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     This is the latest version of my monitor handling issue.  It is
webbed on http://ralph.hilton.org/clearsp3.htm

     I started auditing NOTs outside the CofS in 1983.  I noticed
almost immediately that distant heavy beings came up on many people.
CofS auditors were instructed at Flag to direct the Pre-OTs attention
away from these (data from 2 Flag trained NOTs auditors).  I found
that handling them produced greater gains in many instances than
auditing the close in beings who seemed to be held in place by them.

     One of the most important things I have found workable is to
continually strive to increase the space of the Pre-OT.  This is
covered extensively in the PDC but is neglected in the CofS.  Someone
auditing with the space of a room is very much at effect of these
phenomena.  The aim is to have the Pre-OT extend their time and space
to encompass the physical universes and the "prior" universes.  The
amount of charge a Pre-OT needs to resolve on NOTs before using this
technique varies considerably.

     In CofS NOTs the purpose seems to be to blow BTs.  But where does
the BT blow to?  Sooner or later, with good auditing, the Pre-OTs
space will expand to encompass the BT again.

     Axiom 25 is an important part of NOTs indoctrination.  It is not
of the slightest ultimate consequence whether the BT "blows" or not.
The aberration is that the BT is in close proximity and mystery not
that the BT is there.  In auditing NOTs one is re-establishing
affinity and communication to a point where the "BT" and the Pre-OT
are at a high point on the Know to Mystery scale.

     The CofS EP for NOTs is a clear space around the body and a
transparent body.  It's an EP which grants beingness to the body and
negates the thetan.  It is my experience that NOTs, as such, doesn't
finish.  Its a false EP and a lie.  NOTs is part of many tools.  As
the Pre-OT expands the good C/S gives them more and more tools in a
gradient which is designed to increase the responsibility level of the

     The aim is to put them at cause.  NOTs is a lie if it audits at
effect.  In most cases it is a necessary gradient but as soon as
possible one wants the Pre-OT auditing from Cause.

     The Factors are the key datum in this auditing.  It relates to
misownership of viewpoints and dimension points.

     I'll quote a bit from the Factors:

     "28.  The resolution of any problem posed hereby is the
establishment of viewpoint and dimension points, the betterment of
condition and concourse amongst dimension points, and, thereby,
viewpoints, and the remedy of abundance or scarcity in all things,
pleasant or ugly, by the rehabilitation of the ability of the
viewpoint to assume points of view and create or uncreate, neglect,
start change and stop dimension points of any kind at the determinism
of the viewpoint.  Certainty in all three universes must be regained,
for certainty, not data, is knowledge." LRH 23 April 1953

     So - the procedure:

     1.  Find an area where the Pre-OT feels at effect.  It most often
comes up as an area of persisting out rudiments or a feeling of

     2.  Find a BT or monitor involved with that.  Early on in using
the procedure the Pre-OT may start by locating a BT close to the body.
As they become more familiar with the procedure and perception
improves they will more easily just go directly to a monitor.

     3.  Ask "Are you being monitored"?

     4.  If the answer is no then handle the BT with the usual tech.
If , after a few tries one doesn't get a yes answer then this is
probably the wrong technique for the Pre-OT at this time.

     5.  Given a "yes" answer then ask for the location of the
monitor.  Have the Pre-OT establish comm with the monitor and ask the
same question: "Are you being monitored"?

     Continue until the Pre-OT has a high level being who is at the
top of the monitor command chain.  When starting this approach the
Pre-OT may well come up with beings on this planet but later on one
would expect to be handling beings stuck in an earlier universe.

     6.  Ask "Whom have you admired or respected".  This should come
out on the first item but may need L&N.  It gets the suppressive
valence they are dramatizing.  Other questions may be used such as
"Who is the God of the universe you are in?" or "Who is your God?".
It may be that the monitor isn't in another's identity but is just
stuck in an old game.  If so then skip steps relating to the valence.

     7.  Have the Pre-OT direct the monitor to notice and let go of
any created particles that belong to the being whose valence he was in
with particular emphasis on particles of admiration or disdain.  This
doesn't require force.  The monitor cannot help but comply as
ownership gets as-ised.  These particles or viewpoints are created
with a function such as to admire, disdain, create something,
perceive, or relay communication or perception.  Occasionally one
needs to spot the function to get an as-isness.

     8.  Have the Pre-OT get the monitor to get the being whose
valence he was in to notice and let go of any created particles that
belong to him.

     9.  Have the Pre-OT direct the monitor to notice and let go of
any created particles that belong to the Pre-OT and have the Pre-OT
notice and let go of any created particles belonging to the monitor.

     10.  Have the Pre-OT ask the monitor "Who are you?" (going
earlier with "Who were you before that?" if necessary).  As with NOTs
one is going for a "me" type of answer.

     11.  Have the Pre-OT get the monitor to notice and let go of any
created particles that belong to others he has been monitoring and
have those others notice and let go of any created particles that
belong to him.  Have these beings above release and exchange misowned
particles with each other and the Pre-OT.

     12.  Educate the being on the basics of auditing and the nature
of the track.  This should include the following:

     Axioms 1-11, 29 and 51.

     The nature of the Time track.

     Principle incidents on the track including elections, Pre Inc.  1
implants, Inc.  1, C.C.  implant, Helatrobus implants, The "Big Bang"
at 16 billion and implants immediately following, Inc.  2.

     The nature of a thetan, types of BTs and clusters and how to
handle each.

     Handling of rudiments and presessions.

     Out-int and how to handle.

     FPRD evil purpose handling.

     The data in this issue.

     13.  Now the Pre-OT should get the monitor to assume
responsibility for using the above tech to rehabilitate the beings he
was monitoring and then continue educating and auditing others.  This
is usually just a simple 2 way comm.

     14.  Have the Pre-OT check for and clean up and NOTs type case
that may be residual from the above.  Generally the BTs that were
being monitored or acting as relays will blow off/ cognite on
indicating that the monitor is no longer controlling them.

     14.  End Session very lightly.  I would advise never to run more
than one of these in a session as charge continues to blow off for
hours afterwards.

Ralph Hilton 
12 November 1998 


Ralph Hilton

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