > I will stick my neck out here and assert again that the Sandwich
> > Process (available to all who like sandwiches) will get you back
> > to core case smoothly and easily if you also use the techniques
> > of Standard Tech 97 when appropriate.
> >
> > ndc
>     Sometimes it is hard to take you seriously.
>     I trust you are being serious here.
>     You wanna repost this neatly so I can take a look
> at it?
>     Homer

I am serious.

Sandwich Process (run repetitively to EP)

David Letterman wants to know:
Sandwiches you like or have liked.

This can be run solo or dual.
It cannot be overrun.
It can be run on anyone at any case level.

The PC must like or have liked sandwiches and
know who David Letterman is.

Standard Tech 97

When viewing an incident the PC should always
check to see if a STANDARD (something that stands
out like a flag or an ensign) is part of the incident.
When it is there, the PC should focus his attention
on the standard which will then expand into a new
incident (or something).

It would be nice if the auditor would actually command
the PC to do this. Many PCs instinctively use this method
but have to pretend that they are looking for an earlier
similar incident.


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